Wednesday, July 29, 2009


To be honest I don't know most women who really support local artist, unless their boyfriends spoon feed it to them! I can't entertain garbage, let alone download it. This Beam Up album is one truly to be heard by EVERYONE! I'm impressed! Good Job Kingpen Slim!

Get it NOW!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cop It! Sex Sales!

Now these are some sexy Speakers!

Gucci has a Sexxy kinda watch!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Black America WAKE UP!....

A time capsule of photos....
A picture is worth a thousand create your own!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Usama Young! When the Saints go Marching...

This year when I went to New Orleans, I was fortunate to be in the company of a promising young man of the name, Usama Young! Honestly off of first introduction, I wasn't aware he was in the league due to his stature. But talent comes in ALL sizes! P.G Swag w/ down south humility, won't have me guessing any "Making it Rain" incidents to come. Maybe I'm bias, due to the fact we grew up in the same town.

I'm STILL a Dallas Fan, but I hope the Saints hold their own this season!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lips Seek Heat...

{By: Yours truly}

Lips seek heat
Clinch to sheets

Makes hearts weak

Please go Deep
Deep Deep Deep

Pull my hair
I don't care

You then rise

Close your eyes

Keep Keep Keep

Keep up the pace
Sweat an toxic taste
All thoughts erase
Reach the pivot spots

Flex relax joints

Arch Arch...

Arch my back
Re-adjust your view

Then climax
Sigh, breath, let go
Only the beginning

Call it the "Pre-show!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Men Go Hard or Go Home!

OK! So these are just my thoughts an what the DMV has shown me as of lately.

All Cards on DECK!

In 09' the MEN are going IN! I've been feeling all so indecisive. I'm honestly at a lost because I'm not use to these focused cool ass dudes who aren't about the bullshit. It's refreshing an hilarious because I'm still tryna figure if it's a age thing or a maturity thing. Or maybe it just the ugly duckling thing. Niggas who weren't use attention growing up, are still running around with their heads cut off now. As opposed to the Men who always looked good, an basically have "Been there done That." It's not hard to be faithful or better yet just commit. They've seen every type of women an just want someone to connect with. They know what they want and they have no problem with letting you know.

At first, I thought it was just one case of a person just knowing what he wants. I tried to establish the reasons for his sureness. Maybe it was his age, or just his drive. More focussed men don't need useless money hungry groupies. They just want someone they can trust an be open with. But then I ran across another Man who just knew what he wanted. An then another, which basically lead me to believe it's a new era. They're worldly, outgoing, smart, and Yes Attractive! Maybe they've seen the nonsense early, an refuse to be caught up by some one night stand thats KEEPING! Or broads that's press to go out all week an would talk to you. Yet soon as ol boy come by 6'3 with money to spend, she's open. An she making you follow guidelines, while my boys tell me he had her going! Ha They just reach the point of realness real quick!

An it's crazy cause they looking at me like "Why you not somebody's baby?" They feel like they stumble on Wtf? Ok, I'm about to shut it down. But now there's a problem. If more niggas were still dumb, then you could win. But more Men are wisening up. They're playing for keeps, and going all in. An I'm actually impressed, an not much for words on this. Black Men are impressing me lately....Ya'll Got IT!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is Jewish the New Black Comedy?!?!

"Fuck you hormones! You're a crazy bitch, not Alison, I'm talking to the hormones" ... "Maybe I will go fuck my bong, doggy style for once!.....Oh It's a girl, go buy some pink shit!" ~Pete.

Now I don't know about you, but I now some smart ass's that would say that! An it ain't your typical star of David carrier! But I'm apparently none the wiser, but I love it...

I don't know about you but Jewish humor is parallel to black humor. They don't sugar coat shit, and revel in asinine activity. For instance in this clip. It seemed like no one could relate to Larry or ever understood him. But if he got with Vivica, it would of been a perfect fit!


Seinfeld, which was a show about Nothing! Whose motto was "no hugging, no learning"... All that cookie cutter crap from other shows wouldn't be enforced. If you couldn't get with it then you better had grew the hell up!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cheaters never Proser....or do they?

Is once a cheater always a Cheater???

This is a day old question with new and old found answers. One of my friends hit me up with this earlier. When I responded ....Everyone agreed!

"A cheater is like a bad plane
...yea it fucked up once but its a high risk to fuck up again"

I never say once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater but, most often then none that is the case. Some people live an learn. Some people do it out of spite an have their reasons. An some people just don't care about who they hurt an how they hurt them. An some people just mess up! No one is perfect, but putting faith in someone who may not deserve it is tough.

People may say they change, but do they really? It takes a growth to realize your flaws. Even more growth in trying to improve. Theirs so many stigma's that come with relationships, w/o your mate constantly adding to it. Trust an communication is the foundation to anything especially love. An when you doubt someone you'll never be happy. When you trusted someone an they give you reasons to doubt them, theirs nothing far worse. Even if you forgive them, how can you trust they won't let you down again? Everything now is questionable! They've officially ruined your sanity....

You begin wondering why they didn't respond? Is that "JUST" a friend? Was it only once? What was the reason? Can I trust you? Are you worth this? The list goes on and on... It takes a lot walking into a new situation knowing his/her faults? It's hard for someone to want to date you if your known as a damn cheater! lmao I'm just saying... Can you blame them??? Of course you gonna tell me what I want to hear. Of course you've changed...Of Course! Sounds Nice!

But let's say it's not someone new. What if your dating someone an they cheated, but say it won't happen again. Do you forgive? Most people do regardless of what they say. Love makes you forgive an do most things you say you wouldn't! Fact! But it's far sadder when you lose hope in the one you love. You may love them but no longer have a desire for them. What's the point? You can't desire someone roaming the streets. Like they say "fuck is you doing? You Embarrassing us!" I rather not be in Love then to lose Love in trust! It'll drive you nuts. People can learn from the paths they've laid. Just make sure they're ready to create a new way!

LeToya "She Aint Got" from EQ Video on Vimeo.

Nia Long's Gripe!

Nia Long has a legitimate gripe....

She's tired of these non acting singing hoe's taking all the film roles! Well, she didn't quite say it like that, but you knew she felt that way. She basically was annoyed at the fact that they're just giving blockbuster rolls, to any cute singer i.e Beyonce'. Knowing her ass can't act for nada. It's just making it a lot harder on those still trying to get their foot in the door. Models had the same gripe in the 90's. When they had to compete with actresses for covers of magazines. Which in-turn lead to the end of the Super Model! But let's not negate the fact that a "Rapper" gave her a chance. Remember a little movie called "Friday"....? An as long as you respect the craft, people won't get pissed! Ice-T, Ice Cube, Jamie Foxx all are serious with it an it shows. But when people just do it "Just cause" takes away from the film quality!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kevin Hart @ NBA All Star

Watch from 4:30....that's where this ish got Me! Lmao
"Umph Must Be Nice?!?!?!...
Fck It! You wanna Talk about, Let's Talk about IT"

He's on his way for a performance in DC an I already know too many dudes geeked up to see him.

New Orleans Essence ....just a week ago!


It's one thing to hear about the Levee's an another to see it in person. It gave me chills, an pissed me OFF! They didn't even rebuild it!!! They just patched up where it broke....Wtf! You can tell by the new paint by where it broke literally! Smh

The Lower Ninth Ward, which is yet to be fully repaired and reinstated. A large part of the homes were evacuated an marked. Some house where gone all together! Just the first three steps left to show what was.

One of the homes Brad Pitt build for those in Katrina. Houses were given to those with property deeds.

Out of all the clubs we went to... Harras Casino etc... House of Blues was by far the MOST fun!

Voodoo shops on every corner... SERIOUSLY! lls

We was playing Rock Band any moment we had free!

Swagging an Surfing before we hit the Clubs....

Cookout Pool Party....Chef was ON POINT!

GaGe "Use to Get it In Ohio" Freestyle

Envius Couture's Most Recent Ad in Elite DC Mag

Featuring: Chief, Charlee, Chuck, (ME) Faviola and P.Jay

The GAME JayZ Diss "I'm Soo Wavvy"

The GAME is back at it again ladies an gentlemen! Now his aim is JAY-Z, above all things. Calling out Beyonce' and Amber Rose.... Some people won't stop at NOTHING to create a buzz. Tell me what you think!

The Game Jay-Z Diss
"I'm Soo Wavvy"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why I'm Back in Love w/ Sunday's

Anyone who's close to me know I have selected shows I ALWAYS watch! Lmao Point, Blank an Period. I will call you back of just shut up for the next hour or thirty minutes! lol An tonight is one of those nights, thanks to HBO's ENTOURAGE & CBS's BIG BROTHER! They're BOTH back baby.....**Smiles**

P.S don't fake the funk to just watch it w/ me! lol Especially for Big Brother!!! Just stick to you regularly scheduled program.

To my surprise on the first episode, I saw Julie's extra large belly bump! Maybe that's the reason for the long delay of the show! But she looks lovely. Too bad Jessie somehow made it BACK on the show! If they're smart they'll evict him the second week! Damn you Jessie! lmao

Friday, July 10, 2009

FB v.s Twitter & Phones! Does too much Communication create Miscommincation?

Ola Blogkito's!!! lmao OK I was New Orleans for the past week for Essence! It had its highs an lows but I'll choose to remember the Highs! I know y'all missed me soo let's GO!

COMMUNICATION! Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH!?

Now that Everyone is on every social network, it should be easy to keep up and in touch with everyone right? WRONG! Why is that??? To many assumptions, allusions, and misleading information displayed daily. People only put out what they want you to see. Unless someone else puts out what they think you should know! Ha But for these reasons, you either get too much or barely enough. Often most people get caught up in their ways an lie through their teeth. "What you mean? Its JUST the Internet!!! It was just a joke! It isn't what it seems!" When in actuality it is, an much more. Its hard to disguise a shady Guy/Girl!

But what about people you are just pursuing? Oh it can be hell on earth for some, seeing what they didn't want to see. And because of facebook, knowing every action an account, one may make. It can sometimes mislead you an create unwarranted issues. An before you know it, your not arguing over something you did, but something a social network eluded too. Wtf...Go figure!
So in most cases, further harming then helping most indiviual situations. I've been away for a week, an returned to some grumpy individuals. When my phone died the instant I land. You would think with all the ways to have access to someone that it wouldn't be the end of the world to not have a phone for 24hrs. Umm HELL NO! WRONG! hahaha But it's hella nice too know your missed an loved. :~)

I had people address me on both matters, being Facebook or Twitter. Smh One hated the fact I left my fb chat on so my friends can contact me. Primarily now since, I currently have 221 friends online at any given time. He was annoyed with the fact that random men hit me up all the time because of it. Trying to put their bid in anytime they see me available. Reasoning it wasn't fair, that I could easily get wrapped up in it an not give him a fair shot. Which is more so a misconception based off an insecurity. Someone else was peeved with all my tweets. Acknowledging I have suitors, an unsure bout my indirect focus an actions. I state, I tweet what I feel. Whether it is about you an 1:45 or someone else at 4:30...a tweet is a tweet! Random thoughts, are always a must on mines.

I had people mad that my phone was off, but they had every other access too me. In some instances its never enough. I had people address issues as far as me not answering my ICHAT! I take my lab top most places that I can. But if I'm in the mist of company, best believe I won't disrespect them on the count of you. I'm only one person and unless your my man no one is warranted all my time. I'm blessed to have people in my life who seriously care and I know.

When my phone was finally revived I saw why some people were pissed. Some were on their way to surprise me at the airport. Others wanted to hear my voice when I landed. Some just wanted to know I made it home personally. Whether the case, everyone who needed to know, knew what they needed. Neva take things to personal, cause most often then none I'm direct.