Thursday, January 28, 2010

When it comes to Sex you strive for Second Best

It seems like Boyfriend #2 was a hot topic. Primarily being, that so many can relate. Whether you were/are that boy or girl on the side, or the gluttonous partner. I understand, most people do what they can. How can you cheat, if you have no prospects? But who willingly signs up to play second string? I just think of Mad TVs "Lowered Expectations" jingle, every time. You signed up to be a loser.

If you just want sex... Get what you want, an proceed to move on. What is this "EMOTION" nonsense? Feelings!!! Why? What is the purpose? What is your purpose? I use the term loser, because there is no prize for second. No one cares, but YOU!

"If Your Not First Your Last" -Ricky Bobby's Dad

Their heart already belongs to another. Your more or less the scavenger, patrolling for leftovers. Hoping for a fresh cadaver. My heart goes out to the ones that refuse to let that register. Nooo, you can't meet the homies. Nooo, you can't meet the folks. Nooo, there will be no photos of "US" cuz "US" doesn't exist. It just is what it is. You maybe cool, but I'm still undergoing me, before I can process you.

An what happens quite often, sadly, is that #2 is dismissed either way of it. The obvious being, their choice has reconciled with his/her's partner. Or after all is said and done, realizing that #2 was just enough for the moment. A lot of people you normally wouldn't entertain, seems charming when your not happy. Anything, starts looking better then your situation. Then once you've gone an regrouped. You realize, #2 wasn't more th
en a mere security blanket. An just as a child, you out grow them.

95 LIive by Ellis (New Music Video) Shot in B-More

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boyfriend #2 Always gets Screwed

My friend Raphael is overseas with a gripe. He asked me to discuss a topic, he couldn't understand. So for this, I need clearance ladies.

If your man has you crying a lot, forcing you to seek refuge in another. Why not leave him? Why do women stay with the man that hurts them, instead of upgrading. When you have suitors at your disposals, who are willing to go above an beyond... why dismiss them?

Do good women settle for misery instead of
embracing good company?

Women will nag, cry and complain about a man daily. All the while, loving him up. Love is a god given drug. The worst of its lows, is still higher then being alone to some. An even if you have an option to pursue greener pastures, most are content. Stagnant, in a self inflicting sentence, with no hopes of parole. Maybe it's the fact, some women see more potential in their partner than is logical at times. They think it's a phase, and prays that he mature. Hoping that's there's MORE, to what they signed up for.

Boyfriend #2 is just what we call a ringer. They're merely for entertainment, and self indulging purposes. Like a five hour energy boost. They give you life an joy for an instant, before you crash on your reality's of life. You don't want a change. You just want "HIM" to change, an provide that boost you seek elsewhere. Men do it to, and often. You know damn well he's not leaving his wife. It really wasn't an option. You was just entertaining the notion an possibilities, of what could be. A lot of women don't what a new model. Just an upgrade of their product.

Monday, January 25, 2010

If being MEAN turns you On. {{POOF}} Be Gone!

Why the Hell do men think being Ignorant an Crude is Cute???

Does it all trace back to trade school? The boys who tripped me up an pulled my hair. To then only, turn around and give me ice cream money. I just don't get it. Back then it was fair to say, boys will be boys. What's a Man's excuse? I know that everyone has their day, and some women are Bitches! Understandingly so. But why do men carry on about as females at times? I can take a joke an walk it off, like the best of them. But there's a fine line between Joke & JERK! One makes me laugh, while the other...? No applause. I was never turned on by disrespect. Being mean is NOT a form of intrigue.

I know some women are too sensitive but screw that, it's getting ridiculous. I developed thick skin through yrs, understanding it's ok to laugh at ones self. My brothers aided me with that. Hearing "MAN UP" time after time, will eventually do that to you. An I can admit. When I don't like someone, it's EASY to be "Thee' Bitch". I'm talking total definition here. Although, if I considered you a friend and or at least; cared for you in some way, it's something I cannot do. Simply, one of things that's not in my character. For the mere fact, once I extend myself to someone, they hold a part of me to some extent.

Yet I marvel, by how some men can be so petty and calculated. An over the slightest, trivial things at lengths upon lengths at a time. Men talk about bitter women. But how can you handle a "Bitter" man? Is it fair to say, call it a loss a run the other way? No! I hope that I'm capable of evolving in any relationship. Just because I don't date you, doesn't mean you should make me hate you. Partners come and go but friendship withstand time. An if you know within yourself that my joy with another is unbearable to you. Then extract yourself. Don't become snide, curt and abrasive at all times therein after. No one should ever be constantly walking on egg shells, dissecting each comment. I wish well to all those I come in contact with in-spite of, if our roads do split. I end this to say no friendship should ever burden, offend, or be consumed by ill intent. I don't ever want to regret a friendship. Keep in mind, it is you that show me who YOU are so don't be mad by what I see.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mudslides in California... WTF?

A lot of people are holding the Apocalypse accountable, for all this turmoil. This morning I woke up to see a man kayaking down the streets of south side California. THE STREET! Are these the effects of global warming or what. My second oldest brother stays in L.A, an I just spoke to him two days ago. Now no contact is an understatement.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Google MLK Remembrance Logo

Every holiday, season change, the makers if Google delights in the spirit. Assembling new Google logo's to commemorate the day. Being that today's currently Martin Luther King J.r Day, they couldn't of made one more fitting. You can't obtain the future you seek, without taking the steps of progress.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Call From Haiti

As you know, the last three days been some what worrisome. As some of y'all may know I'm Haitian, and the bulk of my family still remains in Haiti. My mother's side is from Jeremie, while my father's half hail from Cap-Haitien. Being that my grandma (on my mother's side alone) birthed 12 children, you can only imagine the size of my family. Not being able to watch the news, in fear of crying, was trying situation. Being unable to reach anyone was ultimately scary, to say the least. Yet a change came this morning. My mom received a call from my uncle Mario, stating there where abouts and current health. How everyone is Port-Au-Prince, is being advised not to enter their homes. Due to safety conditions, and forced to live in tents along side.

The reason this is soo tragic, is because they weren't prepared. There are no Earthquakes in the Caribbean. Haiti's last Earthquake was 200 yrs ago. Our houses are made of concrete, not bricks, plaster or wood. They're built, Hurricane ready. Rain, flood and strong winds are our thing. So when a three story hospital, made of concrete collapse... understand the magnitude. That isn't something firefighters can just run up in, or someone you can bulldoze. Then add that to the structure on every home. If you have a concrete house that cracks in half, how do you repair that? This isn't ABC's Extreme Makeover! So I'll continue to keep them in my prayers.

For some upcoming info on where you can contribute and donate
Click: DMV Events
DMV Haiti Relief Concert at the 930 Club: Tickets

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Honest Keith Olbermann

Soo... let me get this straight. Americans can steal a country and commit genocide against its natives, yet condemn another country for refusing slavery? I've never been so disgusted by a persons life and being as a whole. To know that those two men are the voice of others in this day in age, is imaginable. The epitome of ignorance and hate. The very reason why, so many countries loathe the United States. Pompous, racist, hypocritical White Americans!

Disaster in Haiti

One of the largest earthquake's to hit Haiti in more than 200 years. Tore through my Caribbean land Tuesday, collapsing a hospital and heavily damaging other buildings. U.S. officials reported bodies lying in the streets.

The earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 and was centered about 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince at a depth of 5 miles.

With phones down, I couldn't get in contact with my family today like most people. My prayers are out to anyone enduring the unsureness of family loss like me. Wycelf Jean is at the forefront, aiding to get the word out as best as he can. His Help Haiti Campaign is Earthquake Relief Donate $5 by texting YELE to 501 501

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black Girl Chile Please

Angry Black Woman
Black girl, why you soo LOUD?!?!

There's a lot of black women who don't know their boundaries. It is alright to be educated, strong willed, and successful by all means. But don't get it twisted, PLEASE check yourself! Some black women, are so aggressive in everything they do. That their whole demeanor, comes off hostile. An this isn't something new. That very issue, is why a lot of women are single. In turn, pushing black men to date outside their race. Not that there's anything wrong it. To each, is own.

But speaking on the behalf of men, from what I've seen. Some, if not a lot of you sisters, are flat out bold beyond belief and disrespectful. Many people are mad at Chris Brown, with good reason. Yet, some women walk that line constantly. Just because, you know its wrong for a man to hit you. Doesn't mean you should test him, until he do. What is wrong with you? You wouldn't dare run off at the mouth to another woman like that. So where did that heart come from? Please stop taking advantage. Because, if a grown man barked and demeaned you. The way I see most women come off, he would be the utter worst. It shouldn't take you almost getting "Mollywhooped" to know your position. Other cultures don't talk to their men that way. If they do, its in the confines of their home. Not the mall ,or over a friends house. It's a lack or respect, and I don't know where the disconnect came from. There's a time and place for everything.

An it's far worse, when I see a woman come off to a man she don't even know, that way. It's like what gives you the gull? the audacity? Why are you so mad? It could be a simple function, where a man is speaking on something and a women interjects. Say your piece but be respectful, and move on. Some women badger, loud and over-talk a man to be heard. There's not need for that. If your point has a purpose, it will be heard. I don't care if your sitting next to my man, an he says the sky is red. You can tell him its blue. But, it's not your place to yell and scream till he understands. Or we will have an issue! Don't reprimand my man. Cause, then I'm going to really piss you off. I'll say the sky is red bitch. Thee End! An trust, you and I will not match wits! I'll inform him on any matters he isn't willing to understand... ok? lmao

Some women don't know what battles to fight or how to talk. Everything isn't a yelling contest. An if you don't know that man, why are you so quick to disrespect him. You shouldn't do what you preach isn't right.

Monday, January 11, 2010

George Lopez Steals Conan O'Brien's Funny

In the months leading up to 2K9, Conan had this on going joke that randomly pop up throughout some episodes. Detailing the future and how it changes "In The Year 2000"

I hate comedians that aren't ORIGINAL! An if you've seen George Lopez's show, Conan O'brien is the bud of many jokes!

Creepy Little White Girl

George Lopez | MySpace Video

Marc Clark

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you...


I love when I see people I've known, become what they've envisioned. I remember laughing with a young Marc at Morgan State University (MSU) fashion show practice. Now his life's a fashion show. Leaving Maryland to pursue fashion in N.Y. His drive is unmatched! Already making a name for himself at 23, he's sure to wow the industry. Twitter MARC!

Silver Leopard Brooch
Sporting the Leopard Print
White Leopard Print Brooch
Green Bow Tie Brooch
Brown Snake Skin Brooch

Bronze Bow Tie Black Stones

Choosy Lover!

I can be all that and more ...for?

One thing I admire from most men, is the willingness "Not" to give their entire self to any and everyone. A lot of women complain and complain about how they're drained, from this and that man. Does every man deserve the best of you? You deserve what you get, if you say yes. Going into any situation, you kind of have a sense of what you expect.

If your having fun then, you should go in with a lighthearted mentality. There should be no impromptu marriage speeches. I know your clocks ticking, but so are his nerves by this point. You need to back up and off. The need for structure and babies is a personal problem, your now extending outside its reach. Progression takes "TIME" and "Communication" not demanding stipulations. If your not all ready in a serious relationship pushing for the same goals, don't get beside yourself. Because most likely one party will be confused while another hurt.

Your whole objective from the start should be getting to know someone. Then, on what levels you plan to go with that person. It seems easy for men to decipher their friends, kid sisters, f*ck buddies, wifey etc. Soo why is it that, so many women bare their soul to every man they like. Every guy can't be the one. An it shouldn't take a Dr. visit saying you have Chlamydia, being the first sign. If a man values you, he will let you know. They don't play with their feelings. Unlike most women they take their time, before they extend themselves. They understand, it's a lot at steak. Letting someone into your world, life and heart is a tumultuous process.

I'm so loving, open, honest and giving with that one I love. That its so easy to shut it off, in all facets not pertaining to him. I'll go that extra mile.. for Him! I'll bear that extra burden.. for Him! The light of joy will lift up my heart.. FOR HIM! Not them!!! You have to understand that everyone else is JUST anyone else. Everyone doesn't deserve the same treatment. An when that processes, you won't be off crying every year due to someone else. Choose wisely!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

DMV Produces Ungrateful Men

When will people learn today's actions affect tomorrows decisions?

I still don't know why men are so archaic and trivial with their process of thinking. It's baffling in 2010. What separates us from animals is the ability to think an process thoughts. So why are we still ass backwards in life? I don't know. When a grown man is incapable of controlling their sexual desire, its beyond unsettling and disheartening but some what pathetic. Women are hit on countless times, day after day. Offered gifts and luxuries beyond our dreams, though yet we decline.

I've never seen such a self imposed, self absorbed, self professed set of men. It's ridiculous. With no desire to commit, account and attain any emotional substance or purpose. Bearing no consequence or guilt, they'll manipulate most. Knowing their worth, is far unfortunate than one could understand. They'll have sex with any, discarding many at a whim. Feelings are a word, if not often a joke. An if you speak up, your castrated out as an omen. Your not meant to have an opinion or expected to have self worth in the DMV without being considered an hassle. Due to the lack of women without any self motivation, worth or purpose. All in all its been a common consensus, that the men of the DMV expect all and give nothing. They don't know how to treat women nor care. An its disgusting! That's why, a lot of women have quit and become gay.

We're tired of going that extra mile that you don't go. I take off work when you never do. If your hurt I'm their to aid you when your there when there's nothing else foreseeing it. My money's your money, when your money's Ciroc money. I make your bed, so the next chick can lay in it. Is exactly why soo many women have gone bad. Why should I treat you good when you can't, better yet, produce the same treatment. Do we really deserve the shit we're being handed???

All I know is, if you had a good woman, an she don't go the distance no more. It's probably because you treated her bad and she doesn't give a damn no more. You ruined it! Just hope you didn't ruin her...

Keep in mind that this is a BLOG! Not a Diary! I know tons of women an their stories throughout the DMV! Along with the very men that make our city go round. Not saying ALL men, but this is what most women encounter.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Young Forever -Jayz ft Mr.Hudson

I Love, Love, LOVE this Song! An the video couldn't of been executed better. Bravo!

Natalie Ms.I RUN LA

I RUN L.A.!!!

Soo yesterday 01/08/10 I saw the funniest thing on Twitter, spawned by lil Duval. I don't know about you, but everyone who has been keeping up with this seasons "Bad Girls Club" has a united hate for dumb, gold digging Natalie. Who constantly professes how much she "RUN L.A." through celebrity friends and money. I don't know how the rival started between her an the comedian, but I sure saw how it ended.

Jan. 8, 2010 Directly from Lil Duval

{Start from the bottom an work your way up! lmao}

  1. hey #basicassnatalie wit all that shit i said i'll still hit u tho..........WIT A FUCKING CAR
  2. Hey #basicassnatalie u think u can get yo chin to retweet my song thats about u?
  3. to all yall thats saying to yoself "all i gotta do is fuck wit duval and he'll make me a trending topic" u a fucking loser as well
  4. hey #basicassnatalie I don't care how many shows oxygen gives u you'll always be a loser in life
  5. hey #basicassnatalie chris brown said he did not fuck u but he did shoot off on yo chin and I believe him
  6. hey #basicassnatalie why is yo page private and yo pussy public?
  7. #basicassnatalie chin is the hunchback in notre dame
  8. is that moon pie face bitch still talking?
  9. yea she aint doin shit no way RT @McBreezy_ @lilduval can u get #basicassnatalie to come shovel this snow out my yard w/ her chin
  10. hey #basicassnatalie precious just direct message me and said she'd rather look biggie than look like u
  11. #basicassnatalie chin shouldve won the heisman trophy this year
  12. - #basicassnatalie i didnt know u was a superhero? u are more famous than me. SUPER CHIN!
  13. RT @TahjG: @lilduval #basicassnatalie looks like the cartoon network character Johnny bravo! Lol
  14. hey #basicassnatalie (in my joe clark from lean on me voice): "youll be dead in a year"
  15. a bitch who's built like a russian police RT @JojoTheFuture @lilduval who is #basicassnatalie
  16. hey #basicassnatalie tiger woods fucked alot of raggedy hoes and still wouldnt fuck u
  17. Hey #basicassnatalie did u get ass shots in Yo chin?
  18. #basicassnatalie #basicassnatalie #basicassnatalie #basicassnatalie
  19. I'm bout to show y'all when tryn to be famous goes wrong

Natalie PUNCHES Kendra

Friday, January 8, 2010

Freeway & Chill Moody

Congrats on making your rounds Moody!
Hard work pays off!!!

"The balance got lost somewhere" ~C.M

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm sorry but THIS Trend Must Fade.....

It was cute at first but its CLEARLY been over done! Sorry TRINA!!! ::Click Video::

An we've all seen some parody of someone wearing the "Single Ladies" suit at some point in time. ::Parody HERE::

An if ass is the next trend... well Britney Beat y'all too it!

Bitter Boy Blues

Boooo Fck'n Who!
You can't get the Boo you choose
Cuz she loves that OTHER Dude!

Soo sing those Bitter Boy Blues....

In the past few months, me an my girlfriends ran into a peculiar strand of men in the DMV. They were ambitious, charming, outgoing and aggressive. Most of you would say "Hey! I need a man like that". An that's what they thought at first, until time begun to "WEED" them out. Overly aggressive and pushy in all instances. There's a difference for fighting for what you want and harassing. It's fine to be out going but only as much as both are willing to be. Becoming Forceful, Badgering, or placing Guilt in order to get the one you want is ridiculous. Some men aren't comfortable with walking away knowing they weren't able to attain that person.

It may not have nothing to do with that man, in reasons why she didn't want him. She could of possibly been overwhelmed by life. Enjoying your company doesn't equated to seeking a relationship. She could of just very well left a relationship. Wherein she's mostly likely still in love with that person. Whether in denial about going back or proceeding forward, its "HER" call. No matter how good y'all conversation was, or how great you proclaim you'll treat her. Love trumps any forms of "Like" .....PERIOD! "I'm in Like with you", doesn't compare to "I'm in Love with him!"

Some men can self destruct, with no help but there own. Depending on the female and her turn offs! I don't care how "Fly" you think you are, you may not be her type. Just because you had what it takes to get my attention, doesn't mean you had what it took to keep it. Reasons vary according to the individuals, but "NO-ONES" exempt. Get OVER YOURSELF!!! It's not the end of the world if you don't get the girl. Stop stomping around like someone stole your bike. She was never yours to begin with. Women fight over men constantly, due to the ratio of men/women. Were costumed to regrouping and moving forward everyday, on a broken heart. So why must it be unheard of from men.

Things that it is "NOT OK" when you can't get the girl you want...
Talk shit about the Man she choose.

Snitch on things he may do out of spite.
{You can tell me but your still a HATER lol}

Become uncomfortably angry with that Woman

Curse and disrespect that woman because you can't have her

Just GROW-UP! On To The Next One....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January "LesBiHonest" Crush! 2010

"ELLE UK" Cover Natalie Portman | February 2010

This 28yr old Seductress, exudes Intelligence & Grace!
I'm in Love with All her films ..."Star Wars Episode 3" and "Closer" being two of my favorites!

Mos Def & Talib Kweli "History"

I heart this Song!!! ...but I love everything Mos Def does! :-)

Da Fellaz Movement!

More than a PARTY... a Movement!

An origination of Black Influential Men
of the DMV who was founded by friendship, which birth a business.
Eleven Men with Eleven views that expand into unlimited portals of Entertainment.

Mindstream Radio
"Discussing the importants of Mentor-ship and Role Models"

Kevin "Luciano" Perry & Kevin "Scooty" Hallums

Da Fellaz "Social Forum"
"Discussing Life, Family and Relations of the Urban Community"

Zimstone Art Gallery

I know I can't club every night for the simple fact... there's MORE to life an the DMV area which Da Fellaz Provide. Along with a monthly book club, they supply options. Parties, Radio, Live Video Discussions, Social Forums, Annual Crab & Coronas Cookout, Book Club along with current avenues constantly being developed. You'll be sure to get familiar quite soon enough.

Self Destructive Gilbert!

The first week of 2010 was brung in with a bang... Pun Intended! Gilbert Arenas brought four guns to the Verizon Center. He then jokingly drew them out with another teammate in the locker-room. Which therein lead to his INDEFINITE suspension as of today.

It's hard not to speculate that his home troubles wasn't the cause of his misjudgment. It's been reported last Dec/09 that Gilbert's pregnant fiancee' at the time, was caught having relations with Shaquille O'neal.

Email content between Laura {Gilbert's Fiancee'} & Shaq

Mar. 5, 2009

Laura: Just wanted to let you to know I’m here.

Shaq: Where r u?

Laura: In the hotel… About to go to sleep! u?

Shaq: What hotel and what room?

Laura: The Four Seasons, where r u?

Shaq: I just left goin to a party can I come put it in when I get back? What room u n?

Laura: Is Shaunie going with u? N how late?

Shaq: Hell no. I’m back by 1:30. Can I do it tonite and tomorrow after lunch? What floor u on?

Laura: LOL ur crazy! As long as u taste me n make me cum LOL

Shaq: What room?

Laura: So I’ll see you at 1:30 :~) erase all these messages plz.

Ironically enough, Shaq's wife filed for Divorce within that same week. Let us not negate the fact that Shaq stayed in his hotel room in D.C. while his team played the Wizards soon after.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

JayZ "On To The Next One"

Official Video: "On To The Next One" Jay-Z | Swizz Beatz

A Lot of people are saying JayZ is a part of Illuminati. An well.... Let's just say, videos like this isn't helping at ALL! I saw a crucifix with two bullets on the side. Besides the entire video looking Demonic. Smh