Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tiss the year of BEEF!

So I'm on "Twitter" an I see Rhymefest send out a link, of his new Mixtape. An what do I see? Charles Hamilton's alter ego, hanging from a rope! {LMAO} Now being that I'm a Hamilton fan, I was like how do you go from making great music w/ Kanye'. To taking time an energy to devote an ENTIRE Mixtape to an upcoming artist. Like, shouldn't you be on some other shit??? But then he sent a Twitt short after, explaining what provoked him on his Myspace blog. Honestly after reading it, I saw his gripe. But an Entire Mixtape......dat's PREEEEEESSSSSSSED! Someone got in his FEELINGS!

Ok Rick Ross... This dude right here, this dude right herrree is wack to me. He's Not nor was he ever a BOSS! Just because your fat an tall w/ a beard, doesn't mean your a BOSS!!!! If you look up Trina's throwback video ft. Rick Ross "Told Y'all" would see what ya boss use to look like.

I Hate "Bullies" but I respect 50. He's a REAL ass man!
"I'm a fucked up nigga, you should do something to me"!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jazmine Sullivan


LOUIS VUITTON 09' Kanye' ect.....

Kanye West Louis Vuitton {Women} Sneaker 09'

Louis Vuitton {Soccer} Monogram Bag

I hope you peeped his token bear emblem on the shoe!
The bag is on "POINT," so don't be surprised if you see un-official soccer moms motivated to sport it around town!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the F@&%?!

So you know how I said every once in awhile you just hear something in the morning, just off the wall. That would make you say, what the F@$%??? Looks like they've done it again America.

So yesterday on Monday January 26th, 2008, and Obama's official first day at work. I so happened to come across Trash {FOX} News, an heard them mention Harpo {Oprah} so I paused. An what do you know, that crazy ass senator is at it again. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who tried to "Sell" Obama's senate seat, was going to his first day of trial yesterday. But NOT, before he hit the early talk show morning circuit people. I'm talking about grasping at straws people!!! He claimed that, he considered Oprah as a possible candidate for the seat, being as though she helped him with a victorious win. That he didn't quite know they ways to approach the situation without it looking like a "Gimmick."

NEWS FLASH!: You, running on t.v, a few hrs before trial screaming out Oprah's name to save your ass is called a GIMMICK!

Oprah said, her plan was to get up an watch "Good Morning America." An if she had woken up to see it, while doing her morning routine. Which is running the tread mill, she would of fell off laughing! She said, she didn't know where to fit in the position, among the many she currently holds.

Proph the Problem 'Hurt Me'

He told me it was something for the ladies, so let me know what you think!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Ninja!

Retail Abuse!!!! What won't we see Obama's face on!? Now he's sparring with "Darth Vader"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love Casualties.....Poem

By: Faviola

My love formalities
Are modern casualties
Blinded by complacent
Hallmark activities

Of disheveled misuse
False love and half truths
To ignorant youth
Who indulge, yet rebuke

The thought of a deficit
In Love
Can diminish it

Far from a suitor
Seek out, just to do her
Glass plated lies
To cease an patronize

Then embark on another
Ignorant green-eyed lover
Who gives hope to all casualties
For hope in a Man "Why can't it be?"

JayZ an his Impersonator

Omg! That laugh was soo Creepy!!! lmao An check out Memphis Bleek! I guess Jay was right, Memphis never has to worry about money as long as Jay's alright.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shoe Fetish!

New Balance 08/09 Fall/Winter Collection

Etnies Plus x Disney Spring 2009 Collection

Dior Homme High Top Sneakers

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I F@&%ing HATE FOX NEWS! Bill O'riely is blatantly Racist an it Amazes me how these asshole can call themselves Journalist!

O'riely, stated that some people were "OFFENDED." Who? No one I knew was! White, Spanish, Asian, Caribbean, and Black were all Loving that remix. Oh excuse me, the racist fat cats at Fox news, that said "Gay's should turn to salt" and "Spanish people should keep doing what they're doing...having more babies" were soo offended.

Bill talks in such a negative, condescending tone, at the thought of someone hating BUSH! WTF, did he Not ruin the economy, start an preemptive war, ignore countless lives in Katrina???? Oh I'm sorry, please excuse my disgust. An to be on a nationally accredited station and spew such garbage is soo sad. REPUBLICANS LOST! An rightfully so, so GET OVER IT! An had the audacity to run with an idiot as vice president, for the following term because she had a vagina and a pretty face.

All day Tuesday, Fox News was the only station who said anything, but I mean EVERYTHING negative about Obama. They said they didn't really care for his speech, an that he said what he's was suppose to say. That there were no quotable's, an nothing primarily special about the speech. Like, SERIOUSLY???!?? Everywhere else you went, CNN, NBC, MTV, MSNBC, said the complete opposite! They couldn't even respect the day he got sworn in to not show there disdain for him. They are so petty, racist, and crass that I'll NEVER watch that channel again...PERIOD!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Inauguration! OBAMA!!!

(Me & My BFF in the spirit! Lmao We had to be goofy, given how COLD it was!)

(War Demonstration)

(When abortion is NOT an option choose Palin Condoms!)

(Of course your typical Racist who use the Bible in Vain. Saying we made the wrong choice w/ our black leader an so forth)

Obama being Sworn In

Eruption for our official PRESIDENT!!!

This was my central location...See my View!

If felt like the Million Man March as we was leaving! lol Trust, you didn't want to be stuck in this crowd!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Adventures of Donghotti {UNCENSORED} by: Faviola

Felicitous Records
Donghotti Management Inc.

Fav: So, obviously you've been doing the for quite some time, how long exactly?

Don: Since 98' So I would say going on 11yrs. I pretty much started out as a recording artist, but we never really shopped a deal. We just put out things on our own.

"We Started our label by default" ~Donghotti

Fav: I'm loving there was instruments incorporate in the tracks, what would you say inspired the concept?

Don: Basically what I've done was created a collage of music or people I've worked with. In one way or another, to create this piece of work. Not just my artist but others as well.
You can go to

Now into a regular portion I called [STAMPED] A series of questions answered by every artist.

Fav: How did you feel when you heard your music for the first time?

Don: Umm man umm, it was weird! You know what I mean, especially when you hear it over club speakers an the radio its different. An to sum in one word, it pretty much was a Dream Come True. Even though, that wasn't exactly one word. lol

Fav: What artist do you think is killing the game?

Don: Umm, as far as from every aspect of the game, my favorite artist at the time is Ryan Leslie. He's a producer, writer, composer and he does EVERYTHING. Once people see and understand that, then he'll get the respect he deserves. I know if his album drops this year, it'll be prolific.

Fav: Name your top 5 current Mc's?

Don: Andre 3000, Common, Kanye', I gotta say JayZ an I gotta T.I (In no order!)

I'm definitely feeling this mixtape! It takes you wherever you want to go. Cali, N.Y, Baltimore, Philly ect... Your sure to see great thing from this up incoming Label! [Diva~STAMPED]

Songs to check for:
Swagger of a Rock Star

Ever make love to a Weirdo
Dope Boy

Up In The Club - Lil Wayne ft. Swiss Beatz

WTF Lil Kim???

(Ewww Boo Whhhhhy?)

So I was on my to a gathering last night, an "No time for fake ones" came on. Me an my best friend was blasting an rapping every lyric even after the DJ switched songs. Which lead me to ask, what the HELL happened to Lil Kim? She had so much promise in the beginning. I've never seen someone take the meaning "Self destruction" to whole other level.

(Possibly her surgery inspiration)

After the breast implants, she should of STOPPED! Plastic surgery is not like a tattoo sweetie. That's the last thing you'd want to get addicted too. I don't even know who that woman is for real. She isn't Lil Kim, an that's quite apparent. She looks like an old Black/Asian woman, of life size Bratz doll. Pick one! That's a testament to the people in her circle, I believe. Cuz there's NOWAY, my best friend would let me walk around looking a damn mess. So either she's hard head or surrounded by "Yes Kim's." An it's soo sad, because she use to be pretty.

"Back in the day, she was the shit, but she hot anymore, somedays I know she wish she was the Queen again!" ~Fav
(Tear drop for the fallen Diva)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Millionaire Rob {UNCENSORED} by: Faviola

"I'm unsigned and not looking for a deal. As of now, I'm just looking for people to enjoy my music!"
~Millionaire Rob

Fav: When you was younger, What was your {Dream Label} to sign with?

Rob: When I was younger, it was "Death Row!" Snoop Dogg and Dre, because I grew up listening to Gangster Rap. In high school it was "Roc-a-fella." They were tight!!! When I was young, I never wanted to be a rapper. Now I would sign w/ 50 cent because, he's a marketing genius. "G.O.O.D Music" because Kanye, is one of the best producers in the game. If not thee' best!

Fav: How did you feel when heard your music for the first time?

Rob: I literally wanted to shoot myself! I hated it, when I started off, I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I had to force myself non-stop to do what I was doing, an when I saw the progress I fell in love. I love my voice but, I hated how I sounded. There was no-one to teach me
. I taught myself! I didn't have a producer, or a rapper to teach me, it was me. So once I started to learn how to rap on the beat, I was in love. I'm such a hard critic, on myself.

Fav: Did you ever doubt your dream?

Rob: Hell naw, NEVER! If I told myself I was going to be a magician, I wouldn't of ever stopped till I created Magic. Cuz If you believe some shit, you could do whatever it is you want to do. An I don't doubt noone else's dream.

Fav: What artist do you think is killing the game?

Rob: I can't really say. I don't really judge it that much, but this dance music is not really me. Like "Bonjour"
(A mellow baised single) some people may hear it, an be like what the hell is this. I have to be like that, because with my art form I know someone will critique an judge it. I don't really care.

Download Mixtape

Fav: Name you top 5 Current MC's?

Rob: In no order 50 cent, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas & Millionaire Rob. If I don't say myself then what am I doing. Im not no where I need to be, but if I don't believe in me then why am I here. Lil wayne is soo consistent. Jayz is killing the game. Nas is soo DOPE! Me, I feel once people hear my music, they'll understand.

"I don't listen to much rap!"~Rob

Fav: Oh you don't?

Rob: Naw I studied rap, Biggie an Eminem heavily. I listen to alot of Indie rock, alot of jazz, old school R&B Motown Era, Micheal Jackson, an Miles Davis. "Kind of Blue"- that Cd is soo Amazing! I hate television, an I watch it probably once a week. If I pop in a movie, its to fall asleep. I listen to late registration, and old snoop shit!

Fav: A question for the ladies..Do you have a girl?

Rob: Nope!

Fav: Why is that?

Rob: I don't want a cheat a girl out of that! I want to give her the time she deserves. You just need to put in alot with a girl. An at this moment, I wouldn't be able to give her the time an energy she wants. I have prospects but, I can't expect them to wait too much longer. But I love women though, all kinds. I wouldn't give a promise I couldn't keep. [Diva~STAMPED]

Is There Such A Thing as FRIENDS w/ An EX???

So last night (in case you missed it) we're talking about Break-ups! Can ex's truly be platonic friends after a break-up???

At first, I said NO! Now reflecting, I say it depends on who it is an how you parted ways. For instance, if you was just some boy that I liked an talked to for awhile, we can be friends later. It's just because I honestly didn't care much about you, to let my feelings linger. Now if I loved you, I'm talking years with my boo, then HELL NO! This not "FRIENDS" or "Seinfeld". None of that Elaine an Jerry crap, lets be honest. I'm not gonna be talking to you about the new boo, I'm not gonna be talking to you about sex, I'm not gonna be picking up guys around you. You know why??? I still probably love you or care deeply. Yes I will get jealous, be annoyed, an in my feelings. For the mere fact , I'm not gonna pretend it is what its not. I HATE when people try to front like they don't care when they obviously do. It's like, why are you lying to yourself, it's only hurting you.

Alot of males called in an said, No it's not possible. Their reasoning, was that they wanted to have sex with the ex afterward. Horn-dogs! But aside that, they felt like that mental an emotional hold, would make it hard to sincerely move on. Yea you gotta new girl, but whats the point if your still hanging w/ your ex. Still engaging in that emotional aspect, that united you to begin with. Eventually, that would cause some problems with your new counter part. Leading them to sing songs, like Neyo's "Go back to what you know."

Most women chimed in with, the "Waiting to Exhale" method of release. Burn an throw away all his S@%&! lmao Erase the sweetest memories of him, to absorb an reflect why you left. If you see all the cards, letters, gifts, an pictures you never remember the time he cheated or the nights he made you cry. So with him, you have to let all material possessions go as a cleanse. Other women said you had to Hate, Resent, Reflect, Forgive and then you can be Friends. That's the only way to truly have them out your system, as well as TIME!

Honestly, when it comes down to it everyone said it was possible, to some extent. First off everyone said that it really takes years. Remove yourself for at least a year, without contact. Keep it light an cordial depending on there current situation. Don't go stepping on toes!!! If they're with someone, don't go popping up at their house or go out on dinner dates ect.. That time is gone, so let it go so no confusion will arise. An at the end of the day, be honest with yourself! If you still deeply care for this person then extract yourself from the compromising situation. Your just not READY!

Don't forget to TUNE-IN Every Wednesday to from 9:30-11pm est.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you feeling like a TOMBOI today???

I've been Blessed to work w/ an know Toni Branson! I can't wait for the launch of TOMBOI!!!

.......To be continued!

Who is Rock City???

These boys are the TRUTH! They've probably written your favorite's artist latest hit!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Devil is a Housewife named Tamra!

(Tamra the She-Devil)

This Broad is Scandalous, Backstabbing, Petty, Jealous and plain EVIL!!! I'm watching Housewives of Orange County in amazement right now. She's a grown ass woman, with some evil, malicious intent.

(Tamra and her son in this episode)

{Back Story} Tamra has issues w/ Gretchen, for being younger and hotter. Gretchen is with a much older man who has Cancer. Gretchen is with him everyday aiding his every need, despite of nay say-ers. Needing a break or a time alone to just breathe. Tamra being the bitch she is, can't sympathize or care. Yet, quick to send emails and set up lunches to make amends for her shady ways.

(Gretchen an Tamra's son making advances)

In today's episode, Gretchen comes from the hospital to join the girls for a seven course meal. Thrown by Tamra, she whispers to Vicki (Queen Bitch) that she plans to get Gretchen "Naked Drunk"! Constantly feeding her drinks, hoping for a compromising situation to form. Sneakily referring to her as a gold digger on more then one occasion, while feeding her drinks. Her 22 yr. old son then proceeding to seek and seduce her. Knowing Gretchen situation, why would you prey on her for self gratification or her demise. She has enough issues and is already vulnerable, as is. Tamra is missing some red horns an a damn tail.

Christina Milian "Us Against The World" New Video

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kanye's Photo Shoot 4 Complex / "Good Morning" Video

Preview Complex’s April/May Kanye West Cover Shoot

I know I'm late with this Video but, its HOT an I know alot of ya'll didn't even know it existed!!!

Teairra Marie (New Video) Hunt For You

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bill Cosby v.s Obama on Ben's Chili Bowl

Fighting for "Bragging Rights"

(Previous yrs. it read Bill Cosby and NO ONE ELSE)

This morning on "Meet The Press", the topic was Obama's impact on the Black community. So how typical of them to bring on the customary spokesperson, Bill Cosby. But on this Sunday morning Bill Cosby had Beef! lol When informing Cosby that he isn't the only one allotted free meals at Ben's Chill bowl. Egged on by Adrian Fenty who shouted "he said backstage that Obama hadn't earned it." Bill then joined in with an "Not only that Mr. Loose lips, I'm am saying that...two people, Michelle and his Mother in-law...I don't mind them! but HE has not earned it...You gotta come along way jack!!!" lmao Hilarious, talk about a morning wake up.

(after the 08' campaign, there was a new addition)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lady Gaga! Transmissom Episode & Live Performance!

I Love the album, but I also LOVE this song! (Eh, Eh) lol Caught me from the opening line "Cherry cherry boom boom!!!"

Kanye's Puppet Show Pre-view

Play Your Part!...Poem

Written by: Faviola (Me)

He gets me excited
In ways I haven't figured out
Should I use my discretion
Or have love come bail me now
I've been sought after for months, years,
He wont let it go
In-turn, always getting a reconfirming No!

He taunts me in ways decimating to my heart
I let that chapter pend before it could ever start
An now I can't unmend, our chosen counter parts
He fails to know his options and limitate his heart

I can't entertain him, or even the mere thought
For my heart has chosen, a dissolution-ed plot
My loyalty will lay on a mantel "form of art"
My devotion is to him
& why you will never embark

On the Voyage that is me
You were denied from the start
It ain't always fair
But you must play your part!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Hottest Mixtapes you need to HEAR!

Oprah, Housewives of Orange County Makeover!

Vicki Gunvalson, 46

Tamra Barney, 40

Lauri Waring, 47

Jeana Keough, 52

Gretchen Rossi, 30

I don't know about you, but I'm hooked on this show. Oprah had these women on her show, an decided to see how they looked if they dressed their age. Then she went an made them look like New Yorkers. The little cubes in the top right an left corners, are how they currently are. Dressed down, some look a hot mess. Jeana's my favorite an Vicki's the Bitch. Enjoy!