Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not & The Best Love

I was up late last night, an things flowed to me as I tweeted. Here's a poem an some words in case you missed it...

Not any voice matters..
not every thought provokes..
not every foul is malice..
not every thought is spoke..

Not every heart is broken..
not every person loves..
not every heart is open..
not every love's a drug..

Not every person matters..
not every person cares..
not every person's loyal..
"Not Every's" why it's rare

The distance gone is measured..
the facts get blurred w/ lies..
the hope for things yet ventured..
is the reason why we try..

"The Best Love.."

The best love is made of..
lip gloss an shape-ups..
panties an fitted's..
pumps an the sixes..

The best love is made of..
scarfs an no make-up..
ignoring texts to lay up..
kisses when you wake up

...To be continued