Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ambitious Girl -Wale

Today @Wale leaked his latest single via twitter:

Ambitious Girl

"Ambitious girl see I like the person u are, but I'm in love with the person you have potential to be" - @wale

(Free Download)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Skeletons Should Be Kept!

Now there's nothing wrong with knowing everything there is to know about your mate.
But is there such a thing as...

Favorite colors, snacks, songs, and family members are fine, but where do we draw the line? Is it better to meet someone AFTER they mentally mature or BEFORE?!?!! So many people say before, but so many people are idiots as well. So many people can't create nor partake, in an actual adult relationship to save their lives. An it's not like there's a bunch of examples running around, to coach us through. We know what Jump offs, Cuddy buddies, Flings, Baby Mamas and Rebounds are. But not Happy, HEALTHY, LOVING Relationships with Longevity are. Every one's an option, because every one's temporary.

I know men adore women who stand beside them through their trials and growth. But given how inconsiderate, manipulative and deceitful most men are in their youth...

would you have stood by

Enduring, can empower as well as, destruct the very core in which you're built upon. The dating scene can get Messy. Engaging with multiple parties at a time is problematic. Especially, when sex is involved! Social networks are a ticking time bomb as well. Everyone says you must forgive and forget, but it's not realistic. Your heart may forgive, but your mind remembers. An you say.. "This is me! I'm the same me, that I was a year ago. I loved with all my heart then, as I do now. This is the same lips, eyes and soul that they saw then. So what makes them want to change for me now?" If desiring others, is a drug. Whose to say, they can stay clean. Everyone has withdrawals.

Sometimes it can lead a person to feel like "I love you but I wish I never saw that side of you ..I hurt just knowing that side exists". That side lingers around my thoughts, and I doubt it'll ever leave. Wherein starting fresh can leave you showcasing, your ideal you. Bidding farewell to all the roads less traveled. Everyone says it's ones choice. Of course, at any moment you could leave. But love doesn't quit. It's about accepting the past, an being grateful that they've lasted. Cuz everyone, ain't worth fighting for.

If you love someone... it should be in-spite of their faults! It's because you see something in them. Maybe much more than they see in themselves... Maybe it's passion! Maybe it's hope! Maybe it's just the tingly feeling, that you grab onto, refusing to let go. Whatever it is.. it's OK! Some of the best things, aren't easily handed to us, but it's worth the struggle.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friendship & Love! Do you Compromise?

Ok soooo ..its been awhile. I know... I know... Lls An now, I have so much to discuss. But, that's all in due time. So on this lovely Sunday morning, I'll be light and hit the FRIENDSHIP button.
"How many of us have them?

Some bonds formulated, just can't be broken. They should be cherished, because they're chosen. Your given a family. You select your friends! Regardless of loss or success, your friends ride the waves of your stress. They love and accept you, good and bad. But in order to attain such companionship, you must carry the qualities it entails. You can't be out here, shady as shit and expect companionship. Trust takes forever to earn, an instant to lose.

People get in relationships, and disconnect from the world. Love should never make you choose. If a person don't respect your friends, they don't respect you. An there will ALWAYS be a problem because of it. The person you love, should never have spiteful ways. You did exist before them ....right? So why dismantle, the very foundations you've made?

Well over 13yrs, me and my bestfriend has had a couple of sayings...

"Two Bitches, are better than One!"

"She was here Before, she is here Through and if need be, After YOU!"

Even when your wrong, a "GOOD" friend steers you right. Anyone can just be there, but a good friend is honest and holds no punches. A friend doesn't have to like your mate, but they'll respect them. They'll be happy for your happiness. Just don't compromise your character, for the things your going after. Because if one collapse... who will give a damn?

At the end of the day, friends and lovers combine through time. With family and kids, your haves are now his. There should be no eye balling during the holidays, or functions. An if there is, than somethings wrong. An you've lost your fight, before it could ever be won. Love is about compromise. That doesn't mean for your ass, to be out every night with your drunk friends. Or just waving with a glance at his/her friends as a form of acknowledgment.

I just see so many situations that will never get better, because compromise is just a word people use with no filler.