Friday, June 26, 2009

Worst Week Ever! Literally....

...Sometimes you feel like flying! An it sure was peaceful up there.

I don't what cosmos aligned to set the stage for destruction, but they need to wrap it up! Aside from the deaths of some worldly known treasures, friends of friends past this week. Excluding those who lost their lives on the Red Line, this very same week! None of which caused by any act of violence. Life's ailments and accidents were the blame. An in that case, anyone can be a target because no one's exempt. Seriously, take a moment to let those in your life know you care and treasure the ones you love. A word unheard will ALWAYS go unaccounted. Your not promised anything if even tomorrow. I had a lot to get into this weekend but I'm on cruise control. Come next Wen, I should be out of this state for a quick minute. I'll pray before my flight, an hope that I come home replenished! I know I'm drained......

A Life Lived "Off The Wall" R.I.P MJ

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Though he was a musical genius, he had a tortured soul. An abusive childhood, an a even more exploited life. Harassed by paparazzi, and deceived by family (Latoya) made him seek seclusion. An though that would of made someone else snap, he remained humble. He reminded us that EVERYONE is human. He pioneered in aiding every an any children's cause. Selling more than 750 million albums worldwide, made him the KING of Pop! I just wish I would of saw him smile more in my lifetime.

Man In The Mirror

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

College Hill fight! BRANDON Brandon Brandon!

I don't know about you, but I absolutely DISLIKE Brandon, cuz HATE is a strong word. He is the epitome of a CLOWN! He's crass, extra, immature, condescending and ignorant. Please tell me what pulling off your shirt ...AFTER the fact while huffing an puffing is going to do? Why are you screaming to the BACK of an mans head? If your soo REAL, wouldn't his face be more suiting??? Clowns like him kill me! Smh


Monday, June 22, 2009

Metro Trains Collide!

Today around 5pm two Metro trains on the red line collided between Fort Totten and Brookland. Being that I ride that line ALL the time, I'm particularly saddened. Still in the stages of calculating casualties and the injured, the full synopsis of the incident is yet to be determined. But as of now, six deaths an numerous injuries estimated.

Prayers out to those involved & related!

Gucci Mane "I think I luv Her!"

I don't know what it is, but Gucci Mane's ignorant butt is growing on me! lol

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don Ghotti Mixtape

"After listening to the mixtape, I'm a little miffed I didn't get to The Bench in time to see ALL the acts. But I'm glad I copped the CD for real... and that hidden track is BANANAS! Great work Don Ghotti! " MizRik

Tony Reed [attendee] - “If you have not been to a DG event let me be the first to tell you that it’s the place to see or be seen at. Don the party was DOPE [I’m bringing dope back] and the artist were on point. Can’t wait for the next event. Your boy Reed aka Young Six $$$.

CheyN [Recording Artist who Performed] “Mixtape Couture was a great night full of dope artist. I’m stoked to not only have been featured on the mixtape but to also have the chance to perform live in celebration of Vol. 3 with Don Ghotti and the entire DGPR family!”

Jaya [Supermodel attendee] - “Underground Hip Hop at it’s finest”

Jayson Voorhees [Recording Artist who Performed] “I enjoyed the show! Met June Plumm, Tanijoy & a lot of people I have seen & talked to on Twitter! Lol! A lot of talent from around the country! Where else can u Go & have so much talent u gotta break it up into 2 parties? The crowd response was great for my songs Nuvo & Racked Up! Thank DGPR, Inc 4 the opportunity!

Tiquisha L. Tobin [Entertainment Attorney attendee] “I can sum up Mixtape Couture in two words The Future. It gives unsigned Artist the opportunity to be heard in various mediums”

Mizrik [attendee] - “Yo @doughty there’s some realllllly good music on this mixtape son”

Koren Porter [attendee] - “My thing if u wasn’t there u missed some great music as well as a nice flow of Ghotti new artist I really enjoyed myself”

Devious [photographer for Ozone Mag] “Hip hop is not dead or retired. It’s always and will be around”

L-Marr the Star [Event DJ and Recording Artist who Do’s & Performed] - “another beautiful event…another day with the best independent music out…only done the Ghotti way”

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ensue! & Vision {Poem}

...::By: Yours truly::...

Held it all within
much of many to hold inside
Never spoke a word
Took a lot! A pride demised

Of what is hard to figure
A love soo compromised
I held you to a standard
That you only matched with lies

I entrusted my heart and all
To ensure that you were good
Never to want or be in need
Held you down... I stood!

Dismissed every call an note
Ignored those haters cries
Every word, a validation
To what I'd soon realize

Never thought in a million
I'd loose...
Respect an Faith in you
A lesson learned in time my friend
Deception you did ensue!

...::By: Yours truly::...

A prideful person may make it harder to stumble
but they will soon still tumble there after

The fact of the matter is that they may have a plan
But no drafts to engulf the chapters

When you climb a mountain an reach the top
You know the path you followed

Cause though you revel in joy now
The path was rough an hallow

You don't discard the ropes, an ditch the path
That helped you too achieve

If you don't learn from the variable ways
Then the cycle repeats indeed

If your afraid to live your life
Then whats the point in living

Care and be kind to those you Love
An re-evaluate your Vision

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pussy Popping Lil Wayne' Style!

Nivea & Lil Wayne
**Reunited after Nivea's Divorce to DREAM**
Soo in case you've been under a rock, Lil Wayne has two bambino's on the way. Papi chulo refuses to PULL OUT! You would think that if your in a relationship and Semi famous, that you'd try to be discrete.

But this Superstar RETARD Lil Wayne clearly doesn't give a
F@%K! You can hide condoms, you can hide infidelity, but lawd knows you can't hide a child. I just feel sorry For Nivea! When your pregnant, the last thing you need is stress. Which he's giving her a healthy dosage of! Latest news is that Nivea's caught him hooking up with his back up Singer, which happens to be D. Woods Sister. Lets just hope they're no unfortunate miscarriages!

Lauren London
...::Apparently Showing::...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morning Sex! Is it the Best?

Hey Luvs! I've been busy, but I'm back in action. What do you think about
"Morning Sex"
Is it Yay or Nay?!?!

Some people love it, an others beg to differ. Some people will argue that there's nothing like a restful sleep, an being woken up to some attention. But the only attention I need, is you not squishing me an stealing the covers. I love hugs, spooning, kisses in the morning but the extras, is a bit much at times. Negro I'm sleep an your morning breath is bothering me. I love you but turn your head >>>>that way!

Some girls would say, they love letting it marinate an then getting to business as soon as they wake. But I guess it depends.... An no I'm definitely not saying I don't like morning affection or don't participate. I just prefer it at night an throughout the day but mainly at night. When your all tired an sleepy, an just put each other to bed. Awww gotta love it! But Men wake up with it on their minds like it was the plot of their dream. It probably was... An it is a great way to start your day, only if it was good. Cuz it can be a great way to ruin it too. lmao Cause I would look at you like "You woke me up for this....THIS!?!"

Lastly, you can have sex anytime but "Good Sleep" is hard to find!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ain't Nuffin Like a GOOD DUDE!

There has to be something said about a

I love men... But I cherish and adore a good dude. There's just NOTHING like them. It's beyond me sometimes. I use to say "Athletes, Celebrities all and all don't matter. I'd take a dude with a "Bear Card" (MSU Campus Id) anytime!" I don't want no part time man, or relationship based on money. If your a hard working, loyal dude, I'm a rock with you. An that's soo sincere.

When a man is down, there's is nothing like a good woman that holds him up. That's lifts his spirit and his heart. Who believes in him when at times he don't. But when you give all your heart and energy to lifting him up, where is he to replenish your heart and spirit? Some men take, take, take... An they don't know how to treat a women, nor do they care to learn. A mans pride, is a delicate thing. But when as a man do you learn to be supportive? An humble yourself to build and encourage your women. We're not your home boys! I don't need you to talk to me like my boss. I rather you not talk at all. Watch your tone and be attentive.

I know some good men that just want to see you smile. An you can tell them your day, an actually feel like they're listening and care. They may crack jokes, suggest new ways of handling a situation. Or you can just go to them, and forget about the trivial things. Being genuine is never a task.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pressing me out, won't make me Care!

OK it has been a minute, but baby girl has been BUSY! Anyways I wanted to write the last night but my ass was tired. So I partook in my favorite nightly activity....SLEEP!

Soo yesterday, I call myself multi-tasking. But to give credit...I was on it! Like ALL weekend actually. Usually I be like fck it! I'm GOOD! But not lately. Since I've been working a lot, I got to force myself to make time for those who really care about me. Men an women alike, because my girls act like my man at times.

Fast forward, Saturday I work. I thought it was going to be there till five or six, but they let me go at one. Soo bet that!!! Its Saturday an HOT, an I decide to get my nails done. Phone is on Bllllaaaaassssst! Went to a cookout, ate KOBE's, then sleep, cuz I refuse to be out late. I'm tired dammit! Sunday comes, an I'm being woken up by this phone of mine. Get ya ass Up! pool party time... Fun as hell, an we were deep. Everyone decides to do this after party, an I decide to wash my hair. I got the stankeye, cuz everyone thought "oh hell no your not coming back." Umm wrong! My ass was back by 10:30, seriously gangsta. Cuz ol' Fav, would of sent a text like sorry girls...lls

But here's where the issue began. One crew wanted to hit a bar by UMD. I said kool, but after I hit up this house party wit the first crew. They said ok bet!... Ten minutes pass, an I'm getting texts like where you at. Umm clearly where I said I was gonna be for at least 30 mins to an hr. Do you understand I started receiving texts every five mins!!! Wtf? So I'm like fck it, let me make moves before they spazz. Ohhh too late! Now I get texts like dats fck'd up I knew you wasn't gonna come. Oh, but I was on my way...NEVER MIND! Is this place that dry for my presence to affect the mood. Must I be in attendance...Like NOW! Cuz if you want to be mad, I will give you a reason. I'm only one person, an I love my friends but damn. You bitching will NOT make me care. Especially if I'm happy, you will not blow my joy. Than after the house party. I grabbed a bite off that late night, an came home.