Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye's Apology on Leno

Real Men confront their issues and mend their wrongs. This is why I love Kanye! Everyone screws up, but growing an learning from it to better yourself is what counts.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dj Quicksliver "Wheretheydothatat" Song Preview

Dirty Money "Angels"

There's soo many things I don't agree with in this video. Puffy trying to steal fans! Lmao
#1- Starting off w/ a Jay-Z beat... Smh I was just waiting to hear
"Marcy Son! Ain't nothing Nice"

#2- Your singing.... like SERIOUSLY
#3- Even Hype Williams couldn't save this....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bitch Made Men #2 "Labor Day Edition"

I call this story a Yikes! You may get older but
NEVER leaves!

This Story was sent in to me to share with you all!
Here's Lady A's story in HER words.....

"I've known about this guy since junior year of high school, 5 years
ago. We shared mutual friends, but we didn't actually meet until this
summer because he hangs out with my coworkers. After we met, he joined
me and my coworkers to an Amusement park. That night I cooked for them
& we had some drinks. That night things got physical, but no sex. A
couple days later he wanted to take me to dinner. He called me that
afternoon & I was out to lunch with a coworker. He flipped out & said
I was in the wrong for going to lunch when we were supposed to go to
dinner. I'm sorry... I'm used to eating more than one meal in a day...
That shouldve been my warning sign. Afterwards it got be too much too
soon, he would want to sleep over every night & he wasn't even my man.
I told him we need to just be friends & he agreed. I guess there's a
difference between saying it & doing it, because I took him to a
friends party the next night. This is when u finally saw the signs. He
made a scene when I ignored something he said & demanded we leave.
Then in th ca he wanted to rub on my leg like everything was cool.
Then he said he needed to spend the night, so I put him on the couch.
That night solidified the end of us "talking." Then why did I get a
phone call the next day that he was conveniently outside my building,
expecting me to invite him up. Um.. No. Then I got a phone call saying
that he was still in love with his ex and never shouldve talked to me
in the first place, we could be friends, but secretly because she
didn't want us to speak. I'm thinking, What?? Why are u on my phone
then? Then he asks why I was mad the night of my friends party. I
simply replied, "You did not act like a man that night." that mustve
hit some sort of nerve because he started cussing yelling blah blah
blah, then went on Twitter talking ish about me and my friend. Saying
i wasnt cute & maybe I would have a man If I sucked dick. Had to block
him & delete his number. After my girl (our mutual friend) tells him he
was immature, he calls to appologize. I accept it, the end..

So I thought. No this boy doesn't seem to understand that forgive doesn't equal forget. Nigga- I
never forgot u were crazy. So why when I invited a mutual friend to
steak night @ my house, did he call wanting to go? Why when he came to
my job did he ask of he could be sat at one of my tables & when I said
no he was talking ish? And why did he he think it would be okay to go
to karaoke night with me & my coworkers and flip out when I said no?
No crazy, stay over -----> there."

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In My Heart!

When my hair is disheveled, erratic, a mess
An my eyes are closed tight an defeated
My lips perched up an wounded as such
In my heart, it is you that I'm needing

When my highs are a low
Cause the mood isn't right
An sleep is a word, that pierces my night
It is you that I seek, when I'm speaking

When my phone joules out
In a monstrous estate
Every text is a suitor awaiting his fate
Your name sends me jolts when I see it

When I'm to far gone
That my voice can't ring out
Meek and confused, broken weary of doubt
It is you by my side, never fleeting

Time is a capsule of meticulous events
Love is a portal that goes the distance
So be wise on your trials
Set the view.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Conversations make me Weaken!

I sit around
An began thinking

Conversations have made me weaken

The bar I raise
You jump over peaking

Reasons, trying to get at me
It won't be over till I'm calling you
If it was up to you

An infliction you'd put upon me

Your love would bend me over

With a padlock and a pen-key

There would be no other

For you

Triumph and consume me

Cease fear
An forever doubt
You, deceiving?

Is like a Knight for treason :~)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Men can feel "Used" too! Who knew?

Karma is a Bitch! An this time it Carries a......

I was talking to an old college acquaintance of mine, when I can across something. Men can feel sexually used like women. An yes, their quite very aware. You will seriously mess around an get your feelings hurt, if your judgments cloudy. Men are very cut throat an calculated in the things they do. So going against the current in times, you find, you lose. They rarely make apologies for anything they do, especially if they have their mind made up about you. Even if they're dead wrong its like beating a dead horse. NO ONE CARES.....

Which leads to my discovery at hand. I was talking to my friend Ron, about how he spent his birthday. Where in, he asked me about my whereabouts and doings. He assumed I was somehow bunned up in the corner somewhere. I assured him it was far from that case, though many have tried this restless summer. He was unaware how nutty these boys have become in 09'. I don't respond well to aggressive tactics and immature behavior. Which then lead to us comparing stories.

Currently overseas playing professional basketball, he's accustomed to jet-lag. An due to his sexual appetite, lets just say he's familiar to most things than others. Soon then validating the expression "For every Psycho Man theirs a Nutty Ass Jawn." We then began discussing elements in which it takes to settle down. An to be honest it just takes someone who's willing to endure. He was honest in stating that he can't date a women who has kids. I said at times most people, women an males think like that, though it's selfish. He then said...

"I believe if you have to be with someone forever you have to be selfish and know what you want! don't settle and be unhappy! life is to short for that." ~Ron T.

He went on blatantly state how women are so self destructive and delusional. In their logic of thinking. We were discussing mixed signals, and how people can get lost in the process. He agreed with me to some extent but then added a good one. He said "Fav to be honest some most women don't even like me an aren't attracted to me, they just heard about my sex. Its after, that they realize I'm cool as hell an end up falling for me. But initially you just wanted sex, so why would I want anything more? I have a lot to offer someone but, I ain't going for that." Hymm soo true! That's for women who lie to themselves saying they can handle "just sex" when you really can't. If you treat a man like a TOY, don't be mad when you get PLAYED! Oh no boo boo, don't try an fall in love now. That option is not granted to you. Just get what you came for an be on your way.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Facebook Stalking!

FB Stalking! 
Have you been a Victim?

It makes no damn sense America how ignorant people can act in cyber space! You can use it as a marketing tool to promote your business, reunite with old acquaintances or date. But know the venue in which you choose to explore your portals. It's fine, if you want to use a social network to meet people, but it's how you go about things. Being overly aggressive in life won't get you what you want in most cases. So what makes you think becoming an Internet bully will?

Myspace~ For marketing, Mingling & Hookups (Primarily Universally based)
Twitter~ Marketing, Networking, Socializing  
E-Harmony~ Love (Adults)
Facebook~ Keeping in touch, Socializing, Networking (Primarily University based)

People join social networks for their own personal motives. But with that in mind, do your research. I'm not going to join E-Harmony looking to promote my site. I'm most likely going to join E-Harmony looking for a husband. So I don't know why people get on sites, 
harassing others. If I get on facebook an meet some new people than so be it. That happens daily, but don't get outside yourself. Nothing nor anyone is ever that serious!

All it takes is one note, one poke, an one hi to be seen. If your acknowledged, is another story. But most times out of ten, your message was received. It often has nothing to do with you, when you don't hear replies. Some people may have more than enough on their plate. Why would you want to be on any ones waiting list regardless? Some people just sign in to check things and don't have time to sit an chat. Some people just aren't in the mood. Others may just want to talk to a person in particular an NOT you! In regards to Facebook Chat that is.

I've literally have had more than one guy see me online, an kept writing me until I gave them the conversation they wanted. A hi was never enough! "Oh so your not going to talk"...."I SEE your still on" ...."Hi, hello, heeeeeeeeey."I mean DAMN, leave me alone. I don't care who you are, that's annoying. It's CLEAR, I don't want to talk to YOU! Yesterday I had someone who kept writing me, an they said "damn where you going tonight? Bitch I know you see me!" OK! STALKER! Your a grown ass man now harassing me! DELETE DELETE DELETE! An I had to delete another psycho today! Smh lmao It's really not that serious ladies and gentleman. You win more bee's with honey anyway. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sex & the DMV! You wanna "HOOK-UP?"

Sex on the platter! 
What would you do to climb the latter?

There is a lot of Sexual Tension in the DMV area! Maybe the area is too damn attractive, because everyone wants everyone! People rarely care about breakups anymore. "Oh its over? ...Good look!" Unless by some god awful chance, you were the rare few in love. **Tear shed** Otherwise, it's whose got NEXT! An the whole area knows one another, might I add. You don't even have to step on the scene, to be "Outchea." If your Internet social loop is poppin, then so are you. 

My friend Puuh asked me a question.... 
"Why isn't the urban culture inclined to 
"Casually Hook-up" 
like other cultures?" 

I couldn't understand how a black male in D.C. could seriously ask such a question. Being that blacks males are the reason women are prone to be more reserved an particular about their selections. He went on to saying "From conversations I've had with co-workers, white ppl routinely go out to bars and sleep with ppl and it's socially acceptable but black females are the ones called bitches and hoes." But I asked... by who? Black Men! Everyday you go on "Facebook" you can survey men status's an see what they say. I've seen one that read "Women should come with a carfax" ...."It took one bottle of rose to beat? where they do that at?" "She maybe bad but she let me one night her, damn I was feeling shortie but now I can't wife her." So eventually,
 this shit processes!

Easy access equals poor quality! Why would I jump up to have sex with you now, before I even know you? So you can go to work an text your boys from the office, about how crazy it was. So when now anyone ask you, you can jokingly discard me like a piece of communal ass. Umm, don't think so! You can only go by what you've been taught or seen countless times. An its been proven that black men don't respect women who "Hook-up". Don't be mad at us .....y'all made it that way! White women don't care about being sexualy impulsive, because white men don't. 

Black male convo: BM1- "Ayo, did you beat younging? BM2- "Yessir, shawty was GOING!" BM1- Word?! I ain't know she was rolling, what it looking like? BM2- (explaining physicals and the sexual.)
White male convo: WM1- "Y'all where plastered. Where did you go? WM2- "We hooked up!" Wm1- "NICE!" WM2- "Yea, so what you tryna do tonight?"

Who would you feel more comfortable being casual with? I'm just saying... Why would you want me to jump out there an rush something, to turn around an get disrespected?

Drake "Successful"