Monday, December 22, 2008

Women, do you know how to treat a Man?

Tis' the season bytches! To Spoil yourself and the ones you LOVE! I know for most, every since you was a little girl you loved holidays. Your Birthday, Valentines day, and Christmas because you couldn't wait to unwrap your gifts. Usually, men think that holidays were made up by corporations, to take their money. lol But you would too if you had someone who expected lavish things just cuz an didn't really reciprocate as much attention as they received. At what age as a woman, did you realize that it wasn't about YOU? When did you stop being selfish enough to do for him JUST BECAUSE? Women expect soo much all the time, but what do they give besides sex and a smile? What do you give? If a man doesn't have this that an the third, she's gone. Is that fair?

An its usually at any age, even when it shouldn't apply. High school for instance, what do you really expect? All you should really expect is, honesty, faithfulness, and some attention. If he has a late birthday like me, he probably couldn't work till 11th grade anyway. An is he really supposed to spend the few dollars that he have ALL ON YOU? Damn is that right? I don't think you'd like being a boy much. Cuz I don't know about you but, I was a Varsity Cheerleader an I ran Track my senior year. So I was REALLY busy aside for school an my friends, I never stressed my man. He played football and basket ball, so we were both knocked out by 10:30. I kid you not! lol It was great, cuz we got it in, where we could fit it in. An I understood that, he did what he can.

But in college, what did/do you expect? Lavish dates? Nice car? Money for anything you want or want to do? Mini vacations? What if he doesn't have a car? Do you support him, does that turn you off? When do you learn that he's in school for that sole purpose to better himself? He's in here now to get that job later that can change his life. That he might not got it but he's trying. That sometimes he needs that money just to get through the week an enjoy his college experience. Instead of letting you suck him dry to fulfill your every need. Just because your pretty, or the next man can.

I'm the only girl out of 3 brothers, so I go by what I see there girls doing that I don't like. At about 20, I told myself that I would treat him as if he were me. If I care for you or loved you, it would be a wrap. Why shouldn't you be spoiled? I've been spoiled through affection and attention all my life. So if he had a long practice and missed lunch, I'd order his favorite food an have it in his fridge waiting. Maybe he don't want the cafeteria food. lol If I'm out at the mall an I saw something that would of look nice on him, I'd buy it. Its nothing! For your man, why shouldn't there be any less. For holiday's it's whatever he wants, because I just want to see him smile. If he couldn't do something that needed to be done, I had it taken care of. If he ain't have his car, I would get where he was. Cuz it was where I needed to be. If he was short on money, then its nothing, cuz my money is our money. Some chicks, don't even leave there house with a wallet if they're wit a guy. With my love he needs not want for NOTHING!

I couldn't stand a chick who ain't do shit but had her hand out, that would down what a man ain't have, that ain't do shit but flat back. It's like, what the hell are you good for?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

What's this hoe's Purpose??

"They're born cowards and want you to be like them."
~Marylin Monroe

"Move slow but efficiently so that those that hate can only hate cuz they can't get next to u or ur level"
~ Javar Gholson

Ever seen a bitch an wondered...hymmm! What's this hoe's Purpose??? lol Ok so it's Friday night an I just went through two clubs. The first one was good! Shout-outs to!!! They had a fashion show , along with two artist performing. Afterwards I went to a close friends gathering. It was real nice seeing everyone! I love the holidays :) But along with it, came some random hoes. An usually I don't care...But this hoe right here...this hoe right here nigga...this hoe right herrreee Nigga!... was just TRYING!

From the beginning, when I came an greeted my friend, (as I reflect) I felt slight tension. But I said naw, gave benefit of the doubt an proceeded to get a drink. Dismissing the negative glances and remarks from afar, I put on my happy face. I have no reasons to be mad, cuz I had a fabulous day! Office party, then off shopping, to then cap with two parties, seemed cool wit me. But something was Off! So after an hour of this continuous annoyance from this other person , I began to ask myself "What this hoes purpose?" Not mingling what so ever, but starring me down with a salty mug. But I still kept it moving cuz I'm Fav! I needed a new hater ANYWAY...before 09' regardless. lmao

So I kept it moving until the very end, were I felt like this hoe was blatantly trying me in her too-too. Or whateva the fuck she had on. So as I'm calling my guy, an she sticks her leg up to block him. An then he looks at her like ummm...are you ok? Where then, she probably said something slick. He then proceeded to entertain the hoe, for a quick second. Since she went out of her way to get his attention. Afterwards, as I ask him "Who is she, cuz this bitch is rude an I'm feeling something isn't right." An he says man she's NOONE, just some lil girl who likes to talk shit.

Shit about what? lmao What's this hoe's purpose??
Especially when I don't know her, an she's consumed with studying me. Making it apparent that I cause her some distress, in ways undefined to me....Oh well! Nothing ass hoe, that's bitter in the corner. Your NOT a Diva! No matter how long you sing along to Beyonce's song. lmao

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lil Wayne on doin Drugs

Let me, do Me!

I agree with stars, when they say they're normal people. Cuz they are! But society holds them to a higher stand. That's why they get an Higher Income and a Higher Grain of enjoyment in life. Therefore taking the bad and good. They don't want to live and work like everybody else, that's why they're not treated like everybody else. People look up to them and want to be them, and will copy anything they do. An normally they love it. So when they start acting a damn fool with their life, that's being held under a camera. They shouldn't be mad, when ppl tell them to get it together. That's life! If they weren't famous, someone would of been told them about themselves.

Soo...Lil Wayne, I don't care how much you sold. Take your ass to rehab! Are you seriously annoyed with the fact that people are concerned about you? Since your close friend died last year, consuming the same drugs and drinks as yourself! Didn't you just have another baby? Don't you want to raise him/her??? Just cuz you go to a school here an there, doesn't mean you won't die tomorrow. Your dumbass should appreciate the fact that people care about you, instead of just smiling in ya face for $money$

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hills ( As I see it)

So I'm watching my Monday's favorite...The Hills! I'm kinda thrown off by the promotion of the season finale, especially since I was expecting the "Series Finale." N-e-ways this particular episode seems quite funny, because it looks soo chopped an screwed.

Example A- Whitney has since BEEEEEN announced that she got the job in N.Y! (whispers of the spin off have been floating for way over a month now probably two)
B- They have already begun taping her show. lmao
C- So why did they show it all in the same episode like it wasn't already played out in the media already? Past and present combined in time. (nice billed up to the finale maybe?)
D- Heidi's & Spencer's wedding was SOO planned!
E- She was caught looking into the camera so many times while she was supposedly drunk that they was forced to shoot like 5 different camera angles. lol (maybe she was nervous)

But for all it's worth it cuz, I heard my favorite Heidi Quotable....

Shoe attack on Bush!

So my question is "Why do our President stir up soo much HATE???" That guy took his time to take off each shoe (knowing the consequences) an LAUNCHED them bad boys at Bush's head. There was soo much passion, and anger in his attempt, to take him out, that I couldn't help but be amused.

Since when is shoe throwing the standard? lol Can we get a army or another presidents words of contempt...Umm Something. No! All we're good for getting nowadays is an disgruntled reporter. lmao.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cadillac Records

Note: That if an when this movie Stops, just refresh the movie an start where you left off, to see the rest of the film. Ok! lol

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Since I'm sick and stuck in the house, I'm a watch alot of damn movies. Soo, watch em with me! lol
Note: That if an when this movie Stops, just refresh the movie an start where you left off, to see the rest of the film. Ok! lol

Mini Carts

Sooo, I'm SICK! (tear, cough, sneeze) I don't know why I thought I was "Superwoman" but, my body's like..."Oh no, bitch you didn't!" Waking up at 6 am to go to the day job, then some nights at the restaurant is brutal. Not to mention, the podcast I'm now Co-hosting every Wednesday night. I guess the sudden shift is a bit much for my body. I need more REST, or this diva's done!!! lol

N-E-Ways...I'm in "Harris Teeter" (today) looking for some medicine, an I see thee' Cutest thing ever!
There was these little toddlers with mini shopping carts. I'm talking about, toting mini check list in hand and all. There was this one boy that was soo adorable. He was pushing a full cart, 'Captin Crunch' and all with his list an pen out. He was seriously studying and checking things off as he went along shopping. I must say, its quite a cleaver way to make kids behave at the store. As long as your willing to buy what's in their cart. lmao

Friday, December 12, 2008

Khaled Sucks!

Behind the Clowns!...I mean Music.

Here are somethings that annoy me! lol

"We the Beesssssssttttt!" -DJ Khaled

Whatever! They're the WORST! I can't stand him! He's a "Get-wit" and a Clown.

Who told him could say Nigga? Did he get a black pass?

Can Khaled's tired ass, Please STOP!

An the only thing I would say to him is "I don't believe you, you need MORE PEOPLE!" -S. Carter

Whatever happened to Jazze Pha?

Isn't Dj Khaled, Jazze Pha reincarnated???

Ladies! Didn't you think Pha was the closest living to to Winnie the Pooh?

....wasn't that his nickname?

.....Eeek! naw that's Mannie Fresh's name. An we love us some Mannie, don't we?
(YES!) lol

Thursday, December 11, 2008

NeNe Exposed on FOX

Wow! Fox Exposing Nene as a FRAUD!

I like Nene! She's hilarious, but there's no need to fake the funk. Especially when your on a televison show, where you talk slick constantly about EVERYBODY else. I already KNOW! Sherae's dying... laughing in a corner somewhere. lmao

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Da F%@&!?

Hey guys! Today on the way to work, I couldn't help but laugh at these IDIOTS out here. An when you hear it, or see it, it makes you say "What da F%@&!?"

So, turns out that the Governor of Illinois is a damn retard! Tell me why, this Nutcase tried to "SELL Obama's Senate seat" for CASH! $$$ Doe! lmao I swear, most politicians aren't Shit! He was then heard say....

"I’ve got this thing...and it’s fucking golden. And I’m just not giving it up for fucking nothing. I’m not going to do it. And I can always use it. I can parachute me there.”

In-turn leading to his arrest Tuesday 12/8/08, on federal corruption charges, including that he conspired “to sell or trade” an appointment to the US Senate. I hope they roast his ass!

When they asked our President elect his thoughts, they were as follows...“I had no contact with the governor or his office, and so we were not — I was not aware of what was happening...and as I said, it’s a sad day for Illinois. Beyond that, I don’t think it’s appropriate to comment.” -Obama

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Contains Sensitive matters of: Religion, 9/11 and Currency Corruption!

(Entire Movie)





I knew and heard most of this information, prior to this video. Yet this "Federal Reserve Note" information, somehow eluded me. Prompting me, to share this immediately! If you were intrigued by this movie, then be sure to see...
"Loose Change", "Fahrenheit 9/11", and "Religulous"

Marilyn Monroe's Infamous Words

I was always fascinated by her. So young and beautiful, yet complicated. Loved by the world, but not by herself, died at the age of 36. Often thought of as "Plastic" there was much more to...Norma Jeane Mortenson.

* Sometimes I've been to a party where noone spoke to me for a whole evening. The men, frightened by their wives or sweeties...the ladies would gang up in a corner and d
iscuss my dangerous character.

* If I'd observed all the rules, I'd never have got anywhere.

I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.

I love to do the things the censors won't pass.

* I have too many fantasies to be a housewife.... I guess I am a fantasy.

A career is wonderful thing, but you can't snuggle up to it on a cold night.

Some people have been unkind. If I say I want to grow as an actress, they look at my figure. If I say I want to develop, to learn my craft, they laugh. Somehow they don't expect me to be serious about my work.

Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.

A career is born in public -- talent in privacy.

* Before marriage, a girl has to make love to a man to hold him. After marriage, she has to hold him to make love to him.

Dreaming about being an actress, is more exciting then being one.

* I don't mind making jokes, but I don't want to look like one.

I've been on a calendar, but I've never been on time.

* I've never dropped anyone I believed in.

No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they're pretty, even if they aren't.

Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.

* It's not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.

The trouble with censors is that they worry if a girl has cleavage.
They ought to worry if she hasn't any.

* The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.

What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.

If you can make a girl laugh....You can make her do anything..

*** The Nicest thing for me is sleep, then at least I can dream.

( * = Quotes that I Love (lol) or personally relate too)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Real Official!.... But Whooa Nelly!

Kardinal Offishall- NINA

ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! When da Hell did Nelly fall off??? What the Pumpernickel! lmao This song is Crap! An I use to Love Nelly! (Teardrop, for the fallen Artist)

Nelly- One and Only

What's your SECRET?!

2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Fontainebleau on November 15, 2008 in Miami Beach, Florida

Selita Ebanks
25 yrs old
(Previously engaged to Nick Cannon)

Out of the 50 models, about 4 were of African descent in 2008. Still continuing to bridge those lines, in which defies black beauty in America today. The black "Supermodel" is quite scarce and rapidly depleting. Before long, Naomi will have to retire from her thrown!

Naomi Campbell
38 yrs old

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Talk w/ Louis J.


This is an intro to our series, "Family Talk" featuring Louis J. and I. I'm pretty sure you have a brother you go back and fourth with about, life, lessons and relations. An if you don't have one, well I'm a loan you mine. lol Ok! So its usually this time of day we do this (mid-day) where we discuss life, an its matters. In doin so, I'm telling him about this mornings blogs.

Which lead him to ask "Why do ya girls expect us to know random stuff? they expect us to know all the things they don't say". He went on to explain how girls get mad at what guys don't do, "Every dude is not the same!" He was giving examples of how they get mad when they "Expect you to know" how they felt or what they wanted. So I said, "Lou, every guy KNOWS how to treat a woman!" I'm sure since you was three, you knew the basics. Don't hit, Don't curse, Caress, Be nice, Don't yell. We like hugs and kisses, flowers, surprises, romance ect... Stuff that Aladdin movies showed you. An he was like "Your right I do know how to treat a woman". I was like everybody knows! Those are the fundamentals, we ain't talkin bout the real shit here. Like, I don't expect you to be Jordan, but I'm sure you know how to pass the ball an dribble. Ya feel me! Lou then said "Mann, that's why in the beginning, I'm just like tell me what it is you want. Cuz I don't want to guess. If I don't know, then I DON'T KNOW!" So then I was like well that's nice an dandy but, what if she tells you how she feels ova an ova. You just keep F'n up, well then, that's just cuz don't care. He agreed, because even though he's a guy, he's still rational. N-e-Wayz.... I started giving examples of how my bestfriend was engaged to this guy who she had to CONSTANTLY address how she didn't like him acting or treating her. Lou said " Well that's how it ended the way it did. If he gonna act like dat". Which is true. Lou: "You see, I'm not gonna get married to any girl knowing that. You know what annoys you. You know that they're not gonna change, so why stay. That's them! You know dat dude has habits that you can't stand, before you got married. You can't get mad. Once your married your obligated to deal with that shit. I can deal with shit, cuz noones perfect. Everybody has their shit. If she sloppy, fine! I can pick up some clothes. But if she mean, naw! You know she had that mean shit when ya'll were dating. You know what your able to put up with. You know what will push you to the edge". An I was laughing cuz he was soo right. I say that all the time. Lou: "I don't do ultimatums, but if I "F" wit you, I'd try to work it out or something. Not change but adjust and shit". An that's when I decided to share this with ya'll, cuz I think everyone needs their own boy Lou. If you don't know how these men out hear think, he can give you some kinda insight. Unless you just dating an Ass! lol He can't help you there. Lou offered to write this, but as the introduction of the series I'd take care of it. But the next one will be all on him. Lmao I was like " Man I don't know what will happen next year, but Imma be happy. Period! Either its with whats keeping me happy now or to go about receiving another means to my happiness. There's no need in stressing ova someone Else's husband. My ex told me that saying. He said, "I wouldn't stress ova you if I didn't vision you as my wife". An then Lou dumbass, gonna bust out and say "well I'd tell my girl, Its whateva if I wanna go to next level with you baby". I was dying! Cuz he don't use words like baby an stuff. lol He was then like "Well I don't like want a girl who's real jealous". I was like, "well what if you make her that way? an you was "F'n" up all the time, or least before?" Lou was then like, "Then we gotta rebuild that Trust! I will say sorry about mines, that's not an issue. (Soso)= Girl name for any girls he speak of... Soso told me that " What I got is good, but GREAT maybe out there. And that was f'd up! I don't care about GREAT, cuz you won't find that. Good can become Great! You can mold and grow with someone, to be where you want them. It's the strength on one person and the willingness from the other". -My boy Louie is the TRUTH ain't he? But that was our session today, I'll keep ya'll posted till next time- Adios

Curse or Not to Curse? That is the Question!!!

Ok! So its Thursday, an I'm Happy! I don't even know why, but I won't question it. Lol Last night ironically, feel asleep extremely angry, because of an argument. That would usually follow up with me staying up all night. Due to lack of sleep. But oddly enough, I slept GREAT! lmao

An that's like the first for me, so excuse me if I seem excited. But I was really disappointed, in someone I held close. I don't even curse at people I care for. Seriously! Now, I can swear wit the best of em' (at times) but, that's one thing I can't do. I bite my tongue ALOT! But I did it, dammit people...I cracked. An I still held back!!! That's the sad part, cuz if they were a stranger I would of caught a serious case of "Angry Haitian." But "Who cares? Not me!"- Tikkia lol. I'm not even upset. I guess sometimes you just NEED to Curse! You know how some people need to scream, I guess I needed to say F@%K & S#*@! lol

People tend to say, that if you curse alot, you lack a vocabulary. Negative! Sometimes that word, no matter how abrasive, expresses that exact emotion your trying to convey. An quite frankly, I'm tired of dumbing down my emotions to appease others. An I feel relieved for once, not having any pinned up aggression. Its unhealthy, an will make you crazy. I'm pretty sure noone would bust cars, if they could just communicate. If they felt heard. You don't have to be a passive doormat (heaven forbid that's the case) to be with or around ANYONE!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Since I've been a little girl, I've always been told that Louis Vuitton was thee' BEST! Among hand bags, luggage, glasses etc.... That was then! But as we embark on a new age, does it still hold to be true? You be the judge! At 13 it was Louis, but at 23 its GUCCI! They just look better to me.

LOUIS VUITTON (Brown) "Speedy 35"

GUCCI (Brown) "Boston Bag"

(C'mon Santa! I LOVE This One. LMAO)


GUCCI (Off-White) "Boston Bag"

Angie Martinez Interviews Jay-Z

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

D.C Stand UP!

Wale- Nike Boots

Your NOT a Diva! Your Just a Mess!!!

  • Best Be-Weave IT!
Now, now, listen hear! Just because you have every Beyonce' CD (and know all her moves) that doesn't make you a Diva! Eeeeeh....Not even close! Just because she's wears a weave to her ass, doesn't mean you should too. Or even get them at all! Cuz YOUR NOT BEYONCE'! An don't have Ooh Sasha's $$$$ Her weave looks nice, and yours just obvious.

  • Caked UP with Make-UP!
Its crazy when you see someone and they think they're soo hot!....NOT! Its like WTF! did shyt hit the fan??? Is this a clown party? Is she trying to hide her pimple? Like, what's really the reason. Guys can't stand it much either. It's not only deceiving, it gets on your clothes, and lets hope you don't cry. I know, I know, I know, you can't live without your MAC! And for that I say, MAC is like Alcohol, It's fine in moderation.

  • Anything you can Wear I can Wear BETTER!
Yes everyone can be sexy in their own way. But No! everyone can't wear the same things! What's sexy on me, may not be sexy on YOU! Sex an the city was a Great show. By all means, lets leave it to the characters. It seemed like after the movie came out, soo did the MADNESS! C'mon now, I love you all but you KNOW BETTER! I'm not saying be a "Miranda", but sweetie your Noo "Samantha!"

  • Bitch! Puuhh lease!
There's a BIG difference from being Sassy, and just a plain ol' Bitch! Your sass radiates off of you, because its just your swagg. Being mean, ignorant and rude, doesn't classify you as anybodies Diva! It just makes you look real crass and trashy. Talking down to people isn't ever acceptable or needed. An if you need that to make yourself better, your just real WEAK! Ego trippin ain't hot, an if you ain't Halle Berry (sweetie) you ain't shyt! You breathe the same air as everyone else! You maybe fly in your right, but...Reeellllaaaaxxxx!!!! Come back to life!

*Side bar from Fav:

It's just crazy how when B's albums come out, everyone goes nutts! All men, are somehow walking on egg shells because, his girl feels soo fierce. And are two seconds from replacing them. lmao

Beyonce's a Diva because, she doesn't want to be anyone but herself!!! All t
hose who go out and dress, look, and try to act like her alter ego, will never be a DIVA! Your trying your best to follow her every move, while she's being herself. Which includes, not caring to be, or thinking about YOU! A diva is an individual!!! Who loves herself, and doesn't need approval from anybody. Loves her own hair, her own face, own looks, her own LIFE!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Newest from the Ladies of R&B

Brandy- "Long Distance

Leona Lewis- "RUN"

My word play....

by: Yours truly

There is rarely someone
That I let into my life
But boy your truly something
I could be your future wife

We may tend to argue
Quite often disagree
But more often then none
You know your place is here with me

We're much more then connected
You go verse an verse with me
I can end your every sentence
An beat that ass in Wii

Your always there to comfort
If not, annoying me
I'd never call you perfect
But you try your best to please

I turn, an look to you
When I lack the strength in me
You remind me that were human
To learn from unpleasentries

When your down, I build you up
You can place aside your pride
No need, for I will shelter you
Forever I would ride!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Things that Steal My Heart!

Hello Everyone! Usually I generalize, when I discuss things. Today's different, because I can't speak for the next woman on this. It's all an insight on me, my heart an, how you can steal it and how to make me smile. There are a lot of men who are so obsessed, with obtaining the physical aspect. That they get the door slammed in their face, before they get a foot in it. Or they'll try to get in my head, but never take the time to see how things operate. I can tell when someone, fakes like he knows me, but really doesn't have a clue. Yea he got the basics, that someone who's known me for a few months know. But they really don't know me!

Things I LOVE!
  1. Spontaneous People! It's but soo many times you want to do the same ol' shyt!
  2. Out going People! If I have an idea, your at least down to try it and not bash it!
  3. Sweetness! It shows multitudes of a Mans character, when he can step out his box to please a women for the hell of it!
  4. Someone who remembers all the small things to do!!!
  5. Sense of Humor! I love to laugh :)

Things I HATE!
  • Disrespectful Men! Don't Bark at ME! Curse! ect..
  • Inconsiderate People ...Think about how others feel!
  • Late people ...if you give me a time, then Stick to It!
  • People who can't keep a promise! All a man has, is his WORD!
  • Materialistic People!
  • Frugal People ...I would give anything for people in my life! Money's not an Issue! When you can drop $100's on yourself, an count cents for everyone else your Selfish!
I Love, love, love All kinds of MUSIC! If your narrow minded Its a complete turn off! I love someone who takes the time to know what gets to my heart. So hears a cheat sheet! I LOVE holidays, the warmth and preparation. Everything about em'! I'm like a big kid. Early phone calls in the morning and sharing your love with the ones in your life, on these specials days mean soo much to me. I started Christmas shopping in October, it's not a game. I LOVE presents! an the thought behind giving someone something I knew they wanted. I LOVE Surprises!!! I love a man that knows me enough to just know how to TREAT ME! Why argue over dumb shyt, you know I don't like? If your gonna be late then, JUST CALL ME! If you see I called you an you can't talk, Just texted me an LET ME KNOW what's going on! Takes two seconds! I love all the small things, we don't have to go out. If I adore You I just want to be around you. I Love flowers and CHOCOLATE! Not an expensive fancy mixed box of em', a simple bag of Hershey kisses is Perfect! I LOVE Hugs and Kisses and Massages! I Love a man who can make a woman feel like a WOMAN!

Recently two different people, wrote me two different poems which was SOO sweet! Here they are!

Poem 1

You are a precious commodity taken advantage of/ even when your beauty rivals a dove/ As a man, trying to claim his throne, your patience is the virtue that is shown/ the closest thing to perfection I have seen thus far/ I see the potential in you queen, you are a star/ Man made from the dust of the earth, woman comes from his rib, so as an equal, we need women like you to live.../ I say all this to say to you... your a queen, and continue to do the things you do...

Poem 2 (Picture Perfect)

... She’s like a glare in the sun;
Designer eye wear and her hairstyle’s fun.
Camera phones flash from behind...their luck;
But I can just imagine what’s there from the front...

YUP!....Dammit the girl’s baad.
Picture perfect and she got her a calendar girl swaag.
Probably oiled up, body void of all ash;
She looks like she took a long caramel bath.

And like she got a pair of speakers for an ass;
You can tell she don’t own a pair of sneakers by her calves.
Come correct; better speak to her with class- she got sass;
You can tell by the way she holds her bag.

Work on your act, dude; show her you a man;
Or the tone she will give to you’s “I’m grown”, to belittle you.
Picture perfect from her face to her curves,
And something bout this picture’s worth a plethora of words.

She got it figured, got niggaz in the bag;
Got niggaz by her swag, got niggaz bout to snaaap;
ASAP; like a camera’s in hand;
Niggaz flash what they got, like she give a got-daaamn.

Some put that, “Are you an artist at all?” in her head;
Like “You already star in my head” (LAME)
Wrap her head up like she going to her bed…
Then wonder why all this is going to her head; she on

Cloud nine; Mary Jane, high
No make up. Mary J. Blige- just fine...
Niggaz shadowing her with their mouth wide
But she's more interested in her silhouettes outline.

When geek niggaz rap to her, it’s about time;
Till a street nigga swag on her; it’s about time.
Cell phones flip, call when you got time,
And her whole tone switch like she talking to her mom...

Picture Perfect

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Jesse McCartney- It's Over!

Heartless or Heartfilled!

I love Kanye! He's seems soo humbled, since his loses.

What are you thankful for?
Im still sleepy from yesterday, waiting for my brother to arrive from Cali. Still debating if I'm hitting the clubs tomorrow night. I can't wait till Dec! I love the holidays an I can't wait for my b-day. Dec 26th, that is :~)

If you don't have the newest Neyo CD, go cop it! It's an A+ all the way.

Neyo- Mad

Katt Williams- "Drugs in America" lol

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Favorite Boys & Girls

Ok! Now I don't about you, but I LOVE Entourage!!! Now, who saw the season finale last Sunday? An for those who did, didn't you wish it was an hour long? An it was about time Vince showed some damn emotion, wasn't it?!? I loved the whole N.Y dynamic, of the mothers. Turtles Mom, reminded me of Georges Mom off of Seinfeld. But I couldn't believe it when Vince fired E!
I was like WTF, awww (Tear) cuz E took it soo hard. But my only problem was I felt like they just rushed that scene to finish the episode. Like if E was really ignoring him for a few weeks, maybe months. Would a pop up, and quick conversation really make it better just like that. But Ok! I'm just pissed I that I have to wait till next august for new episodes. That's Bull!!!! That has to be the only reason I watch HBO.

Now wait! I Adore the Hills! Since like Laguna Beach, where I hated Lauren cuz I loved Kristin. lol But she won me over on the Hills. If you saw yesterday's episode, you would of loved it. Especially since it was being played out in pieces, through the media, about two months ago. So the hoop-la was all based on the fact Audrina thought Lauren slept with Justin Bobby. Excluding the obvious fact that Lauren hates him, and always have. lmao It was retarded!! When I saw her on Ellen, a ways back, explaining the situation. It sounded soo stupid and unbelievable! I just thought, this bitch is CRAZY! an will use Lauren to make it into the media. Period! Yesterday on the episode, she asked Lauren like 5 times if she did it. Of which she replied No, like at some point it was gonna magically change. Even Justin gained some points but putting her in her place. She's a mess! Can't wait to see how they resolved it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

When you BREAK a Man's Heart!

Ever met a someone you liked, an it was just a waste of time?

They were so bitter and broken from there last relationship, that they couldn't fully start anew. You see, when women get there hearts broke, they cry an move on. We're by nature, loving, nurturing, and forgiving.

MEN...Oh Hell No! If you break an man Heart, it's a wrap. He's done for like ten years, before he can really move on. Lmao

The funniest, are guys in there early 20's, who are just hoe's because some 15yr old ruined him. Its like, c'mon guy. Are you serious? You ain't really know what love was, an now your a man whore for like 15 yrs lol. Well this video describes such a thing PERFECTLY! Especially since the older they are when they fall in love, for the first time, equals how bad they'll react.

Gnarls Barkley- Who's Gonna Save My Soul

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Songs that I Love!

Kate Nash- Merry Happy

Adele- Chasing Pavements

The Melody Peaches- Anyone Else But You
A bit different but you can't help but Love it!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our New Secretary of State Issssssss? Hi Hill!

I guess we kinda knew she was gonna say yes didn't we! lol

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rated "R" !!! Thoughts from a tipsy Diva! lol

I said rated "R" cuz I honestly don't know what the hell Imma say.
I just left the Sidelines bar in Largo, MD, an it was "OVERRATED"!!! The music was the best part. But it was mostly men in there 30's, tryna' profile. I got a few drinks to compensate, so here I am. I planned on gettin' a buzz before I left because, today frankly Sucked! Shyt was just wack! People annoyed me, I felt like a Bitch, an the chick in me got emotional,,,,ugggghhhh it just blew me! So Mr. Hennesey asked me out an I let him cop a feel or two lmao. I signed on facebook to check my notes an whateva, an some nigga wrote this in my honesty box. He said

"I WaNT TO eaT YoU LIKe YoU've NevEr BeeN EaTeN B4"

No bullshit! I just copied an pasted it, the way you see it! An that's typical, believe it or not. You should see the raunchy shyt! Niggas are sooo BOLD and blunt nowadays, but I guess it doesn't matter if you hide who you are. In the last two months people been blowin up my box like CRAZY!!! So let me address some things.
1) No I won't date you....I don't even know who the hell you are.
2) No you can't eat or taste me....Your Outta control! lol
3) Thank You! those who say I'm beautiful.
4) Yes, I'm single....but I'm picky!

But I am a little restless at 11:26 pm. I would of continued to bar hop, but its cold as shyt outside! I took my ass in the house lol. But I do feel like doin the G5 across someone's upper lip. :) hahaha. Now, dat's a night cap! Isn't it!!!! I just wrote a poem too. I hope its as good as it seems now, when I'm sober!

He said he likes my thoughts
He said he likes my word play
I crept into his heart
He saw me when I walked away
He couldn't bear to part
So I kissed his lips, an till this day
I seduced an stole his heart
An in my heart is where he'll stay

So I fell in love
with this boy who's head
was fat like "Whoa"

Had a hair line like
Eddie Monster
and a voice like Sheryl Crow

He was the Worst
A demon child
A bit kind, but such a hoe

I was bamboozled
hoodwinked, lead a stray
But in his heart, I knew I grow

Lmao! My nights Over..