Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Soo if you haven't noticed, I've mentally tapped out an been on vacation. My actually vay-cay starts TODAY!!!! Soo don't expect nothing till next Thursday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skinny? Angry? Why soo Obsessed?

There's a lot of women who are dying to be slim. Slim women dying to be bones. An unless a man is gay, why would he be attracted to a 12yr old BOY?!?! Where this obsession come from. I find it difficult to blame t.v unless, your watching something different from me. Television is at the forefront of "Thick is Sexy". Even with cartoons! All the beautiful women, have "Curves". Betty Boop was the icon, of the cartoon temptress. Marilyn Monroe is thee' Epitome, of the feminine mystique. Von Deta Tease, Britney "Corn-fed" Spears, Beyonce etc... Are all the ideals of sexy. So why do some women want to be skins and bones.

I'm a slim women myself, with NO desire to diet or lose any type of weight. I love my body, and I'm comfortable with ME! Now if eating that rocky road can add five more pounds to my tush, I'd be perfect. An not no-one, could tell me nothing! *smirk* I thought it was just obvious to pretty much assume...

*Pretty Face
*Nice Breast
*Flat Stomach
*Phat Butt
*Nice Legs
Equals Goddess!
No matter it being 125lbs - 175lbs as long as your well proportioned!

Nothing disgusts me more, then catty insecure women checking for the next one. Go get you some business, that's not my own. Everyone is NOT the same, so stop trying to be. I love, Love, LOVE it when I see a bigger women, CONFIDENT in their skin. Men are attracted to a woman's state of mind! If your wack, it won't matter how you look soaking wet. If your pretty then, YOUR PRETTY! If you love yourself, someone will compete with you, to love YOU! Cause no-one should love you more than yourself. Please don't blame it on the weight. You constantly doubting yourself, is what makes him doubt you. A "GUT & Being Sloppy" is unattractive period. An overweight people, aren't the only ones with them. Have you ever seen a skinny girl with "Back fat"??? Everyone has flaws!

I'm not insecure about mines. I love seeing confident, out going women, with a positive state of mind. When women are constantly nagging about other women. It's because, they're unhappy with themselves! If you could relate, you wouldn't hate! When what I do effects your mood... an I don't even know you??? Check yourself! An go seek help!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

High Insecurity Rate! ...KNOW Your Mate!

I love him... Love him Not! I Trust her... Trust her NOT!
How the hell did I get in this spot?
Is the question, most often asked.

I signed up for love, but not all this mess. Where are you going? How do you know him? Who is she? What did she mean by that? That's not what I heard. Well you know what? Fck It! If you already KNOW before you ask, I might as well patronize your ass. When you keep accusing someone of something they never do, they'll probably leave you. But, if they trusted you all the while you made them the fool. By all means don't complain, you tool! You get what you put out. Communication and honesty, can never steer you wrong.

If you had a good mate, who supported, understood, and went the mile for you. Then turned around a got someone or yourself pregnant, by some clubber. I don't want to hear shit from you. Things don't just happen. EVER! You allowed it or made it happen. So if there's inappropriate text messages and pictures in your phone, its your fault! You put your self in that situation, over their house. You made those decisions, for whatever reason. So own up, to how you'll be perceived. Trust is delicate, an quite hard to obtain. And a shady, deceitful, manipulative character, is even harder to clean straight.

But at the end of the day, you should know your mate. It's not like you just up an started dating, him/her. I could care less about your assumptions, if I didn't ask. Unless you got facts and or evidence. An if it's not that serious, why are you in my business? You should spend enough time with your mate, to understand their daily ins and out. Everyone is different. Why are you letting outside people, influence your situation? If it's something your upset with, then that's understandable. If it's an issue, your friend can't quite digest? Who cares? Who's in the relationship? It is displacing your mental peace. The very thing, no one needs. If he makes you happy, than be HAPPY! All the time spent on "Who's this an what ifs" is nerve wrecking. If you can't trust them, leave them. An if you know them, love them and let them be. Too many cooks in any relationship, can spoil the broth.

Monday, February 8, 2010

David Guetta feat. Akon - Sexy Chick

I just can't get this song out my head!!!

How Good Is Your Sex.... Judgment?

Most people often say that, men think with their little head. Well with women I guess it's fair to say, there hearts live in their lap.

No matter how tough you seem...
Sex complicates things!

The same guys that make it seem like "It is what it is" are the same guys playing house, entertaining the kids. "You ain't got to lie Craig" Let's not forget the women who say "It's just sex". Yet somehow along the way, forget to let it process. End up coming back to the guy like "See what had happened was.. I woke up one morning in love, so how you gonna act?" He's about to act a damn fool and RUN, because you blew his morning. That's exactly, how he's about to act. You and your emotions, are so rude and intrusive. Where do you get off falling, for the "Cuddy Buddy"?

But that's just the tip of the horny iceberg. Sex, can make you stay, when you know you should LEAVE! She gets on your damn nerves, but that ass is soo phat. Her lips are soo soft, and you can't picture her saying someone elses name. You can't trust him, stand him, and question if you love him. But when he hits the back of your walls... All that he's done, have been somehow erased. You forgive and forget, till the next time you have sex. It is unhealthy. An you don't give a damn about what anybody says. You may complain, Complain and COMPLAIN. But you will stay in that situation your in, until your ready. Period!

You can be sexed into submission. It can make you weak, and endure the very things you refused. A persons sexual trance, can influence. It can fck your mind up, among other things. No desire should ever consume you, and cloud your judgment. If you fall for someone you didn't expect, than fine. Be honest and address that. If it's not mutual. Leave and let be. Don't harbor no feelings, because you threw the wrench in it. Don't stay in a situation, if sex is thee' only reason. His little d@ck and smile, can't save him every time. Is he/she worth the stress? ---> On to the NEXT!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Homewrecker or Jump-off and Proud?

Last night I tuned in to my friend Kevin's U-stream, for

Luciano's Way
{Each & Every Tuesday at 10pm}

The Topic was "Home-wrecker's" which was insightful, to say the least. His co-host Travonne, had some very valid points. No outsider can wreck YOUR home. Someone is only allotted, the things you let them. Wherein I say, "No one respects a situation, more than the parties in it". If you come off as solely focused and committed to your partner. Then that's how, you an your relationship would be perceived. Situations are only laughed at by those who make it a joke. Bragging that you love her don't mean shyt, if your talking to every pretty face on "The Low". Because then, you'll be mad when your low becomes quite obvious and someone tells.

Now "What was even more hilarious, were the women who showed no discretion for their whore-ish ways. Proud to be the side jump off. Wheretheydothatat?" apparently here. "Its not my fault he stepped out." Your absolutely right, if you didn't know his situation. If you did on the other hand, your just a jump off hoe. He is no better! Yet, that's how he looks at you, because that's how you present yourself. He bust's it wide open, because that's your purpose. Then he'll eventually discard you, an let some idiot save you.

I just don't like men/women who cry foul, an do the same trifling stuff. You need my sympathy when your man cheats and ups an leave you. Yet, instead of focusing on yourself, and getting your things together. Your out there throwing your pussy around like a hand shake. Go sit your ass down! An it's the same with men. Stop complaining about your girl not trusting you. Especially, when you don't deserve to be trusted. Your dumbass, need to go get your life right. Just one complete and utter Mess! Why are you mad at someone telling your girl all the shady shyt you do? WHO put you in that situation?... YOU!

It's fair to say, Do onto others as you would like others to do onto you! We ALL learn that in kindergarten, and nothings changed. Grow up!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Are The World 2010

Hip hip Hooray.... I found Kanye!

Singing for Haiti!

Looks as though, the who's who of musicians joined forces. On the 25yr. anniversary of the original song, generations of stars united for the Haitian relief.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Why date Peter Pan when I can have a Man?

It seems like, women in the DMV are over and done with it. They'll invest in a man, but if your stuck in lala land... NEXT! What's shocking is the fact, these men are pissed. Highly distraught and upset. It's kinda of sad and cute. Somewhat laughable, actually. You had the nerve, to waste a perfectly good woman's time. For however many years, playing around. Painfully making it clear that, it was about you and your needs.

No responsibility, path or set focus in regards to your woman. The mere thought, tensing and frightening your every being. Instead, you'd rather partake in Every DMV event. As if, you were paid to attend. Being joined at the hip with your friends. Somehow, forming the "Babysitters club" amongst men. Which ironically enough, is like channeling the lost boys of Peter Pan. Running around recklessly, battling restraint. You pushed her away! Who doesn't know how to hold on to the person they love??? If she acted that way, would you stay? Would she be Out of control? Ungrateful? Thee' worst? Would you then man whore for ten years, explaining how she ruined it for others?

I just don't understand how one can ultimately ruin their situation, and feel like their owed anything. If you made it perfectly clear you weren't ready for marriage, cheated and gagged at the thought of kids. What is it your concern, as to whom and when she marry? You don't want a women to force or change you. So why be pissed, when she trades for someone new. You didn't want to be that dude. An regardless of how you "REALLY" felt, that's what you presented an made evident. Oops! My apologies. You wanted her to wait six more years, until you felt like it. No! that's not how it works.

When you live for self, you end up with and by yourself. Understand you are selfish. An yes, they're are men who will tell you and understand what and who they are. For those in denial... go play somewhere. An be less destructive, with someone else. I can respect a man, who is just happy that another supplies all that they couldn't. It shows growth, understanding, and maturity. When the person you loved, just wants you to be happy. In spite of themselves. That "If I Can't Have You, No One Can" mentality is elementary.