Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not & The Best Love

I was up late last night, an things flowed to me as I tweeted. Here's a poem an some words in case you missed it...

Not any voice matters..
not every thought provokes..
not every foul is malice..
not every thought is spoke..

Not every heart is broken..
not every person loves..
not every heart is open..
not every love's a drug..

Not every person matters..
not every person cares..
not every person's loyal..
"Not Every's" why it's rare

The distance gone is measured..
the facts get blurred w/ lies..
the hope for things yet ventured..
is the reason why we try..

"The Best Love.."

The best love is made of..
lip gloss an shape-ups..
panties an fitted's..
pumps an the sixes..

The best love is made of..
scarfs an no make-up..
ignoring texts to lay up..
kisses when you wake up

...To be continued

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Idol Mind

An idol mind can ruin hearts
silence joy an implode sparks
Take away all that you know
Impose it's thoughts and doubt your growth

Come so far to go back now
Idol thoughts have no know how
No distinction for the better
crumble pride with any measure

stumbles past dear logic's door
few reasons they don't talk no more
One lives on thoughts of wrong and right
thee' other betrays the heart and sight

Either way you measure up
an idol mind is far from luck
it's far from hope
it's far from love
an idol mind's an evil drug...


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Save Her! Don't Inherit her behavior

I love good friends! You can learn from them, and grow with them. Just don't let them ruin you. Some people go through things, so you don't have too. But that doesn't necessarily mean you'll HAVE to. We're so on edge for what could happen, that we don't give way for what would happen. We tend to hold our loved ones so close that we too, tend to carry their burdens. They say, God won't give you more than you can handle. That doesn't mean, aid ALL your friends in shambles.

So many women have friends in tough situations that, they too are on defense. Every situation is as different as the parties in it. I can say to myself.. "I can learn! Be a realist, an not let naivety consume me". Cause lets be honest. Ain't nothing worse, than a dumb bish who swears it won't happen to "her". While it's literally panning out to be. *cues LAUGH* Though as hard as we try, we can't shield our lives from bitterness.

"Oh, Well! Tell her fall back. Caught up in some moe sh*t, tell her call back. Tell her get a man that ain't cheating on her ass, with a girl that I know.
Yea! Tell her all that.." -Drake

Just because you may know some shady people, doesn't mean you'll inherit their shady lives. I miss the days when I was green. Filled with fairytale dreams. Why even build walls that shouldn't exist? Especially, when you didn't go through it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Frenemies.. how many us have them?

Know the difference ..let it process!

Friend -a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard

Associate -
buddy, pal, acquaintance, partner, chum, comrade

Enemy -
who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another

-a fraudulent, asinine, companionship, of fuckery and mistrust

Now-a-days, fraud is the new cool. Individuality, is shunned. Loyalty, is mocked and patronized.
All for the mere sake of entertainment. People don't have shit else to do. At first, I called it life. People fall out of sorts, all the time. Things happen. I know. But when did we start fck'n with people, for the hell of it? We exchange, jabs for hugs. Is it the need to be validated by others, that we keep some people around? If you clown her on a daily.. why even chime in to say "Hello"? Why entertain a bitch you don't like? Are you bored?

The excuses aren't even remotely rational. "Well.. she's sweet but" .. "they're cool but " ...BUT WHAT? Other than, you can't stand them! Subtweets and secret jokes are all subliminal. For the most part at least. Some stuff, is just out right and flagrant and disrespectful. Until it's done to you, of course. An then again we say .."well aren't they friends?" Your social circumference can't possibly be that jaded. Cause if I don't like you ..WE ARE NOT TALKING! It's not even an issue. It's just that simple. Stop leaching onto popularity's tit . She's a deceitful whore!

I just don't get people, who talk about the ones they hang with. In turn, I always feel bad for that other person. Just find a ledge and be committed.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ellis Official Mixtape

Baltimore's own
self titled Debut Mixtape

Kanye West (COMICS) Tweets Fall

Brought to you via New Yorker Magazine

As you all know, @Kanyewest is new to twitter..

These are his predicted tweets...

I Got WINNERS Mixtape

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This could quite possibly, be DMV's first lady..


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ambitious Girl -Wale

Today @Wale leaked his latest single via twitter:

Ambitious Girl

"Ambitious girl see I like the person u are, but I'm in love with the person you have potential to be" - @wale

(Free Download)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Skeletons Should Be Kept!

Now there's nothing wrong with knowing everything there is to know about your mate.
But is there such a thing as...

Favorite colors, snacks, songs, and family members are fine, but where do we draw the line? Is it better to meet someone AFTER they mentally mature or BEFORE?!?!! So many people say before, but so many people are idiots as well. So many people can't create nor partake, in an actual adult relationship to save their lives. An it's not like there's a bunch of examples running around, to coach us through. We know what Jump offs, Cuddy buddies, Flings, Baby Mamas and Rebounds are. But not Happy, HEALTHY, LOVING Relationships with Longevity are. Every one's an option, because every one's temporary.

I know men adore women who stand beside them through their trials and growth. But given how inconsiderate, manipulative and deceitful most men are in their youth...

would you have stood by

Enduring, can empower as well as, destruct the very core in which you're built upon. The dating scene can get Messy. Engaging with multiple parties at a time is problematic. Especially, when sex is involved! Social networks are a ticking time bomb as well. Everyone says you must forgive and forget, but it's not realistic. Your heart may forgive, but your mind remembers. An you say.. "This is me! I'm the same me, that I was a year ago. I loved with all my heart then, as I do now. This is the same lips, eyes and soul that they saw then. So what makes them want to change for me now?" If desiring others, is a drug. Whose to say, they can stay clean. Everyone has withdrawals.

Sometimes it can lead a person to feel like "I love you but I wish I never saw that side of you ..I hurt just knowing that side exists". That side lingers around my thoughts, and I doubt it'll ever leave. Wherein starting fresh can leave you showcasing, your ideal you. Bidding farewell to all the roads less traveled. Everyone says it's ones choice. Of course, at any moment you could leave. But love doesn't quit. It's about accepting the past, an being grateful that they've lasted. Cuz everyone, ain't worth fighting for.

If you love someone... it should be in-spite of their faults! It's because you see something in them. Maybe much more than they see in themselves... Maybe it's passion! Maybe it's hope! Maybe it's just the tingly feeling, that you grab onto, refusing to let go. Whatever it is.. it's OK! Some of the best things, aren't easily handed to us, but it's worth the struggle.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friendship & Love! Do you Compromise?

Ok soooo ..its been awhile. I know... I know... Lls An now, I have so much to discuss. But, that's all in due time. So on this lovely Sunday morning, I'll be light and hit the FRIENDSHIP button.
"How many of us have them?

Some bonds formulated, just can't be broken. They should be cherished, because they're chosen. Your given a family. You select your friends! Regardless of loss or success, your friends ride the waves of your stress. They love and accept you, good and bad. But in order to attain such companionship, you must carry the qualities it entails. You can't be out here, shady as shit and expect companionship. Trust takes forever to earn, an instant to lose.

People get in relationships, and disconnect from the world. Love should never make you choose. If a person don't respect your friends, they don't respect you. An there will ALWAYS be a problem because of it. The person you love, should never have spiteful ways. You did exist before them ....right? So why dismantle, the very foundations you've made?

Well over 13yrs, me and my bestfriend has had a couple of sayings...

"Two Bitches, are better than One!"

"She was here Before, she is here Through and if need be, After YOU!"

Even when your wrong, a "GOOD" friend steers you right. Anyone can just be there, but a good friend is honest and holds no punches. A friend doesn't have to like your mate, but they'll respect them. They'll be happy for your happiness. Just don't compromise your character, for the things your going after. Because if one collapse... who will give a damn?

At the end of the day, friends and lovers combine through time. With family and kids, your haves are now his. There should be no eye balling during the holidays, or functions. An if there is, than somethings wrong. An you've lost your fight, before it could ever be won. Love is about compromise. That doesn't mean for your ass, to be out every night with your drunk friends. Or just waving with a glance at his/her friends as a form of acknowledgment.

I just see so many situations that will never get better, because compromise is just a word people use with no filler.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inside the Dj Booth w/ QUICKSILVA

Got FEVER?!?!

Inside the DJ Booth | Quicksilva | Part 1 from elitedc on Vimeo.

I'm feeling this interview, as a friend and person w/ respect for the craft. He's doing his thing right now DMV ...Pay Attention! This is the first, of many more to come...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Christina Aguilera -Impossible

I use to love this song! Still do, but I felt like I was the only one. Not to many people had Christina Aguilera's album. Yet as you may know, Alicia Keys produced this song.

Friday, June 11, 2010

CHEAP Black Women is a Sad Epidemic!

I've done a survey among servers in the DMV. The one thing that is consistent is, the well earned stereotype of Black Women.

CHEAP, Needy and RUDE!!!

I don't care if it's offensive, because it's TRUE! I've seen it, over and over. Been somewhat, mortified at times. It's gross to see how some women act, and wonder why people stereotype them. I wouldn't want to serve your ignorant cheap ass either. It shows, how much you lack. It's sad! At a certain age, ones expected to conduct themselves in a certain manner that ceases to exists nowadays.

If you have NO money, why dine out? Why go to someones job, get smart with them, run them around and not pay them? A restaurant is NOT YOUR HOUSE! You can sit where you want. You can have and drink what you like, at your house. If you have to ask "How much is soda?" ..go to Popeye's. If you have to get separate checks w/ your friends, ALL the time. Invest in new ones. How do you not know what you ordered? Is the tax too expensive? All these acts are annoying and tacky! It's embarrassing! WHY? An it's Usually Black Women 17-35yrs of age.

A restaurant is NOT a comedy show. Why are you laughing SO loud? Borderline screaming. It's all about you huh? No one else can eat or talk, and actually enjoy their conversation. An by all means, I'm not advising people to eat in silence. But.. I've heard bytches SQUEAL! Literally groups of girls, scream in laughter. That made EVERYONE, in the restaurant, be like WTF? ...Really?!?!

An I don't know what it is about women and other women, but STOP! Why do you instantly have an attitude with women servers, more so than men? Is there a chromosome, that makes you nicer to dick? I know multiple servers at restaurants, that request men customers because of this. Every five seconds you NEED something else. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY TABLE THAT SERVER HAS!!! An the more your indecisive, the more issues they'll be. You should Never leave less than $5 at any restaurant for ANY tip! If you've spent $100 dollars on food, why are you tipping $6. Have you never been out to eat, without a man paying your way or something? It's baffling!

Or the women who nit pick at EVERY single, little thing and ask for a manager. I cringe, when I see that happen. Obnoxious!

Fight Night: Nicki vs. Kim

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

She don't Love you, She Love the Perception

Nowadays, love is just a concept of emotions manufactured by Hallmark! People don't know what the hell they're doing. An sadly enough, women settle. I have seen soo many unhappy women "make it work" just to get by. The men they want, are probably promiscuous, stubborn, emotionless bachelors. So they give up, and move on. Settle down with man, who provides the yellow brick road.

But at what cost. You've latched onto the rebound. They've made you their world. Your the best thing they've ever had, yet your still sad. You didn't want them. You wanted more, but the money throws a fog in your face. You can't see through the haze, until it's too late. An that's why so many women, are cheating with no discretion. He buys you anything you want, an makes sure your his world. Yet in your head, your that other mans girl.

You should never use someones heart, as a comfort zone. Being scared of love, is the fastest way to hurt everyone else while "Protecting" yourself. You end up treating everyone, the way you couldn't fathom being treated. An the older you get, the messier it becomes. Needing a compassionate companion, and or "Friend" is one thing. But enlisting in a half hearted relationship is another. Just because he's SAFE! So you mentally, if not physically cheat, with the one who gives you chills.

The only women who disgust me more, are the ones who solely do it for money. They have a good man who goes above and beyond, but ehhh... it's not enough. They always want that other dude, who oozes that perception of Money, Status and ohhh MONEY! It'll be the quietest, well dressed, proper woman, sending messages for him to come through. Hoping there's a connection, that would give her room to leave her situation. I don't respect those women. Your just a well dressed trick.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Caliber of Man are You?

Are you a Gentlemen or a Jerk?!

Everyday, I see and meet men of a different kind. An I silently grade them. We ALL do it! Your manners, etiquette and language all play a part. Your age puts you in a certain bracket. How each individual excels, solely depends on self growth.

For instance, how one may engage while dinning out. Openly discussing money is tacky. You either have it or you don't. There should be no surprises once the meals have been eaten. Over the table exchange of money is crass. Loud, abrasive, arrogant demeanor's are a sign of insecurity and immaturity. Why are you rude to the waiter? <-Unnecessary! Borderline unacceptable. A man with poor dinning etiquette, shows me he's not accustomed to fine dinning. What I consider fast food.. he considers top notch.

A man's stride, speaks volumes. If he makes sure he's always between you an the road, (while walking) he's a gentleman. Little acts of chivalry, his mother has embed. Along with holding the door an so forth. Never, rudely off setting one another. A man should never walk AHEAD of a women. We're Together! Where are you going? Gentlemen, walk beside their counterparts! There's no pets or children to drag along here. We're adults!

Tones mean everything. Don't base your voice at me. Did my father join this discussion in place of you? In what instance, do you feel barking at a woman will get you respected. You can get your message across in any calm tone. Especially while we're out. Only children throw tantrums. You KNOW better! If you feel the need to belittle, manipulate, degrade any woman to be heard... you need to be ALONE! Go seek guidance within yourself, before you seek anything in another.

But it's also fair to say that, men act accordingly in some cases. How can a man treat you like a woman, when you don't know what is required of a man. You allow men to treat you like anything. Displacing your self worth, instills a standard. Spoken or not.

There are another set of standards that apply in relationships... but I'll leave that for tomorrow!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

..::Get Right for 2010::..
DJ Alizay Workout Mix

Monday, April 26, 2010

Born Free

.::WARNING::. Materials slightly graphic

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Thin Line Between Ungrateful

Is your mate ungrateful,
Are you just not what you use to be?

Nowadays, more so to say the least that seems to be the problem. The issues vary. Though they walk a fine line. But how can you tell? Most often, the ones in the relationship fail to tell one another. How is your situation going to get better, if you lack communication. Copping an attitude doesn't tell someone they're unappreciative. It just tells them your moody and temperamental.

Most women don't have an issue with demanding how they should be treated. Men on the other hand... its hard to call. A man will tell you his limits, and let you find your way. They don't whine! If they're unhappy, they'll act out. Sometimes the biggest resolution is compromise. Yes, you want this, but he can't provide it at the moment. My initial thought is, get yourself. But if your that spoiled, it's not even an option. How about you build him up an do something for him. Instead of making him feel any lesser of a man. If they love you and try their best to keep you happy, you should be happy.

Material possessions, should never way soo heavy on your joy. Both parties need to learn to be consistent. Still chase her and make her feel desired. Ladies, don't get beside yourself. If you was this bitchie and self absorbed when he met you, you'd probably be single now. So many women complain about what men don't do. But could you be him for a month. Work hard, buy him $800 sneakers, go out weekly an front the tab Every time and pay all the bills. Then with what little money left, you can then take care of you. Think about it. But, they do it because they love you and choose to.

Lastly, I was told that love is a constant evolving growing force. It's continuously shifting and expanding with time. So bottom line..... Never get comfortable.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

V V Brown

English recording artist

V V Brown
is my new melodic love....

Latest single: Shark In The Water

Friday, April 16, 2010

What's in your Trick Bag!

What's too much too fast?
Do you know when to show your sexual wild cards?

A lot of women are revved up to please the new boo, and show him all what she can do. Food and sex are often the things they try to master. Cook the best meals while supplying the best sex. The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While the best way to keep him attached to your heart is, through his little head. Blame the media, blame the standards, and blame whomever. But there is a "TURN-OFF" button. I myself thought that giving your all sexually, was a good thing. Yet it's been brought to my attention that most women do it in a sloppy manner. There is a sexual tempo that most dudes abide by.

If your just an after hours smut, than by all means carry on. This doesn't apply to you! But after conversing with a handful of gentlemen last night. It's been brought to my attention that women aren't selective as they should be. In regards to, their trick bag. Men love and seek to enjoy sex to the fullest... BUT!!!! Take your time, before you scare them away. Sometimes they may want to feel as if it maybe y'all "FIRST" time trying such position. If you go on a first date and cap if off by swallowing the park...! Trust and believe your gonna get a blank stare. You don't know him. Lets be honest. So the question arises, "Does she do this with everyone?" If so, then she's just about to be at the top of my sex call list. I'm not taking her and her day-care of a mouth serious.

The same thing applies for back door access. If your just shoving it in without the "TALK" like it's standard?!?! You may get your feelings hurt. That's not the ABC's of sex. More like the X,Y area. Be selective and learn your tempo.


Possibly the DMV's Summer's Anthem?!?!
New Single by Quick called "Hands Up" ::DOWNLOAD::

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To BE or Not to BE the Bigger Person?

I don't know why this just came to my mind, but I found myself laughing in bed. Everyone says you have to be the bigger person, but why? Let's be honest. Some actions aren't warranted forgiveness. It's not that I hate you. I just don't care about you enough to appease your state of mind. There's a reason, to why I love the comedic genius Larry David. He's a realist! Some people are moronic assholes, who get-over daily. They aren't genuine, sincere or even goodhearted. Yet, they seek appraisal, love and compassion. The very things they lack.

I'm a God fearing person, an we all know about forgiveness... BUT! Don't get your feelings hurt. Some people's hearts need to be handled with mittens, while others need to be dropped. If you've wrong someone, and genuinely regret it just apologize. You know what you did. You know why they're mad. Cut the confusion. Some people don't give a damn about you or your feelings when they're consumed in themselves. ME, MY, I! You were irrelevant at that point in time. Then as their actions backfire an go south, they seek refuge and redemption. An it's not politically correct to hold a grudge, but you want to say F-U!

Like men who don't like each other and proceed to shake hands and back-stab one another. Is it the male need for popularity, or the need of being accepted? I rather be a Bitch and a Woman then! For the mere fact.. if I don't care for YOU... we are not speaking! I don't care if your next to me. I can't stand fraudulent facades. We have one life. An realizing the absence of others in "YOURS" ..will make it better! It will leave you happier and less stressed. Ones happiness, should never be compromised. Because sadly enough, most people wouldn't feel sorry if their intent wasn't exposed. Some people can have a bad moment, when they get out of character. But recalling bad judgment over and over? Reflects you just have "BAD" character. It is what it is.

You should forgive some people, but not everyone. You don't need to be buddies. It's not wishing any illness or ill intent, but being true to you. That person is not important enough to stress over or acknowledge. People always equate ignoring with being upset. When in all actuality, you just don't care. They're just that insignificant to you, and it's ok. We're adults! So accountable, is what you'll be held.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wale Pretty Girls Remix

Pretty Girls Remix ft. Chris Brown & Fabulous ::DOWNLOAD::

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tight Rope

Ova Der Hedz

Obama the Rapist

RACIST MUCH? or is it just an illusion...?

The original POST of course, went into further details. Along with the controversial comments that followed suit.

Click post to be redirected to original article!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Capital City Cipher

Shout outs to Mo Betta posting up in the opening an Billy Bang shutting it down!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't rely on your Man as your source of FUN!

Along with dating, there's the everyday problems. Some are battles that are chosen. Others are battles that determine your mindset. The best partners, are the ones that are best friends. Great communication, appreciation and consideration for another. But...

Who's the epic center of your FUN?

It happens to the best of us, especially women time after time. You have a life and set of friends out of that man. Yet it's as if they didn't exists, while with him. Women start blowing off girl time for "BOO-Time" daily. That isolation, forces them to combine their friends an their man into one. All the things she did with her girlfriends, are now shoved into "Boo-Time". Don't DEMAND his time, to do everything YOU want to do! It's not fair ladies.

An for the Bossy Men... It's a controlling mans, wet dream! They'll nurture that 100%. "Baby, that girlfriend of yours goes out too much... Why do you wanna go there? No... I got something better.... etc." To the point everything you do needs to be approved.

But once you've entered a relationship so co-dependent, it's hard to rebuild. Everything "New" must be done by the two of you. Women who give up their friends, make their men the top source of their fun. An that's no fun! He wouldn't like it if she took someone else.Yet he fights every suggestion of the things she's trying to do. Break and compromise. Everything never starts out that way. Something triggered it in motion. Both parties are to blame.

Women will tend to feel left out and lonely. When their man has consumed himself with overlapping priorities. When someone makes you their best friend, it usually requires your best foot. Yet people somehow, end up making their partners feel like their hobby. I'll squeeze "US" in, when I can. A woman's mindset is to preserve. I value him, so let me focus on him. Why go to the club all the time an have men in my face for three hrs? When I can be with him, watch a movie an have sex in those three hrs.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Space In Time

A peaceful state of mind
The things I fairly know
Chapters at this moment
Will be written as they go

By the seams
Co-stars aligning
I"ll decipher what it means


It is not that I don't care
but I know God has a purpose
to why he placed you here.

Nothings ever perfect,
at least the things worth it...
aren't fairly soo.

It is hard to doubt
What you heart truly knows
Fear is deception
Masked with confidence
When it grows...

I leave this space in time
For our souls to merely grow..
When the day comes in time to speak on it
I'll say..
"Babe I Told You So"

I Had A Dream About You

I had a dream about you that consumed my whole night
Contorted my views
Of what I found to be right

You were happy
Even, elated
By the mere glimpse of me

In your arms
I sought comfort
How could this be

Lost in my eyes
As you gazed in my face
Hard to rewind
Dreams are never erased

Pulled me in close
Layed me down

There was this intensity
Without even a sound

I felt kisses
And over my face
Like melted petals
With a gum drop taste

It was soo overwhelming
I got lost in the flow
But what makes me nervous
Is the rest that I know

The rest that I know
The rest that I feel
No need to reenact
Some dreams aren't meant to be real

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tiwtter/BBM Etiquette 101

Everyone seems to know the Rules of "Facebook" but what about Twitter and BBM? People get lost in themselves and do the most annoying things. So let's address them!

#1. STOP CHANGING YOUR NAME.. to random dumb people and things! I should never stare at my phone, like who the hell is this. Over and Over Again... WTF!

#2. STOP MASS TEXT/BROADCASTING GOD... isn't that in vain or something? It has to be for that random nonsense you stamp him with. People just throw his name around for ANYTHING these days. STOP!!!

#3. EMO CRAZED AND IN DENIAL? Men try to come off calm and collect but are a total Mess! Just OWN IT and get it over with. Crying about women and fake friends... its ok to be human. *Extending a HUG*

#4. Your MAIN PIC NEEDS TO BE YOU! can you say *Swindle Alert* Don't be mad when people are disappointed by you. Cause lets be honest, your disappointed with yourself. Can we see your freaking FACE?!?! ...really...Really ...REALLY!

#5. YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET! Don't be mad at about what people know about you when you WROTE it. If your a dude that don't want to be perceived as hoe, stop talking about your conquest.

#6. NO FORCE FOLLOWS! People will follow who they want. STOP harassing me to follow you. It's JUST Twitter! Friendships in REAL LIFE are what matters... right?!?! Smh Don't get beside yourself on the Internet.

#7. BANDWAGON DREAMS AREN'T WHAT THEY SEEM! Just because "it" or "they" seem cool doesn't mean it or they are. Do you live to fit in and be down w/ trends? Have your own views! They aren't frowned upon.

#8. WHEN YOU TRY HARD.. YOU DIE HARD! We see you Captain EXTRA! Chill the hell out... your presence is Annoying!

#9. KNOW WHEN TO END YOUR BBM CONVO! Everything doesn't Need a response! Get over it... If you saw that they read it, trust that they KNOW!!!!! Geeeeeeeze!

#10. BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP ON THE NET! That's if you hope to maintain it in REAL Life! Is flirting and sending secret messages to randoms on the net, worth losing or hurting the love in your life?

#11. EVERYONE HAS A BAD DAY! But if everyday is the worst day of your life... Get the fck OFF the net and go see a psychiatrist! No one wants to see that sh#t, EVERY DAMN DAY!

#12. IF YOU CAN'T SAY IT IN PERSON, DON'T SAY IT ONLINE! Some dudes have soo much courage and swag on the net, but are mouses in Life. Ladies act gangsta, but take it back ON Site. Cease with the facades please, before you get that ass in deep!

#13. @ PEOPLE DIRECTLY!!!!! Why the fck do I see your whole conversation through the last four tweets??? Do you not know how to use twitter, w/o pissing me off w/ your b.s?