Monday, November 16, 2009

Relationship Mental Abuse ...Are you Familiar?

All is fair in love an war, but in the words of
Rhianna "Fuck Love"
Tina Tuner "What's Love got to do with it?"

You may say that they have good reason to feel like that. But abuse is ABUSE! Scars can heal but emotional wounds often never do. Mental abuse is more common in everyday relationships, because it isn't as easy to detect. It can go on daily for years, with detrimental effects. On how you view yourself and treat others. Often leads to depression, drug dependency and suicide. If you verbally and mentally abuse some one for a long period of time, should you expect a peaceful resolve? No! Eventually someone Snaps an the outcome's bleak.

Some ask the question, how much can he/she take? While others pose this question... How could you treat the person you love that way? How could you treat Anyone you cared for that way? I call it the property syndrome. "Its MINE an I can do whatever I like with it, so mind your Business!" Is often the way most abusive relationships work. The object of being "MINE" is your partner i.e your property. You can kick it, break it, do whatever you like because it's yours and no others. It will always be there, because it's YOUR property. In a sense how some people can Use, Mistreat, Manipulate, Disrespect with no regards to their mate, and expect them to remain loyal.

You have one person genuinely loving, caring and seeking to build with their partner. While the other seeking to control and demean them. Nothing nor that person is ever good enough. Even if they've never had better. That person is expected to be there always, while the other should be fortunate to find time. There often isn't a middle ground. One person's seeking to please while the others often "BARKING". An insult or indirect action can feel like a assault, a punch. Like physical abuse with the mental, the person's usually only nice AFTER they've wronged. Showing some form of repent, in a way signaling they care. Often put down on what you Can't do. What you shouldn't of done. Of what he/she could do, but so help you god if you ever followed suit. Affecting every 3/5 Americans, often leading to most single parent homes.

A lot of these relationships can get volatile after awhile. There's but soo much a person can take from the one they love. When you trust someone enough to hand them your heart, the worst betrayal is the misuse of it. You lie on the behalf of them. Your embarrassed to say all that you truly endured with that person. Ashamed that you loved and did anything for that person, while they acted the way they did. Denying to you friends and most importantly your family about this person, they thought else wise of. Carrying a burden of hate an animosity because there's no one to talk to. Being a good person often means swallowing the hardest pill.

Some people never leave that situation in time, to learn from it. It may change them into they person who created them. Passing that hate and misuse of love to their children, family and friends. Falling into a deep depression, running aimlessly seeking love and attention. Everyone knows how to Dr. a relationship from the sidelines, but its different on the field. Be Careful!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keston Karter

This Beautiful Specimen was brought my attention by one of my girlfriends.
I must I'm very IMPRESSED!

From Trinidad & Tobago this Man is 26

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lick Lips...

Lick the lips
Sip it up
From the middle around back

Brung to your knees

Tilt the head back
Snatch it up like that
Proceed to go deep
Hop upon no feet

No hands..
In this Karma suitra dance

No angel can measure
The heights
Of this pleasure

To Court and Dethrone
The chastity home
Slide in, on the plate
No minute, can wait
No second, can pass
In this moment of Lasts!

Kanye "We Were Once A Fairytale"

Aww it was soo sad to see Kanye make his inner self kill himself.

Sex Double Dutch!

Are there RULES to sex?
Or simple
Sex Etiquette
that's more like common knowledge?

Sex is a great tool used between two parties. It relieves stress, tension, joy, pain, love etc... Yet at the very same time, it can get quite messy. Only when doing what maybe presumed as doing too much. Too much of anything can be bad. A gluttony, as you may say. The more isn't always the merrier. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of sexual double dutch. Intricate they maybe, both have quite different variables. Your most likely to bruise yourself in one, while harming countless in another.

Lets skip the basic, "You Cheat! You Get Caught" gig. No one really cares about that really. If I cheat or step out, it's because I wanted too. An odds is, you did too! You were curious, you were horny, but whatever they case maybe you weren't "Lonely". I'm talking about the situations more detrimental. I always thought a Stupid, Ignorant Man was a Dangerous Man. An more than lately, I'm proven right time an time again. Whoever said mommas baby, papas maybe is a mutha fck'n lie! Nothing's worse than having a baby by a RANDOM!

I don't know about you, but it's hard to believe that "I wore a Condom" excuse. I'm a woman with many women friends an associates. Hundreds of women upon women, an not ONE single woman got pregnant while using some form of protection. Even the pull out method works! Even though I do not, by all means advise. I'm just saying! You pretty much had a planned pregnancy. Cause when you have sex w/o a condom or a pill and you leave "IN"... Umm it sounds planned to me. It's even worse when your as reckless to not stop. It's even more embarrassing for women, and disgusting. I'm sorry to say. But you should never be in a situation that you don't know who your child's father is. An if shit happens, then at least it should be a toss up of one or the other. Not three, through a line of people.

It seems lately, I've seen a rash of unexpected baby fathers. I know a man who had a one night stand. Had a baby, and flat out moved out of the state. A girl who didn't tell the father till WELL after the baby was born. A guy who got two women pregnant at the exact same time, and pretty much denied one child an claimed the other. I guess grandma, can only handle one shock at a time. It's just that sexual double dutch is irresponsible. Soo many people judge a woman for her sexual partners when its just as nasty for a man.

There are plenty men that have a lot of sex, and don't get tested. Can you talk about passing the Chlamydia please. A dick might as well be a gun to some. A man's in jail awaiting execution right now. For having 10 girlfriends, that he all gave AIDS to. Sadly they all loved him, thinking they were the only one. An blindly, he didn't know because he never got tested.
Just be smart, and more responsible.

Ate it Like Candy!

Pinned down against my will
All preconceived notions will soon be reviled
Jilts and shutters eluding the thrill
An uncanny performance will mentally kill

Sipping the nectar
While slighting your eyes
Me tossing and turning
While you ravage my things

As I seek refuge
Try to grasps on to hold
A tongue soo disarming
Is now taking control

Navigating the map
To an unfounded treasure
Casting a spell
To reveal more endeavors

Mind then collapse
Soul then implodes
Voice rings out panting
Meek, weak, no control

Soft an subtle
Overlapping his route
The journey won't be over
Until I tap out

Ate it like a Pro
Ate it with ease
Never knew til that moment
He ate it like Candy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

100 BLACK MEN of Hope!

Friday November 6th 2009

So many people complain about our young Black Men an the things they lack. Yet in the DMV we have a specific caliber developing at an alarming rate, that's quite extraordinaire. Formed upon improving the everyday hypocrisy of "If you knew better do better" Kevin Hallums, initiated a challenge. Once was just an everyday venting session on "Twitter" vastly spread, to what we hope would become an annual event. One Hundred young Black Men joining to make a change at Hope Community Charter School. A little idea which snowballed into something miraculous.

For more information contact

Food being donated by Food Island Flavors of Laurel Maryland.

Donating 20 Signed Autographed Shirts

Kevin Durrant
Donating Autographed Basketball

Darren Harper
Donating Skateboard Decks

"We are not limiting volunteers due to their race nor gender, but our goal is to attain 100 African-American males in order to demonstrate that positive, Black role-models do exist for this predominantly African-American school."


Young Entrepreneur on the RISE!

Founded 2006 by: Christopher Grace

"Denim combines classic cuts with contemporary styling. Innovative washes and attention to detail are part of our commitment to creating a brand NOT just a label."

I was fortunate to be one of his models at a recent fashion show, an I must say he knows a woman's body WELL!

Beanie Sigel Gets OFF on JayZ

As of Last week the underground has been a blaze with Roc-a-fella's most faithful distressed "Beanie Sigel" w/co-founder

Beanie Sigel JayZ Diss {LISTEN} ~> "What You Talking Bout"

Jay-Z answers Beanie Sigel from la rue du on Vimeo.

50 Cent Agreeing w/ Beanie Sigel {LISTEN} ~> "Audio Interview"

Britney Spears 3

My Bytch is Back looking better than ever and
I LOVE it!

Up~Grade YOUR Panty Game!

I know it's a "Recession" but by all means your bedroom shouldn't be Depressing! I'd be sad to sleep with some of you cheap chicks.

For SHAME! tisk tisk tisk

Stop abusing the Victoria Secret "PINK" Collection 5/$25
Cause now we have to Officially be "OFFTHAT" It's nice to sprinkle it in your collection from time to time, NOT Everyday ladies. That seriously can't be the Best of your BEST! Is it really? Some of the patterns looks like my socks honestly. I just don't understand that with soo many departments in Victoria secret, why so many women love to remain BASIC!

No dude should ever be at awe by my panties because you cheap chicks slack off. No man should ever feel as though the "PINK" collection is the core foundation of such a legacy. Please get it together!

Girls wear "PINK"
WOMEN have "Variety"

Very Sexy
Sexy Little Things

Angels by Victoria Secret


Glamour by Victoria

Back in Action....

Hey LOVES!!!
Kisses from the Misses an you KNOW I missed y'all.....

Now lets get back to Business Bitches!
From Life, Gossip, Music, Celebrities, Poems an Sex, there has been tons to catch up on. I've been slacking I know, but blame my distractions,
suitors and seducers! lls

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye's Apology on Leno

Real Men confront their issues and mend their wrongs. This is why I love Kanye! Everyone screws up, but growing an learning from it to better yourself is what counts.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dj Quicksliver "Wheretheydothatat" Song Preview

Dirty Money "Angels"

There's soo many things I don't agree with in this video. Puffy trying to steal fans! Lmao
#1- Starting off w/ a Jay-Z beat... Smh I was just waiting to hear
"Marcy Son! Ain't nothing Nice"

#2- Your singing.... like SERIOUSLY
#3- Even Hype Williams couldn't save this....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bitch Made Men #2 "Labor Day Edition"

I call this story a Yikes! You may get older but
NEVER leaves!

This Story was sent in to me to share with you all!
Here's Lady A's story in HER words.....

"I've known about this guy since junior year of high school, 5 years
ago. We shared mutual friends, but we didn't actually meet until this
summer because he hangs out with my coworkers. After we met, he joined
me and my coworkers to an Amusement park. That night I cooked for them
& we had some drinks. That night things got physical, but no sex. A
couple days later he wanted to take me to dinner. He called me that
afternoon & I was out to lunch with a coworker. He flipped out & said
I was in the wrong for going to lunch when we were supposed to go to
dinner. I'm sorry... I'm used to eating more than one meal in a day...
That shouldve been my warning sign. Afterwards it got be too much too
soon, he would want to sleep over every night & he wasn't even my man.
I told him we need to just be friends & he agreed. I guess there's a
difference between saying it & doing it, because I took him to a
friends party the next night. This is when u finally saw the signs. He
made a scene when I ignored something he said & demanded we leave.
Then in th ca he wanted to rub on my leg like everything was cool.
Then he said he needed to spend the night, so I put him on the couch.
That night solidified the end of us "talking." Then why did I get a
phone call the next day that he was conveniently outside my building,
expecting me to invite him up. Um.. No. Then I got a phone call saying
that he was still in love with his ex and never shouldve talked to me
in the first place, we could be friends, but secretly because she
didn't want us to speak. I'm thinking, What?? Why are u on my phone
then? Then he asks why I was mad the night of my friends party. I
simply replied, "You did not act like a man that night." that mustve
hit some sort of nerve because he started cussing yelling blah blah
blah, then went on Twitter talking ish about me and my friend. Saying
i wasnt cute & maybe I would have a man If I sucked dick. Had to block
him & delete his number. After my girl (our mutual friend) tells him he
was immature, he calls to appologize. I accept it, the end..

So I thought. No this boy doesn't seem to understand that forgive doesn't equal forget. Nigga- I
never forgot u were crazy. So why when I invited a mutual friend to
steak night @ my house, did he call wanting to go? Why when he came to
my job did he ask of he could be sat at one of my tables & when I said
no he was talking ish? And why did he he think it would be okay to go
to karaoke night with me & my coworkers and flip out when I said no?
No crazy, stay over -----> there."

{Contact me @ to share your stories}

In My Heart!

When my hair is disheveled, erratic, a mess
An my eyes are closed tight an defeated
My lips perched up an wounded as such
In my heart, it is you that I'm needing

When my highs are a low
Cause the mood isn't right
An sleep is a word, that pierces my night
It is you that I seek, when I'm speaking

When my phone joules out
In a monstrous estate
Every text is a suitor awaiting his fate
Your name sends me jolts when I see it

When I'm to far gone
That my voice can't ring out
Meek and confused, broken weary of doubt
It is you by my side, never fleeting

Time is a capsule of meticulous events
Love is a portal that goes the distance
So be wise on your trials
Set the view.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Conversations make me Weaken!

I sit around
An began thinking

Conversations have made me weaken

The bar I raise
You jump over peaking

Reasons, trying to get at me
It won't be over till I'm calling you
If it was up to you

An infliction you'd put upon me

Your love would bend me over

With a padlock and a pen-key

There would be no other

For you

Triumph and consume me

Cease fear
An forever doubt
You, deceiving?

Is like a Knight for treason :~)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Men can feel "Used" too! Who knew?

Karma is a Bitch! An this time it Carries a......

I was talking to an old college acquaintance of mine, when I can across something. Men can feel sexually used like women. An yes, their quite very aware. You will seriously mess around an get your feelings hurt, if your judgments cloudy. Men are very cut throat an calculated in the things they do. So going against the current in times, you find, you lose. They rarely make apologies for anything they do, especially if they have their mind made up about you. Even if they're dead wrong its like beating a dead horse. NO ONE CARES.....

Which leads to my discovery at hand. I was talking to my friend Ron, about how he spent his birthday. Where in, he asked me about my whereabouts and doings. He assumed I was somehow bunned up in the corner somewhere. I assured him it was far from that case, though many have tried this restless summer. He was unaware how nutty these boys have become in 09'. I don't respond well to aggressive tactics and immature behavior. Which then lead to us comparing stories.

Currently overseas playing professional basketball, he's accustomed to jet-lag. An due to his sexual appetite, lets just say he's familiar to most things than others. Soon then validating the expression "For every Psycho Man theirs a Nutty Ass Jawn." We then began discussing elements in which it takes to settle down. An to be honest it just takes someone who's willing to endure. He was honest in stating that he can't date a women who has kids. I said at times most people, women an males think like that, though it's selfish. He then said...

"I believe if you have to be with someone forever you have to be selfish and know what you want! don't settle and be unhappy! life is to short for that." ~Ron T.

He went on blatantly state how women are so self destructive and delusional. In their logic of thinking. We were discussing mixed signals, and how people can get lost in the process. He agreed with me to some extent but then added a good one. He said "Fav to be honest some most women don't even like me an aren't attracted to me, they just heard about my sex. Its after, that they realize I'm cool as hell an end up falling for me. But initially you just wanted sex, so why would I want anything more? I have a lot to offer someone but, I ain't going for that." Hymm soo true! That's for women who lie to themselves saying they can handle "just sex" when you really can't. If you treat a man like a TOY, don't be mad when you get PLAYED! Oh no boo boo, don't try an fall in love now. That option is not granted to you. Just get what you came for an be on your way.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Facebook Stalking!

FB Stalking! 
Have you been a Victim?

It makes no damn sense America how ignorant people can act in cyber space! You can use it as a marketing tool to promote your business, reunite with old acquaintances or date. But know the venue in which you choose to explore your portals. It's fine, if you want to use a social network to meet people, but it's how you go about things. Being overly aggressive in life won't get you what you want in most cases. So what makes you think becoming an Internet bully will?

Myspace~ For marketing, Mingling & Hookups (Primarily Universally based)
Twitter~ Marketing, Networking, Socializing  
E-Harmony~ Love (Adults)
Facebook~ Keeping in touch, Socializing, Networking (Primarily University based)

People join social networks for their own personal motives. But with that in mind, do your research. I'm not going to join E-Harmony looking to promote my site. I'm most likely going to join E-Harmony looking for a husband. So I don't know why people get on sites, 
harassing others. If I get on facebook an meet some new people than so be it. That happens daily, but don't get outside yourself. Nothing nor anyone is ever that serious!

All it takes is one note, one poke, an one hi to be seen. If your acknowledged, is another story. But most times out of ten, your message was received. It often has nothing to do with you, when you don't hear replies. Some people may have more than enough on their plate. Why would you want to be on any ones waiting list regardless? Some people just sign in to check things and don't have time to sit an chat. Some people just aren't in the mood. Others may just want to talk to a person in particular an NOT you! In regards to Facebook Chat that is.

I've literally have had more than one guy see me online, an kept writing me until I gave them the conversation they wanted. A hi was never enough! "Oh so your not going to talk"...."I SEE your still on" ...."Hi, hello, heeeeeeeeey."I mean DAMN, leave me alone. I don't care who you are, that's annoying. It's CLEAR, I don't want to talk to YOU! Yesterday I had someone who kept writing me, an they said "damn where you going tonight? Bitch I know you see me!" OK! STALKER! Your a grown ass man now harassing me! DELETE DELETE DELETE! An I had to delete another psycho today! Smh lmao It's really not that serious ladies and gentleman. You win more bee's with honey anyway. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sex & the DMV! You wanna "HOOK-UP?"

Sex on the platter! 
What would you do to climb the latter?

There is a lot of Sexual Tension in the DMV area! Maybe the area is too damn attractive, because everyone wants everyone! People rarely care about breakups anymore. "Oh its over? ...Good look!" Unless by some god awful chance, you were the rare few in love. **Tear shed** Otherwise, it's whose got NEXT! An the whole area knows one another, might I add. You don't even have to step on the scene, to be "Outchea." If your Internet social loop is poppin, then so are you. 

My friend Puuh asked me a question.... 
"Why isn't the urban culture inclined to 
"Casually Hook-up" 
like other cultures?" 

I couldn't understand how a black male in D.C. could seriously ask such a question. Being that blacks males are the reason women are prone to be more reserved an particular about their selections. He went on to saying "From conversations I've had with co-workers, white ppl routinely go out to bars and sleep with ppl and it's socially acceptable but black females are the ones called bitches and hoes." But I asked... by who? Black Men! Everyday you go on "Facebook" you can survey men status's an see what they say. I've seen one that read "Women should come with a carfax" ...."It took one bottle of rose to beat? where they do that at?" "She maybe bad but she let me one night her, damn I was feeling shortie but now I can't wife her." So eventually,
 this shit processes!

Easy access equals poor quality! Why would I jump up to have sex with you now, before I even know you? So you can go to work an text your boys from the office, about how crazy it was. So when now anyone ask you, you can jokingly discard me like a piece of communal ass. Umm, don't think so! You can only go by what you've been taught or seen countless times. An its been proven that black men don't respect women who "Hook-up". Don't be mad at us .....y'all made it that way! White women don't care about being sexualy impulsive, because white men don't. 

Black male convo: BM1- "Ayo, did you beat younging? BM2- "Yessir, shawty was GOING!" BM1- Word?! I ain't know she was rolling, what it looking like? BM2- (explaining physicals and the sexual.)
White male convo: WM1- "Y'all where plastered. Where did you go? WM2- "We hooked up!" Wm1- "NICE!" WM2- "Yea, so what you tryna do tonight?"

Who would you feel more comfortable being casual with? I'm just saying... Why would you want me to jump out there an rush something, to turn around an get disrespected?

Drake "Successful"

Saturday, August 29, 2009

OFF THAT! Now Edition

If you just got hip to boat shoes this summer.... 
your bout a decade LATE! ~Off That

We aren't on Boat shoe Crocks but I was damn sure surprised to see em'

Bad girls crotch-less ~We Off That

Bad Girls All ACCESS ~We On That

Rooftop parties! ~We OFF That

Rooftop POOL parties! We ON That!!! FTW

Over PACKED Crowded Clubs
LOVE Nightclub ~We OFF That

Lotus & Shadowroom 
Lounges for the Grown & Chill ...We ON That!

R. Kelly on trial for Sexing an Peeing on Babies! We Off That!

Chris Brown doing trials in 09' for beating Rhianna like she's his Child
~We ON that!

Myspace for Networking ~We OFF That

Follow ME! @FAVIOLA_Inc ~We ON That

JayZ Interview on Bill Maher 8/28/09

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yeezy why you Soo FLY?

I Heart Everything Kanye!

Bitch Made Men! {New FRIDAY Weekly Series}

I was talking to one of my girls yesterday about the foolishness she going through with her dude. An it's hard to say he isn't a good man or a man ain't right now-a-days. Cause, most of them are just dumb! Now I love men, especially black men but, y'all are full of more shit then a little bit. So now, I've created a new venue for you ladies to share your stories.


Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE a Man MAN! Respect you, hold you down, 100% REAL an thorough bread. But when I see a man an I see the "Bitch IN Him"......Whoa! It's a sad SAD day! Like Jay-Z expressed, men should carry such emotions or actions... "That's a FEMALE trait!"

Every man wants a "Rider" but can he Hold her DOWN?

Men have mastered manipulation to the third degree. Why would you want a broken woman? Who's weak, passive and believes and puts up with everything you say an do. I want an equal! Someone who keeps me on my toes at all times, that undoubtedly has my back. Loyalty is what everyone strives for in a mate, besides beauty and passion. Yet it's soo hard to come by. The loyalty in your actions, and your heart gets tested daily. It all falls down to "How You Gonna ACT?" The things you do will expose you.

In most cases, a man is QUICK to write a women off it he sees some shadiness. If you act like this off of something basic, what won't you do? Or could you handle something major? Will she be there for me? So why do you think your different in regards to women? We see you for what your worth an put out. Just because I don't call you out every time, doesn't mean I don't see where your hearts at. Women bite their tongue soo much, as to soothe a mans pride. Fuck Pride! A man's pride is his downfall! I can respect an go to bat for you when NO ONE else will, but NOT when I see the Bitch in YOU!

If I ask you to do something an you sit and think of a way to get over w/o directly doing what I asked. Based off assumptions and catering to someone else's emotion and perception instead of mine.... it isn't loyal. That's some Bitch-ness! It's actually deceptive, an manipulative when you feed the bullshit down my throat. Fair is fair an wrong is wrong! Men will "LOUD
Talk" you an get aggressive to shut you up an make you doubt yourself. Just becaus
e your loud and short tempered, doesn't mean your right or I'm going to be scared to confront that. I'm a get in your mix! Especially when you can't man up an a
dmit it an correct it.

Go to Oz an get a Heart!.....

{Contact me @ to share your stories}

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Backdoor Bytches!

Women who keep there eyes CLOSED your likely to get 

It's funny how shady women can act for some DICK! I'm a say it like that, because that's how it is. You will help someone else do dirt, or something you wouldn't like being done to you in a heart beat. Just to benefit you or your friends. But cry an cause a scene if someone did that shit to YOU! Lmao We'll Karma's a Bitch, an you KNOW this. I guess this is why so many women are soo catty an on guard about everything. A women would smile in your face an get someone to Fuck your man, if she isn't already. Just to be down. Smh We use to call them "Brandy Bitches!"

An the ironic part about it is, it's the quite sweet girls who feed this madness more often then some. It's the "Good Girl" with the insecure friend that would leach onto and screw anything, to fall in "Love" next week. The good girl that say hi an speak so nice just to keep asking you questions about your ex. Who, how and why y'all don't talk, instead of genuinely getting to know you. Of course her boyfriend maybe the reason you even intermingle to begin with. An as soon as your on a "Break" she has her girl making her move, before ya mans penis is even dry. Hoping that "Breaks" can last forever, yet becoming pissed knowing they never do.

The sad thing is that most women tell on themselves so often. When your use to some one's smiles and hug hellos, an now they keep their distance...BINGO! What you feel guilty for? When she can't look you in your eyes.... what's really good? They're so happy that they have their man, that it don't matter what other female you help a man shit on. But my question is, how do YOU figure your man isn't doing the SAME thing. Hope you don't get mad about that! Kind of a hypocritical way to react, do you think?

Rush limbaugh discussing on JayZ

Monday, August 17, 2009

If HE say's He didn't Fuck Her But She says He DID!

Is a Man's WORD..... Worthless?

If HE says He didn't Fuck her but she says he DID, who do you believe? Most people say the Woman! It ain't right.... but it's LIFE! Men lie on their Dicks EVERYDAY! Whether he cheated an will deny it to till the grave. Or if he has to "Show Face" to his boys about a girl he can't get! Either way it's common knowledge that guys lie about sex. Women occasionally lie about sex but it's usually regarding numbers. No woman is prone to saying "Yea I fucked/fucking him" if she didn't. Where they do that at???

I've seen a few cases regarding this very matter. I know someone who was dating this guy for over a year, an they separated for a month. Now what happens during a couples split is null an void. But what continues during the reconciliation, determines if He should get CUT! A woman short after emails his girl explaining her relationship with him. Stating how it's now over but, how escalated  an played out. He denied most scenarios she so vividly explained. She even went as far to describe his penis and explicit sexual positions they had. An all he did was swear to GOD an change his number.

A Devil with a Smile will always be Acquitted for a Trial! ~Me

Who do you believe? I'm sure there's a hundred reasons to believe whomever, but she has a hell of a case. Unless this women is a psychopath, which could very well be the case. This isn't an everyday occurrence. A women won't just up an say "Hell Yes I Sucked his Dick" if she didn't. So even if he was telling the truth, there's 3/4 chances that he wasn't. An with that ratio being soo ass poor, women tend to come to their own conclusions. Her truth, his lie and what probably "REALLY" happened. Which would pretty much boil down to, how much she loves him and is willing to deal with. It has nothing to do with what he says. Women forgive but most never forget. Smh!

A lot of my male friends preach their cases. My boi E said "She could just be lying out of hate, so girls can leave ol boy alone." Someone else said "What's her purpose? She's just bitter cause she couldn't get him, an saying that would ruin his situation." ...Ehh they may have a point or it maybe excuses from bullshitters!