Monday, May 25, 2009

29yr old Man with 21 kids on "Minimum Wage"

Now this is CHILD ABUSE! Don't make no sense! Children aren't toys. Smh

"Ohh baby I like it raw" ~O.D.B

He might of took that statement literally...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

FACEBOOK!.... The New Maury?

YES...... You ARE the Coward!
[In My Maury Voice]

Odds are, if she asks you "How you know her" that means she KNOWS her! An niggas are soo dumb BECAUSE.....wait for it....they don't freaking think and are fucking STUPID! They're so press and eager sometimes, that they incriminate themselves. Stop thinking with your dick! This area is but so big, seriously. People kill me with that. Just because I haven't seen them last week or last month, doesn't mean I don't know them. An know them, extremely well at that. Just because you know me, doesn't mean you know every connection I've made.

Oh an best believe, women are smart! Men, men, men....these women out here, gets it IN! They call, email, text, facebook inbox dat ass, ASAP. No one has time for that elementary shady shit, no more. So women are forced to be direct and confrontational. Then men have the nerve to be mad at the girl, to boot. LMFAO Like let me get this straight...

Your mad at ME for being BLOWN at YOU BLOWING ME!

My apologies. I should commend you for being thee' Worst! Oh an Bytches are wicked, too now. This is no one way street. These hoes got "Luggage" like my boy Kenny says. But inner demons aren't as bad, as those you seek. Some people look for drama, its in their blood. You don't have to keep fck'n around. You would think that after the first bad incident, some people would learn. Mature from the actions they've made, to further initiate the better them. Mawahahaha NOPE! Same story, new jawn!

I've seen it All aired out on the viral Maury...I mean FACEBOOK! Status's from you ain't shit, to you can get the business. Notes, exposing their partners affairs. From photos, dates/times, and actual names, leading to deleted accounts. Pregnant women discrediting men, for being awful deadbeat fathers. Pissed off partners contacting the other cheaters girl/man to reveal the deceit. Honesty box snitches! A dude told me it wasn't hating, if he ain't get credit for it. He ain't want her, but he felt she deserved to know, cause she could do better. Whatever it is, whether it be blatant flirting, just watch yourself.

Most likely leaving someone to sing Teedra Moses click: HERE

Can you have SEX with a Friend?

Can you have SEX with a Friend, and Maintain your....

My "Buddy" is a day old question, that goes back years.... Can a Man and Women be platonic friends, with out being somewhat in the family??? My BFF's step dad always said.....

"A male friend is just someone you haven't had sex with yet"

Needless to say, Jamaicans don't pussy foot around the subject. But was he right?!? How many friends of the opposite sex, do you posses; that you have no desire for? Not now, not then, not EVER!

Some say there's a plus side to dating a "Friend". Others say it's the Worst possible move, cause you can lose your lover and confidant. Some people date and never have that hardcore connection that their "Friend" posses. So why not combine the two, an have the best of both worlds. Yet like most things be careful what you ask for. You can lose the "Friendship" altogether and be mortified with what your left with. Yeaaa I love the "Homey" you, but will I *Like* the "Boo" you? These are all things you have to take into consideration.

Some people can be great friends and horrible lovers. Everything's always kosher, till someones emotions are on the line. When all the dumb shit you use to laugh at starts annoying you than...Houston We Have A PROBLEM! Often, transitions can go off without a hitch. Yet usually, that's NOT the case. Some people forget how chill and humble they were, BEFORE the kisses. They forget how to talk to one another once the emotions mount. Some over think, some over analyze, and end up ruining the foundation they respectably built to begin with.

I've personally lost two male best friends to this epidemic. The first one was too territorial, and refused to fully accept us as Friends. The second one, was the one I decided to progress with after a break-up. But upon further thought, I realized it wasn't the best move for both of us. I loved him dearly and didn't want to lose him, off the petty trials of dating. Needless to say, he was hurt an our friendship was never the same. Quickly diminished there after. Maybe we should of had sex....Smh! lol

My male Friends give me no trouble now, and genuinely act like my brothers. That's why I hate and love them more than they'll eva know.....

Friday, May 22, 2009

OMG Charles Hamilton got OWNED!

This what happens when you think being a smug asshole is Cute!

Spencer Pratt New Song "Celebrity"


Hollywood's most HATED reality show star, Spencer Pratt of the Hills; now is deciding to rap. An when you here this.....who does he sound like??? I say T.I.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sneaker Fetish!

Martin Margiela High Top ::Cut Out:: Sneakers
I use to have some Grey an White shoes like this... Too cute!

Nike Air Elan &Royal Mid ::Metallic:: Pack

Alpinestars Shibuya Sneakers

Vans Fall 2009 Caballero Pro Pack
Props to Vans for stepping out of their typical skater shoe!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

R.I.P Dolla

Roderick Anthony Burton II
November 25, 1987 - May 18, 2009

Gunned down outside the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, around 3:10pm after shopping with Dj Shabbazz. People at the Chipotle across the street reported a black SUV showing up with gun shots blazzing. Rapper Dolla was shot in the head an died soon after. All signs were allegedly pointing to a altercation Dolla was involved with three days prior. Suspect was shortly detained in Los Angeles airport pending investigation. Best known for his single "Who the F@ck is that"

LA PERLA "Black Label"

If you have a pantie fetish like me then your already on the right track. But if not ...Step ya game UP!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh you HATE him now, but you Still let him fck!

Now Ladies...........Really!?!?
I'm still laughing at the hilarity of some things people do. Comical even!
{In my MSU tone "Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy Would You EVEN"}

Why Bash A Man AFTER You Fuck Him?

If you bash his sexual performance after the fact then, that I understand. You can be blindsided! Sub parr performance, can piss the best of us off. But to defame a mans character as a whole, makes no sense. If he was so LAME why did you let him fuck?!?! Cause wit me, if your that wack, you won't even lick the plate. I'm just saying....

An it's soo freaking funny, because it comes from the ones that were so OPEN at that. The main one blowing up the phone with texts and calls. Becoming bitter an crazed is Not a good look. We're to young for that, or at least I like to think that I am. If things don't go your way, then chalk it up to a loss. But parading around bashing someone, is only OUTING yaself! ::NEWSFLASH:: Your embarrassing yourself! Get it together...sheesh! lmao We didn't know he played you till YOU said it.

3 things to look for~
1) If he's married but he says he's separated! Keep It Moving Chick!
2) Most likely if he just had a baby! Keep It Moving Chick!
3) If he just got out of a Relationship situation! Keep It Moving Chick!

Calling someone out WON'T make you look better. It won't take back the fact that you fucked them. It won't make them care, if they didn't even really to begin with. Next time, know who your dealing with, before you fuck around an get your feelings hurt!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Have You Ever had Someone.........

Have you ever have someone look at you like you were the prettiest thing God's created?

Like they're heart will shield you from any harm to come your way?

Like the thought of loosing you was inconceivable?

The thought of having you was indescribable an undeniable?

Like he/she wanted to be your Greatest memory?

Like he/she was soo far past, the petty Pride and Mental Immaturity that makes so many people self destruct?!?!

Like they couldn't fathom hurting You!?

Like all the tears you cried before was preparing you to know True joy and how Love is supposed to feel!?

Have You? I think I........

Envius Couture

The Banner for Spring 09' ft. Yours truly..........

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bye Izzy & George

Seattle Grace, is home to one of my favorite shows
"Grey's Anatomy"

Last Thursday's two hr season finale was no SHOCKER to me! It's been no secret that Katherine Heigl and T.R Knight, have been trying to get released from their contracts since this season began. So no matter how dramatic the exit, say good bye to Izzy and George!

Oceans7 "So Much Swag"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taste Me.....

What is it about the sweet nectar of my lips between my cinnamon glazed brown hips. I can't tell, but casts a spell. If I had a dollar for all those, who just wanted a taste. I'd be on some Island, in a disillusioned place. I can't entertain the suitors, for my capture is up to be won. I'm far from what you may assume, that's why my love can't be undone. They may try to move on, but their heart remains wit me. I don't mind, it's's entrusted, lock and key. I know I'm the shit, you say "The best you ever had." I'm that down ass Haitian chick, wit that Mac lip glass in the bag. My skin is soo soft. You get lost in my eyes. Trace across my hips and collapse in my thighs. You can lay beside me, an not make a move, but your heart an your mind is something I'll soothe. I'll kiss your temple an massage your back. Whatever you want.... Yeap, it's like that! You'll do what I like, an whateva I say. Cuz you ain't know shyt, till you have it
MY way.

Lemmie go to bed! lol If I wrote all my thoughts it might leave you restless......

Fucking for Handbags!

Now this MAN is a Good "PARENT".....Good Job Malice!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mrs. Plane Jane

This is a topic that girls have pondered for ages, that guys try to answer but fail. There are some men who are clueless to the logic of this as well.

Plain Janes need Love too!

Why is it that some men can't handle a challenge? They want a women they can control. A woman who you don't even notice, once you've been a room for an hour. The girl that that has to grow on you. It MUST be her personality. She's not pretty or cute, just extra regular. Basic! Generic! Safe! Who doesn't do to much, when barely doing a little. The girl who is always in the house while her boyfriend never is. I ask WHY?

Why are you dating the girl YOU DON'T WANT?!?! Let us be Intelligent adults, an not base this on assumptions. Let's not assume, it's because she won't cheat! Let's not assume, it's because she's a "Good Girl" Let us not assume, it is because she will cater to your every need. Let us not assume I give two shits on the excuse. Excuses DON'T EXCUSE! I don't know about you, but me as a woman can't date a Lame-ass Guy! Nor the women I know! You need to hold your own around my family and friends. My girls are very opinionated an outgoing. I can't be baby-sitting no lame ass duck. But aside that, I'm simple! I just want someone that can keep me smiling when there is absolutely NOTHING to do. Being with Him is enough!

So what would make you believe being with a dry ass girl will make you happy? I know when your young and dumb it's cool to think like that, because you really don't know shit. You haven't lived nor do you know better. That's like the young girls back in the day who liked a guy because he was light skinned and bow-legged! WTF We know we thought like girls when we were little girls. But as a Woman, you can't come at me with that mess.

I know know 3 men who are married, that's on the verge of divorce. They all married Mrs. Plane Jane... You don't notice her but she has a ring, which her counterpart barely acknowledges himself. They wear their rings depending on the setting. They hate going home, because they don't have a true foundation and friendship behind their relationship. Their wife's just stay home and pop out babies because they have No friends and social network. Like when they married! They don't want them to go out now because, they've wrapped their life around their man. Just like he thought he wanted. LMFAO Be careful what you ask for!

I do what my brother tells me!
"Don't get in a relationship just to be in one"

American Idol cover HEARTLESS!

30 secs into this I was like... Umph he has MY VOTE!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh What a Night!

Its been awhile since we had "Family Talk" with my brother Lou on here. But last night we went IN on it. Luckily, I was fortunate to have to of my besties with me, Sherri an Louie. Me an my girl decided to hit up Friday's for some drinks, cuz were definitely due for some. I told Lou to bring his stank butt before he hit the club. We usually prefer his ass to be on time, so he can be our "Penis Shield" We don't have to deal wit dudes trying to get our numbers, when he's there. But since his ass was LATE, these dudes was ON it! lmao

It was soo Hilarious the things we saw. This big ass SWOLE dude with shades ON in Friday's at NIGHT, with a wife beater on!!! It was Gross! I swear we don't know what you men be thinking sometimes. Then after we swatted the dudes away, Lou was on the scene. Sherrian busted his chops about being late, an being forced to entertain dudes since our blocker wasn't there. Then we got to business with our asshole-ness.
{Jokes w/ Drinks}
Of top.......
Sherri's: "So umm, when you going hurry up an get married to we can party at the wedding?"
This boy Lou aint even had his voldka yet. lls
Lou: "Girl what you talking bout? Ya'll getting married before me!"
{She was previously engaged}
Sherri: "Doubt it, your closer than I am fool....Im single
Lou: Nigga since when? about two weeks lmao....Mannn whateva you STAY in a relationship!
So yea when YOU get married We going Paaarrrrtay! lol
Sherri: Boy your closer than I am....
Lou: Just because you love someone doesn't mean you should get married right away.
Me & Sherri: WTF (Then it begins) That's the dumbest shyt I heard LMFAO
Me: If you don't love someone an shit gets ruff your gonna divorce them
Sherri: Really though?!?! who marry's someone they don't really love? that's like settling
Lou: Love is a learned/trained emotion, you can learn to love someone through time an effort.
Me & Sherri: Uggh! who the hell wants to LEARN to love someone? Some people just CLICK!
Lou: I've seen a lot of ppl marry for Love an then divorce when other things don't fill in
Sherri: Ok but there's a waaaay higher risk of people who just marry people someone because there good on paper...cuz once they fck up, you can just find someone else that can supply what they bring.
Lou: Tru, but I say me personally won't be getting married tomorrow. An its honestly not about being selfish. If I'm gonna do it, I'm a do it RIGHT! Fav! you know me an I have no time to give 100% What's my week schedule???
Me: umm ya work 4 days straight all night to the morn an sleep all day than off for ya two boys nights, an Sun your at church with your fam.
Lou: Exactly an I work 12hr shifts so what girl is putting up with that as a WIFE??? I can't fully give her all that time, so how can I talk marriage. Now without the ring a ring complicates things right now. An I am going out...I need so see my boys an just breathe sometimes.
Me: you just got that work schedule though, who's to say what schedule you'll have next yr...its not permanent.
Cherri: You act like, you can't have a life after marriage. Nucca, you can STILL go out! My dad is out every weekend partying. An I know my man has to have his own life.
Lou: Pssshh outta here!!! YOU...YOU say that but a lot of women don't be like dat, an now I just want to focus on my career. My mom says I'm just like my dad in that aspect. If she loves me she'll want the house before the ring anyway. But when I get married all I can say is "OPEN BAR!" baby you can plan the ceremony just leave the reception to ME! Ha!
Me: It don't matter.... I know you an who has ya heart soo....I guess-ti-mate me an Coco helping you ring shop in about 2 1/2 yrs! *Wink*
All of us laugh......I swear we joke like this every 8 months

We talked about a hell of a lot more that I can't write about....but that was a piece of my night!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brett Favre's a Mess!

Your Chiiiiiiiiillllllllll THEE' WORST!
If you think to come back, an play for your rival team!
He decided to STAY retired! About the smartest thing he's done in a year!

I bought tickets to see this jerk stink it up last Dec. It was soo apparent he wasn't returning the following year. Let's talk about a waste, in putting faith in him! Smh

This image alone is what stored his legacy.....the one he's trying to diminish!

The first half was shot in Boston, so lets hope it was due to Lady Gaga's appearance! All the hipsters was downtown D.C. in front on Ben's! lmao

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Keyshia Cole "TRUST"

This song, describes how I would feel! The things I would want to do for and how I'd treat my man!

Little Blue Box!

There's one thing every girl knows that no one teaches!

An that's..... What is the Little Blue Box!

Just like "Every kiss begins with K", It's NOT Tiffany's & Co. if it's not BLUE! An old ex of mines supposedly, bought me a necklace in a little blue box on my birthday. It would of been a lovely thought, if it wasn't fake! Left a ring around my neck. LMAO But I commend the effort, because I was none the wiser. Except for the fact I can't wear comstume jewlery. It was the perfect replica. FTW Sure enough that it is, I'm surprised now! I received another blue box today, from an admirer. Just sure aside the gift recite, I'm confident that this one is a Lovely Gesture!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abducted........When you scream an noone hears!

Its sad how no one takes nothing to heart until something bad happens to someone they love. They makes jokes about it or change the channel during the news. In any movie I can never watch a rape scene or anything too violent that seems too real. That type of stuff just NEVER seemed cool or interesting to me. Probably because shit really happens to women out here it's NOT cool.

Some women are still being sold by their fathers as little girls to young men. Some women are molested by the men in their family an threatened to hide that lie forever. We have to monitor our drinks at the club, in fear of the date rape drug. All the while you can be raped at anytime, because men are just out right stronger. Sucks to be a woman huh?! A woman stumbled into a fire station recently, beaten an bruised. They tried to help her but they didn't know what was wrong because she couldn't open her mouth. She was raped, beaten and to insure she couldn't talk, he stapled her MOUTH Shut! Like she was a damn piece of paper. Trash to be discarded, after he used her.

Now lets go to my night....last night after work. I get off work but my boss had me doing extra, on this Monday night. I was supposed to be done at 10:10am but did leave work till 10:40pm. On my way to the train station, this dude wit his head down approaches me. There's hardly anyone around cuz it's night time an its raining. He tries to talk to me, an I politely smile an put on my headphones. So he would think...well she can't carry on a conversation cuz she's listening to music. Instead he gets annoyed an stand up, so I back up. He said "Now why would you want to do that?" I just smiled an politely said I was tired from work. At this point I'm alone, an I'm about to panic. He asks me my age an I say 19. I said 19 hoping he'll leave a young girl alone, cuz my 24 yr old ass would of got No sympathy. He says "Your beautiful an I need that in my life." I say "You'll get it eventually." He says "Whats wrong? why can I get it from you?" That's when I whip out my phone an I'm frantically calling people. NO ONE answers! Calling twice back to back...NO ONE!

But I continue to talk an say my where abouts like someone can hear me to him. I then get on my stop, an he follows. Lucky for me I live in H
yattsville! So when I got off, there was 3 cop cars pulling a man over. So he didn't move as I left. But what if they weren't there?

Oh, an Happy Fucking Cinco De Mayo!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Say it aint Soo NAS!....

I guess that's why his album is called NIGGER!
Cuz if he cheated, the name will surely suit him......Smh!

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Nas and Kelis was getting a DIVORCE!!!! Where they do that at? I loved this couple because they were REAL...or so they seemed. No cookie cutter wackness, just ride or die All Day. One person didn't make the other, they just complimented one another. Two A-type personalities at their best, you can say. But when I heard that he could of possibly cheated, I was in appalled.

"Is it Oochie Wallie or is it one Mic"

He always spoke on being the example, an how women should be treated as queens. Yet like the rest I guess it was just words scribbled in a note pad an nothing more. I had more faith in him....damn! Oh p.s Kelis is 7 months pregnant to boot!!! MM HH

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Swineflu is on TWITTER!

(Its been proven that you can not catch this from PORK!)

It's OFFICIAL!!! @the_swine_flu is NOW on Twitter, talking shit to the WORLD! lmao His tag line is "Bird flu ain't got shit on me" he's not lying.

S.F talking to Diddy:

S.F talking trash to the Birdflu:
@The_Bird_Flu The only thing you did was help prepare the world for a fucking REAL virus. Bitch. Please. #swineflu

B.F talking trash to the Swineflu:
@the_swine_flu Your 15 minutes are almost up, asshole. #swineflu

Last thing I saw him say was....
"In Hong Kong. Just checked out the Giant Buddha, where I spent some time meditating on suffering." #swineflu #h1n1 #Buddhism

Utterly Hilarious!

But in all seriousness, did this epidemic have to occur in order for people to cover their mouth when they coughed or wash their hands???