Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dragon Ball Z the MOVIE

I don't know about you, but I LOVED Dragon Ball Z!!! I can't believe they took soo long to produce this movie, but better late than never.

Maxwell "Pretty Wings"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BOUNDARIES.....Niggas do you know YOURS?!?!

Ok ok OK! We back at it ladies and my Bitches are Hilarious!!!

Between my BFF Sherri and my girl Tiff, I'm at a loss for words! Were discussing boundaries because, niggas are CLEARLY lost. It's 09,' so get ya mind right! Now now now...children play nice and not dabble in common buffoonery. People always expect to just get what they want, in regards to others. Well look, shit don't work that way. If your whole incentive on taking a women out is to BEAT.. i.e have SEX?!?! then just get a groupie or STAY IN YOUR LANE! Take the roads less traveled or what your accustomed too.

My boi Jabrie got into this debate about sex with my boo Sherri. He didn't understand her three month rule. Which is, she'll wait three months before having sex w/ a dude. Sounds long but in retrospect, that shits nothing. Not saying that I agree, because I don't. I just understand her reasoning, because she's just tryna weed niggas out. I say it goes by connection, an it will happen when it does. Don't plan it, just let things play out. But if your a thirsty ass dude, your just playing yourself. No need in stomping around like someone stole your bike. YOUR NOT OWED Anything!!! Especially my Vagina lmao...Nigga your CRAZY if you think that!

What constitutes "TALKING" nowadays?!?! That term is soo loose its amazing. Getting to know someone an actually "Talking" is two completely different things.

Getting to know YOU:

1) Exchanging numbers

2) Go out here or there once a week or every two

3) Light convo, likes an dislikes

4) Still figuring out what role they will play

TALKING to someone:

1) Talk to them DAILY or try too

2) Your spare time is OUR time!!!

3) We're in LIKE next transition maybe L@??!
4) Where do we stand what's OUR we have one? Could he be THE 1?

Soo..I Stress ladies and gentlemen... DON'T get them twisted! Just because we been out 4 times in the last two months. By all means, don't make YOU and I an US if even a potential. If I'm still getting to know you, we are NOT talking. If I don't KISS YOU...we are NOT talking. If my tooth brush is NOT in your bathroom...WE DO NOT Talk!!! If I talk to you, than I talk to NO ONE else cuz I'm tryna see where WE are going. If we didn't have that discussion about US as a NOW... with BOTH parties on the same page, then WE don't exist. I'm straight, I don't know about you. I'm trying to get to know someone and decipher the bullshit along the way.

Sex is not a given. An with the STD an Aids rate in D.C., what's the damn rush. I KNOW my status but nigga I don't know yours. DO YOU!?!? An its a way you go about things, an interact with women. If I feel disrespect than Fuck You! an I don't even curse at men....HONESTLY! But if I feel disrespected cuz your being THIRSTY...its just like "This Can't be life".. Nigga you can't be Serious. An if soo then, KICK ROCKS (K.R. like Lou says), cuz you showing ya colors, an hangging yourself. I don't rush to Bed NO ONE, an your no different.

An if your Not a Creep or plain Press, you wouldn't stress it. If you do, you won't get the woman you want, by Bashing! Tisk tisk tisk... Especially if you want or care for her.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

WACK SEX! ....Can you relate?

This is NOT me obviously!!! lmfao (A faithful reader asked) But, I definitely can relate.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old Town Alexandria

Hobo with Talent! his music puts you in a TRANCE!

4/25/09 had to have been the hottest day of 09' thus far. Another BEAUTIFUL Friday! Anyone who's in the tri-state area knows that this April has been some bulls@&%! Constantly raining for days upon ends. Enough to make you pull your hair out I swear, but the sun soon follows suit. Indirectly creating one of the best weekends in all the while. This Friday like many before, was spent with my better half. After breakfast, I decided we should capitalize on this day at hand. He was down to ride, but the destination was yet to be settled. D.C? on the Mall? Ummm No! Definitely Not Silver Spring, not that there's anything wrong with them. They've just been done to death.

He suggests the National Harbor for lunch. So we end up hitting up McCormick's for happy hr. They have these new shrimp peels, that aren't worth the dime. No flavor, No taste, with Extra oil which = PASS! On the way out I see my MSU Diva's in passing, Netta, Crys and Ki! I LOVE Ya'll!!! So what's our second destination? Fatty than said we're about to hit up Old Town Alexandria. Which I have had yet to visit, but I was down to ride. From the gate, you noticed the lovely scenic views.

The art center had over 60 art studies... Definitely WORTH the tour! A++
He put up a fuss but he loved the Art :~)

Soo Peaceful...

The Charthouse on the water was getting it popping!

It felt like we was out of towners...

That boat definitely made me think of the bayou!

I thought a boat party on her would be nice for the summer...we'll see!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Circle of Trust!

With me, you either in it or your out. Trust is an extremely strong term, an once its lost its hard to find. Some people take it for granted actually. You might say...Who does that??? YOU! You do! Friends betray one another, all the time. But the trust of the heart is the worst betrayal of all. Cuz once they have your heart, your no longer in control. You've blindingly trusted them, hoping for the best, with such a delicate treasure.

When I put trust in someone, its a big deal. I believe in you, to an up most degree which I hold no other. People say a lot of shit, but the ones you let in your circle are another story. Whatever they say or do pulls weight over anyone else PERIOD! I hate it when, someone will question me about how I interact with them and another. Like... "he/she did you aint trip about that" My response is "What's YOUR NAME? Your not him/her so don't concern or confuse your self with them." An don't dry snitch on someone, to make yourself look better in my eyes. I know a coward dies with each sun rise!

But if your one of the fortunate few, I've opened up too, its all on you. A person can say a whole lot. But their words hold no substance, without the weight of their actions. If someone constantly fcks up, then they'll be pegged as a fck up! You, through time and situations, define how I perceive you. An once you've lost my trust, it takes time to rebuild it. Some people get caught up in the life around them, and make the wrong decisions. If you don't learn from them an progress, I can't have you around me. Your showing me that you don't care about your actions an my feelings. Inturn, clearly showing me that you don't care about me. Those people will be deleted! An if your allotted a second chance Don't Abuse It! Appreciate everyone in your life, because once they're gone....they are GONE!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oceans7 "Super Uber Group"

Bow Wow asked to get in the oceans group and JD said naw u in the pond....

B Cox, JD, Usher, Nelly, Trey Songz,Tyrone, and Johnta Austin
::It's Super hard to get all these boys together::

Can you imagine The TOUR....Sheesh!!!

Newly Leaked Single: "Ain't I"

Red Bubble Ferrari

I don't know what the Hell is going on with this red Ferrari Convertible, but I LOVE IT! Now that's a sexy ass car! lmao

Back to Reality

Ok, I know I aint shyt! lmao I haven't updated in like a week really, but LIFE got the best of me. Easter came! Along with my lovely Easter basket, filled with goodies. Spent it with some people I love the most like my own fam, an chilled out. That pup is "Fatty" my guard dog. :~) He was in my Easter basket, so I named him after the person who brought him to me. I must admit, I booted the shit outta him earlier. The life size Fatty annoyed me, and the pint size one was actually there to take the stress out on.

I don't know why when I'm happy, I just put my life an heart on cruise control. I really don't be giving a damn until someone stops the music. I tapped out for a good minute on this natural high. I got snapped on a lot last week, because of it. For cancelling dates an not answering phone calls an ex'n some people out altogether. But it was a GREAT week regardless. Ha! Great Easter! I got some new Fendi glasses dat Fatty syced me wit, and Lou's birthday popped off the weekend. Me an my boo's {Cherry an Macko} had a BALL!!! Besides some people that tried to cuff me up while I was there, it was great. I had to tell some people to fall back, but everyone had tons of fun. An that's all that mattered. I can't wait for my 25th!

Saturday! I was in complete DETOX mode. Hit up Corner Stone at UMD for lunch an spotted some friends. Then hit up the Estate that night. Saw my #Tad crew, an chilled out for a min. I had no intentions of going out since I had a photo shoot Sunday, but they GOT me! Ended up coming in at 3:40am. Then I had to ride out Hardford rd B-more by 12pm for the shoot for Envious. Found out on the way back, I had my first radio show with "BLOGTALKRADIO" at 5pm. Our first live broadcast, with about 35 listeners **SNAPS** So I was beyond drained an tired. Headache building on swoll that night. Ended that day wit a late dinner an chilling with Fatty, instead of at Josephine's with the rest of the radio jocks. So I played hard an worked hard.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


You can catch T.R.I.M.M. on Dongotti's Mixtape Finale [VOL. 3]

He has also recently performed at Donghotti's Black Carpet Release Party. You can see all the photos from the Black Carpet on

Battery 5 Presents T.R.I.M.M. - Evolution Of The Machine <- Mixtape download

Monday, April 13, 2009

MAN LAW #4 Don't Snitch or Get WHIPPED!!!

The two Craziest fights in the last two weeks... MM HH!!!

Ct had sex with another girl while his new single ex was in the house, an they SNITCHED on his dumbass an he Snapped!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gore Vidal = A REALIST

I LOVE Intelligence combined with sarcastic wit!

It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.

People have forgotten the effects of prohibition. We have become the United States of Amnesia.

The four most beautiful words in our common language: I told you so.

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.

Write something, even if it's just a suicide note.

Its the spirit of the age to believe that any fact, no matter how suspect, is superior to any imaginative exercise, no matter how true.

I never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television.

I like the way you always manage to state the obvious with a sense of real discovery.

A narcissist is someone better looking than you are.

HAPPY Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Newest Video's by the Women of R&B

Seems like the ladies just want a good man! MM HH

Latoya Luckett

Chrisette Michele (co-starring DRAKE)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Puffy done made Cassie SNAP!

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Puff???

Why in the mist of dating someone who hurts you, your hair is the FIRST change you make??? Women tend to cut, color, weave their hair, after or towards the end. Some believe your hair stores energy from the roots. So when that bad energy's gone, so must the hair somehow. India Arie shaved her hair completely bald after her break up. As well an Lauren Hill and Britney Spears. Puffy is known to ruin artist and women... All I'm saying is learn from history!

Do you see the pattern???

Hope its not too late....LMFAO
{But this maybe a serious matter...time will tell}

Beautiful D.C. on Good Friday!!!

So today's Good Friday and D.C. must be in the know of things, cuz it's the place to be. The entire area is out basking in the glow of things. I saw everyone eating ice cream and kids climbing trees. I didn't even want to go out this morning, cuz I had a long night before. But my friend surprised me this morning. I was told to be ready in an hr... an I was (barely). Got to the car, an Hershey kisses awaited me. I see someone takes time to read my status's... GREATLY appreciated. Then the voyage began.

Spring can bring the sun roof down!

Stopped by "BusBoy's an Poets" for lunch, and purchased Toni Morrison's "Tar Baby". I'm in the mood, for a good read on this Good Friday. Then off to enjoy downtown D.C. on this beautiful day. I had to take pictures and my friend was happy to be my accomplice.

You know I had to see the CHERRY BLOSSOM'S!!!

It was beyond pretty, standing underneath them!

After I took this pic, I made it my phone background! :~)

I literally was running out the car for these shots! My partner in crime got cursed out today for stopping in traffic... but uhhh who cares! Those people need to smell the blossoms!!!

Partner in crime...

Getaway Car... Daisy

Everyone was sitting everywhere, enjoying the day!

D.C. Never looked so Beautiful!
Ohh! I hope you like my camera skillz...I'm new to this. lmbo!

Happy Good Friday!!!

Hello everyone, on this beautiful Friday!

Today's Good Friday...

Which is like the prelude to Easter Sunday. So for you Catholics, that means NO MEAT! We eat fish today. But I'm a go a step further to say, No Meat hypothetically and literally. No Bacon and No Penis! So just enjoy today and stay blessed...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Juelz Santana = Mr.Dimple!!!

Sexiest Rapper of 09'
Juelz Santana

I don't even like smokers...But something has to be said about this man. He's Fine...PERIOD! Dimples on point! Smile on point! an he can rap! I NEVER liked Dipset, but I Always liked him!
An it was always like... Yea he looks good, but now... He is showing off in that damn "Rocking That Thing" video. Looking EXTRA Edible....

Men who Front!!!

"There's no Future in Fronting!!!" ~Positive K

So I'm out with my brother from another mother Bengy the other day, grabbing a quick bite. Update session in process, like usual. So we began to skim over the last six years, among other things that day. It was hilarious! It started by me making comments about his wedding, an him wondering how we got to there. No, he's not anywhere close, but he did say maybe in three years. So we hit the time line on people we dated, an how things went about. Soo many memories, in such a short time span. He caught me of guard with somethings, I wasn't even aware about. You know we all have an understanding of our own situations. But when someone else see the exact same thing, it's refreshing and comical to say the least.

So we get into this discussion about dudes, an how they front for no reason. He didn't understand, as well as I. We was talking about a time I dated someone for about ten months, but they played it so cool. It was when me an Bengy first met, a long time back. The dude really liked me but, he was insecure that I was just going to trade him in for someone better. That was never the case but, that is what he assumed I guess. Bengy told me how one time they were riding out to meet these girls an I called. I asked my boy where he was, an he said seven/eleven. Obviously lying, but I didn't know. Then I allegedly asked him to come by after. He than made Bengy turn the car around an said I gotta go back. Mind you, they were about to pay the tolls, an Bengy didn't want to go alone. He was like are you serious??? My boy than replies yes! It was early on, an from then Bengy knew my boy was fronting. But he said, he neva put him on blast when he tried to play it cool, but he always knew the deal.

I already knew the deal, but it didn't matter to me. I just stopped talking to him because, I can't have more heart than any man I date. I don't fake cuz there's no future in fronting. Bengy was like, that boy couldn't handle a girl like you honestly. He needed someone he could control or who was insecure. I'm social, sought after an I'm chill. So if your always wondering about the next guy, odds is you won't last. If you like someone and care for them, why dumb it down? Cuz what happens is when y'all are over, everyone comes after her. They don't respect what y'all had cuz you knocked it to begin with. They figure well, y'all were just talking...It wasn't serious...So now you can become my girl...I won't waste your time! You trying to play games in turn is playing yaself!!!

You'll be left singing this.....
"I want my Baby back" :Fabulous
(Click the song)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

HE Broke her Heart!!!

This entry was inspired by my friends story. He was telling me about the women that was recently storming in his life. He said, "I don't know what it is but its a lot of ex's an old girls." An most of them he wasn't feeling, because they didn't want him back then. Somewhat spiteful, but with genuine reason. Excluding one of his ex's, which he reminisced on. He started off by saying he was young, but 22 is not that young. He told me how she was the first and now seemingly, the only girl he love thus far. How they were great together, an how he did the best he could at that time UNTIL..... Until he met this other pretty girl.

So you know me, with ALL the questions.
Fav: What you do?
Did you cheat?

He quickly said...

"Naw, I ain't cheat I just dumped her."

"I was just getting tired of her all together honestly"

Or soo he thought! He ended up dating the new girl shortly after but wasn't happy. She was pretty and new but it wasn't the fit that he had. He realized he made a HUGE MISTAKE, so he tried to get her back. He told me how he dumped the other girl an was relentless in his attempts to get her back. But she wasn't budging, he claimed. I was like we'll duh! you broke her heart an left her an you think you could just walk back in. That's not how you do the ones you love. Every relationship has its dry moment, when every things just the same, or you argue. But you work through that, because everyone goes through it. That's life, it doesn't mean anythings wrong. he was like

"An your absolutely right, but I was young minded an not thinking." ~Him

I don't know why it takes for some people to lose someone special, for them to learn. You would think that they would appreciate them an be grateful. But most get ahead of themselves, and become greedy and selfish. An always have to learn the hard way.

"A Love unappreciated is a Love Lost!"~ Me

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

MTV's "Taking the STAGE"

**SNAPS** MTV for actually getting real African American teens in front of the camera, who aren't in the worst possible condition.

I don't know about you, but I lost faith in MTV a long time ago. I remember being in high school, an watching MTV's MADE. The episode was about, two cheerleading squads. The white squad were champions like usual, an the poor little black squad could barely do flips an afford uniforms. Livid I was. Starring at the screen like SERIOUSLY people. It was 2000 then, an America was still ignorant. I'm sure there was millions of people who only thought cheering was a "Betty" sport. An only cute when little poor black girls brought their sass. They never brought both cultures to be displayed on the same level. Rarely would you ever see white trash along side the affluent black.

Every time I watched the "REALWORLD" you can always see the crazy black man or Oreo! An Oreo is a term used for a black person who has no correlation with any forms of black speech an heritage. I NEVER saw the black boys an men in my life everyday. Not the ones I would date an have gone to school with. Usually the ones that I wouldn't look twice at actually. I've only saw one representation over the years, an that was THEO! Shell wearing, fine ass, will tell you about yaself Theo. But now, years an years later MTV has stepped up an delivered with Taking The Stage.

About five Seniors at a performing Arts school with exceptional talent. You would assume by their various shows that you might find one token black child. But ohhh no! We have Jasmine the ballerina, Tyler the hip hop extraordinaire and Malik the drama queen, dance perfectionist. Along with their amazing entourage of friends who beam talent, they're all black. You mean to tell me MTV has an all black cast of intelligent black talented students? WOW! Expect for little miss Mia, who isn't a candidate for the NAACP. She has Skiiilllz! That girl has talent pouring out of her fingers! If she makes it into the industry, I hope she doesn't change.

Flutter! the New Twitter..LMFAO

Saturday, April 4, 2009

If You Seek Amy! Do you know what that Means???

I don't know if its the weather but somethings got me acting up. An right now I'm DEFINITELY feeling this song! Britney's last album "BLACKOUT" was the Truth. Lock me in a room with a man, with the volume on high an it'll go down!!! lls

If You Seek Amy = F - U- C- K - ME!

Real N****S Usually = Real JOKES!


A tedious, drainful, source of energy! I either fck with you or I DON'T!!! Bang bada BOOM!!!I love my girls to death, but mind and relationship games are for the kids and birds. All the manipulation and over analyzing over the trivial is Blaaaaaaah. Kill Yaself...Seriously! Oddly enough, they're not the objective of tonight's topic. While women progress, men are lacking (In that DEPT) so spare me all the extras. We're just talking about the mind tonight. Maybe its the Henny or that its about to be four in the morning but I'm a speak on it.

Grow the Hell UP!!!... Ugh!

Y'all kill me! I've been dating recently, and surprisingly enough impressed. But I KNOW what I want, an what I'm through dealing with. Yet I still see soo many situations, with all encompassing bullshit at its BEST. If you think your a good person, when you do shady shit, your nutts. Fucking, LOCO even! lls Nice guys Don't finish last!!! BITCHES DO! If your gullible and a pushover...YOU WILL BE USED! Man or Female....Period!

If you think your gonna find what your looking for by using people?... your wrong. Whether it's for money, looks or sex..... it's not gonna work. I hate when men think its cool to give 50 or less. Its not cute to half ass someone an stay in their face an waste their time. Grow UP! If someone loves you an you hurt them... your chiiiilllllllll the fucking WORST!!! An you will reap what you sow. What kind of diluted way of thinking, do you have? You say you keep it real but if you did, you would just tell a women that you weren't about shit! All you want is sex an someone to talk too...If that! An if your not saying that, you ain't saying shit that's real. Your just a real CHARACTER!!!

Disease love

This topic came about in the Craziest way.... APRIL FOOLS! So since I was 19, the typical joke on April 1st was to say your pregnant!!! I know its mean but its HILARIOUS... whether you trick your parents, man, or brothers. My brothers was about ready to KILL my ex one year. So anyway its 2009 an the same joke neva gets old. I see my boi pissed in his facebook status. He was like "All you damn girls calming to be pregnant... dammit I hope you are cause that's what you deserve!" LMAO Sheesh! All that though??? An then he goes on to say "Come up with something different instead of using the same tired ass jokes. Just say your burning." Which means, just say you have an STD. Then he says "You still have to go to the clinic to fix both issues regardless." Now I thought the last part was mean, but that's neither here nor there. lls I don't believe in abortions, but to each is own..Its YOUR body.

But the clinic part stood out to me. It was a crude joke, but funny none the less. So I told my friend, in turn wondering

"What if you got something a clinic couldn't cure?"

How funny would that actually be??? What do you do in life afterwards? I wouldn't want to have that on my consequence. To give someone a disease that they can't get rid of to satisfy a urge! What do you do? So my butt goes to GOOGLE, cuz it of course knows all. An I start looking up dating sites for Herpes, Aids an STDS in general. I didn't even know they EXISTED! Amazed I was, but damn they need love too. I guess someone said "Why spread it." An I applauded the thought and gesture...

{Clicking the names will take you directly to the sites!!!}