Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kanye's Storytellers VH1

Kanye's VH1 Storytellers {TONIGHT} 9pm

Even though I won't be home to watch Kanye' West's Storytellers, as it air's. I will be ecstatic, watching it tomorrow on my DVR! lls You must know this!!! I've always been an advocate for the passionate, out spoken and unapologetically astounding. Not to mention he creates GREAT MUSIC....which I heart with my entire being.

T.I. on Chelsea Lately pt.2

I love this show, an I use to be the only one that watched it to my knowledge. Until the first time that these two got together! lls

An this is the great performance that Chelsea was constantly referring too!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mother of 14, wants to be on T.V screens! Porn that Is..

This woman is "Thee WOOOOOORST" lls Like my brother would say. This woman just had Octuplet's, which her mom is taking care of. She doesn't work! With the fact that she now has 14 kids. Way to go MOM!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Your Really Pretty for a "Brown" Girl!?!

Stacey Dash

Ohhh OK! So I'm up early cuz this was just too funny. So I was talking to a friend, when he proceeded to tell me that him an his best friend discussed me, an how pretty I was for a dark girl.

{Nails screeching on a chalk board}
Pardon? Come again...? For a dark skin girl? An I'm not even dark lol! "Not that there's anything wrong with that" ~Seinfeld lls

Halle' Berry

I was least to say mortified, by this supposed compliment. It was umm cute and liable to pass, as an adolescent. But as a young adult, to make suck blanketed ignorant statements! Eeeeh, not so much. Sadly, he meant not harm, because he sincerely thought I'd be flattered. You can tell me I'm bad, pretty an beautiful EVERYDAY. But when you slip an add "for a dark skin girl" you might as well said nothing. It's like, did I shock an amaze you. Did I achieve some goal? Your little Godiva! An I asked some of my male friends. Do you typically think dark/brown skin women aren't attractive (KP! lls) ??? I get that soo much that it's expected, but I had to speak on it. I've gotten ..."Damn your a badddd Brown Joint"! Gee Thanx, I suppose. I thought beauty was beauty...Period! Smh!

Janet Jackson

Rozonda 'Chili' Thomas (TLC)

Lashontae (Video Girl/Model)
Shout out to ALL my Beautiful BROWN BETTIE'S!!!

Jamie Foxx- Blame It!

Dammit! I knew I should took the bet. Who said actors can't party? Shyt they actually got the millions that most rappers proclaim!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Do You Know Your Fallin In LOVE?

Everyone was asked this simple question...

"What is one sign that you noticed to let you know you was fallin in love with someone or loved em!" ~Faviola

Lauren London- "girl i never know I just go with the flow until they tell me they like me... I then pay attention to my feelings...if i even have any for them"

Angela (Angie Ange)- "If I can look at u while you're sleeping and not be repulsed Im prolly falling"

Dante' G- "seeing someone all day/all night and not wanting them to leave, love doesnt take breaks Fav lmao"

Shay- "used to come home and just leave all his shit everywhere on the floor! i fuckin hated it! Annoying wasn't the word but you don't really see when your in love i guess"

Chris C- "jus constantly on my mind...experienced the good and bad together and managered to overcome it and her really bein my friend and girl at the same time"

Javar- "u care more about them than u do urself"

Brian B (Monk)-
"No matter the situation, how my day was goin (good or especailly bad) they could brighten my day & make me smile. Make me forget my problems or share joy on good days!"

Antonio J- "butterfly's at all times can't stop think of them"

Dee Jay- "when we had to separate from someone an you really ain't want em to leave or once they did you realized how much they mattered to you....ya feel me?"

Eric E- "For me since I am such a private person I would say probably when I feel like I want them to be a part of everything I do"

Marcus C- "when you become emotionally attached to that person"

W Lance- "When we started to think alike and acquired each others mannerisms"

Kenny 'Bud'- "the moment i start putting my views and feelings aside to make sure i'm looking out for there's"

KP- "Cuz I wanna talk to them all the time... I think about them all the time and u just get that feeling that the person is perfect even though u know they're not...u start feeling like a kid again"

Troy- "You find yourself thinking about them throughout the day. You also find things around you that reminds you of him/her"

Dalontee' E- when u think about there every move like if they not with you, thats all you think about when all you wanna do is make them happy

Me- "I knew I was in love then when I couldn't argue wit em face to face cuz I would be pissed (so alot of times I just stayed quite) but soon as we made eye contact we laughed I could neva freakin stay mad an if he hugged me it made it all betta no matter what the issue was."

Ray J Interview w/ Angie Martinez

Ray clearing up rumors about him an Danger as well as the pregnancy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What the F@&%?... Is NEW YORK RACIST?!?

OK! I know I'm a day late with this, but what the Fuck America! What is seriously going on??? Some people should be held accountable for the bull shit I see. I honestly didn't think one could lose soo much respect and accreditation, as fast as the New York Post did. How do you have the gull, to print such trash in a globally recognized paper??? To most, the New Yorker was an Institution of great thoughts an ideals cleverly yet cynically displayed.

New York was always thought of as L.A's opposing partner. Where L.A. dabbled, N.Y. pioneered in our society. But maybe, we've got the wrong preconception. Could it be possible, that at the head of everything, is some fat cat racist? Was it not just last year that the "NEW YORKER" published an all to controversial cover of the Obama family. No where ever did they portray such an image, of a presidential candidate. Which leads us to see, there's always a first for everything.

I would love to know what Bill O'riely would have to say. He was offended by some artists, being verbally ecstatic about Bush's removal. How would he have felt, if he saw an image of him or a pig shot down with a comment saying good riddance. Ohhhh....but they're NOT racist!

{Hence my sarcasm}

If He/She goin be SHADY/CHEAT, Then so WILL I!

What comes around, goes around and you reap what you sow!!!

Unless your just a lucky bastard, who gets away with murder every time while making millions an relaxing everyday. But usually paybacks a Mutha F@&k... an Karma's a B$@&! etc...

"Revenge is the sweetest Joy, next to getting Pussy..." ~TuPac

Life says, if you believe in karma, you'll let life naturally take care of those who've wronged. In most cases, that's the complete opposite. Get back is the name of the game, for every tear shed. He cheated, so F' that! So will I. She said what!??! We'll let me tell you about her. Why would ya ol' boo say that if it wasn't true? I don't know, but let me tell YOU! Is an on going circle, as well as a daily occurrence.

My thing is, you are WHO YOU ARE! If your not a good person by now, odds is you'll never be. Can only hope, to get somewhat better. But you'll mostly likely remain an AWFUL person. Everyone knows what's right an what's wrong. An you damn sure know how to treat each other. You know what hurts you, an generally others. You just choose to not give a fuck, or take responsibility. Every time I hear a story from both sex's about get backs on ex's for cheating, I laugh. It's like "She did him, soo yea I sexed so an so" an told my girl afterwards. An had the nerve to say, they felt bad.

Yes, everyone on earth can do whatever they like at anytime. But that's what separates YOU from animals, because you THINK! You have the ability to use logic, an not act on impulse. Unless your just a "WEAK- MINDED" individual. I ask...

"Well if you were just waiting on him/her to cheat or do something fucked up, for you to do the same back..Why were you with him/her if you were just waiting on a Reason to do the same?"

It's funny when you've dated someone, an y'all stop dating. All the things come out, about em. You hear countless stories from girls and guys alike, of how they've acted an what they've done while y'all were close. Or if they did this an this, why don't you do this an that an the third. An yes it maybe disheartening, to hear those things of someone who looked in your eyes an said they cared. Not knowing, how embarrassing their actions were. But that's them, an Not you. That is the way they live, an how they're perceived. Noone can make you be an Asshole, say Mean shyt, Cheat, Lie, Speak Down on others, or be Shady to those who are nothing but exceptional an love you.

I know if the person I love hurts me I would be devastated initially. My first instinct would not be to go have sex w/ some random. That shit won't make me feel better, at the end of the day. Getting fucked twice, hypothetically an literally is too conflicting for me. {I would need a moment! lls} Or people who send revealing notes/phone calls to other women/men exposing them an their character. I personally don't have time for all that. An no matter what he/she did, if you loved/cared for them... Why would you instantly want them to feel the same way? That won't make you any better than them.

An in turn, becoming them won't help either.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Beyonce's Performance at the Oscar's

The whole time I saw it, I was thinking Whhhhhhhy? I needed her to be slightly more selective about her offers. Great occasion, but wack presentation!!! Just a bit much...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ain't Nuffin Like a "MORGAN GIRL"

This was too Cute!!! Ya'll make me Proud....Get em'

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kid Cudi- Day -N- Night! Official Video

My Dreams by: Faviola

My dreams are a therapeutic vortex
A melodic symphony
To release stress

Every note an every bip
Guides my thoughts
Then let em rip

I ride this comatose erosion
As a million thoughts
Implode in

An I dissect every notion
Of how it is or was then
Or should I, could I, but when...

Or even my very favorite
The future on what I
made it

Where I've come to go, an gone now
But how I'm there? there's no How...

Or reenacting that very moment
Of what you should of said
An you know it

But yet at last
It's just a dream
An only there
It is what it seems!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kayne, Kid Cudi- Welcome To Heartbreak

Don't adjust your screen, cuz your not seeing things. A true testament to Kanye's artistic vision!

Fuck if I want HIM!

Today's topic was brought on by a number of my friends, with penises. Usually this topic is often discussed among my girls, but its cute to here my boys input. Not cute, in the sense that their views hold no weight, but cute as in comical. Its funny how your male friends can give the greatest most soundest advice, about love an what a man should do. But when you scope there internal affairs, you realize they're acting a damn fool themselves. If not, putting some girl through the same thing you've called them for. Its like they just choose not to implement their own suggestions.

But in today's case, the crossroads in a relationship were your either Done or choose to Progress. This is usually a women's internal battle of "I love him" or "Fuck if I want HIM!" When your best friends claim your in denial an expect some relapse, or hoping you'll stick to your guns an chuck up the deuce. Today I was talking to my boy Jay an he said "There's a point you reach the end of the bullshit and your not willing to lose that one you love. Your tired of dating, or meeting new parents" an whatnot. That basically a man will put down his pride for the few great women they're soo rarely allotted in there lifetime. But I'm pretty sure there's been instances were he's gambled a heart an not cared. If he did, does he believe in karma?

My boy Lou said "Fav every girl reaches that point" Jay said "Once she's gotten there, its up to the man to step it up or fall back!" But my question is Why does it have to get to that point when most men know that point exist? Why do women have to say, Fuck it I'm done? Are you really gonna ride the little boy bike till the wheels fall off, then grown up? How can you harbor the conscience of hurting the person care for or love? While knowing, although they forgive they least likely forget. The other day this boy told me he had a good one, an he let her get away. Asked me if I knew her (but I didn't) an he still reflected on it, till this day. I rather give my all, than say what if.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If I get EXCITED, I want to Climax!

I don't know about you, but I don't have sex for sport. I know whoever I'm with will be pleased, but will I? I know plenty of girls who deal with guys who are HORRIBLE in bed! Its frankly pathetic, if you know someone who strokes like a virgin or worse.....

The crazy ones, are the guys that sincerely think they're great (an we know how you love to say your the best) an when its all over, your like WTF just happened! Did he just come? This is not turning me on? This shit hurts? Can he find a rhythm? Where's the foreplay? You call that foreplay??? You can't be serious....

The sad part about it is sometimes is, we already expect it to be wack, but we give you some anyway because we love you or care. Its hard if your partner is the worst in bed. Women are programed to not bash an hurt a man's ego, especially when it comes to sex. That's exactly why there is a term "FAKED IT" out there. When you just want him to hurry up an get the hell off you, you moan an make those sounds that he needs to hear, to hurry him up. I've never been w/ a man who've hadn't climaxed, to bad they can't say the same. When I was younger, I heard some women never felt that sensation, an it baffled me. Now I understand how that could be true.

There are alot of men who are just lazy and inexperienced. I'm not talking about how many partners but, what it takes to fulfill them. Guys watch a porn or talk to there friends, an figure that's how they should touch you, to give you what you need. But understand, your friends girl is NOT your girl, and that might not work for her. Or you maybe doing it the wrong way, in regards to how she likes it. Get off your ass an put in some work! I can't lie, that personally disgusts me, because it makes you change your perception of someone. Seriously, especially if I voice my opinion, an you come with that again an again. Its only but so much, love can compensate for, before your on you own an you can't get me wet anymore. Till I have to blame it on being tired, time of the month or whatever. An the only reason for me continuing to fulfill your needs and a inkling of mines, is not not have sex with someone else! That's speaking for most women.

Just because, you do a lil something once or twice a year, really means nothing in retrospect. Would you like it if your girl pleased you on holidays, an flat backed all year round?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't Deny What Is Real.... by:Faviola

I don't know what to do, follow through, or be jaded
Say what if, or be glad that we made it
You started a game, an forgot how to play it
An now I am through, so much for complacent

I can be gone tomorrow, in a flick of an instant
Fuck good byes, leave you reminiscent
You neva knew what you had, but you will know when you miss it
I couldn't help you win, you were losing to begin with

You care what they think, but I'm what they're after
You sing the blues, while they offer me laughter
You play the rules, while they play on your heart
They hope you fuck up, to finish what you start

I get countless offers, it is quite amusing
They think that your dumb an don't know what your doing
Its like watching you drown w/o reaching to pull in
You made it so an now, your the only one your fooling

I thought you were stubborn, but in time you would learn
Don't deny what is real, for your heart will then burn

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh What FUN When You Marry Young!

When you think of "MARRIAGE", you think of just settling down and getting serious. When did getting married, turn into the end of days?!?! That's sooo SAD, especially when it should be the opposite. I think mid 20's are the Perfect time to get married personally. It's semi young an GREAT! Just think about it, the reason why people dread marriage, is because somewhere they were told that's when the joy ends. But on the contraire that's where it really begins. I don't know about you, but my husband is gonna be ecstatic I'm his wife!!! lol

Marrying your bestfriend should be the best day of your life! I'm talking about cutting up an acting a damn fool for the world! I rather marry young.....

Getting married in the your 30's is wack because the imaginations gone. Its all about business, an you wonder why divorce is soo high. You didn't like each other when you got married to begin with, an treated it like a partnership from the start. Your bored, barely talk to each other an eventually stop having sex. Followed by endless years of using your kid(s) as an excuse of staying where your at. Shit, now that's terrible!

But to marry in your mid 20's, is the best of both worlds if you think about it. Cut the B.S an grow up for a minute. It only takes about a year and a half to know, if you want to marry someone. I could never understand the selfishness of making someone wait years upon years for nothing. If your not cheating and you know you love them, its like what the hell your waiting for. Let's get this party started! There's millions of pros for me.....

* You an your spouse can enjoy each other alone w/o rushing to have kids.
* You can travel the world together while your bodies are still HOT!
* You can act a damn fool in public like "Dick an Jane" lol
* You have plenty of time to grow together w/o being stuck in your ways.
* Play house w/ a new piece of lingerie every night.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HBCU's have come to Victoria's Secret!

As of last year, Victoria's Secret has extended there PINK collection to include universities. Creating sweats and comfortable lounge wear, for campus women. Displaying university names and logos, to show your school spirit at a number of schools. Sadly enough, HBCU's were never among the selection. Until Now! There are five new editions to the school roll, Howard University, Hampton University (sold in stores only), FAMU, North Carolina A&T State U and Southern University. I will shed a tear for Morgan State who didn't make the list....
There's a variety of things to choose from, so Rep ya school!

Jennifer Hudson- If This Isn't Love

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 reasons to LOVE Lilly Allen!

1) She doesn't give a F*ck!

2) Blew up from Myspace! Who shops deals anymore?

3) Sasha Fierce, Amy Whinehouse, an Corrine Bailey Ray wrapped in one.

4) She's your bad conscience w/ an angels voice!

5) Her music is the Truth! Far from the mundane!

6) She makes Blatant excuses for the use of Heron!
F*ck You Rehab!

7) Her obvious weight loss, makes her even more Fabulous!
Just enough!

8) She's pro getting WASTED in Public!
The inspiration of "Blame it" lol

9) You've heard of the LOVE song, well she's created F*CK Off songs! w/a smile!

10) Got the balls to talk shit to Elton John in public!

Dream- Rockin that Sh@T!

I LOVE this song!

How Valentines Day Should Be!

I would say that February 14th is a gift and a curse! When your in Love there's nothing better than running around trying to surprise them. Or compete with your friends for the best gifts, as it implys you got the best mate. But, if your alone it's like Hell on earth! You feel unloved, unwanted and undesired, that you couldn't even get a card.

I remember in high school, one year (when all our boyfriends graduated) me an all my girls wore all black. Even though we had valentines, it wasn't the same, because they weren't around. I know in college, there's no extremes to the day like before. No flowers sent to classes, no balloons upon balloons carried around. None of that showboating around your love to others.

Men shouldn't hate this day, or see it as another Hallmark swindle! You should want to be sweet, charismatic, an romantic! Let's be real, the day of courting from prospective suitors are DONE! On a slim to none chance, we actually have someone who's sincerely sweet and good to you yearly. Valentines day is that day that you can't forget to shine. It's your day, your perfect and that extreme exception. My best advice is to just surprise someone! I know personally I LOVE surprises. It shows them that you took the time an effort to show them you care. Anyone can say happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

She's NOT that into You!

So I know "VALENTINE'S DAY" is Saturday, an Love is in the air. But were gonna steer away from all that gushy stuff. Watching the movie "He's Not that into you" made me wonder about the signs that guys don't pick up on.

Clue 1: If she's sweet to you, and you two hang out an don't have SEX.... She's either

*Passing time since her man's away{Army, School, Job Training} with you!
*Having Sex with someone else!

*She's tryna figure out if the one she wants....WANT HER!

Clue 2: If she doesn't call.....She's either

*In a Relationship!
*Didn't want to give you her # to begin with, but didn't want to be the Bitch!

*Was attracted to you, but changed her mind!

Clue 3: If she doesn't....

*Want you to call/text her...
*Want to make plans for the weekend...

*Listen to you when you talk...
{Women who care REALLY pay Attention}

*Mind going THREE days without hearing from you...
*Mind you dating other women after a period of time


You see, women are rarely up for any kind of games. We just want Prince charming an to live Happily Ever After. Snow White, ain't never want to hook-up with all seven dwarfs!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valetine Music Mix Selections!

Bedtime- Usher.............. Again- Lenny Kravitz

Greatest Sex- R.Kelly...... Til The Cops Come Knockin- Maxwell

Halo- Beyonce'...................... Anytime- Janet

I'll Make Love Too You- Boyz to Men......... Anything- Jahiem

Serve You Up- Raheem Devaughn.......... Beauty- Dru Hill

I Need Love- Robin Thicke................. I'll Be There- Jackson 5

If Your Not The One- Daniel Bedingfield........ Kissing You- Total

What Would You Do?- Ronald Isley....... Dreaming Of You- Selena

I'm In Love With You- Eryka Badu..... Body Is A Wonderland- John Mayer

I'm Ready For Love- India Arie............ Feenin'- Jodeci

Let Me Know- Aaliyah...... Put That On Everything- Brandy

Cococure- Maxwell....................... Phone Sex- Avant

I Want To Know- Joe.................... On Top Of Me- Tyrese

The Only One For Me- Brian McKnight..Speechless- Micheal Jackson

What's On Tonight- Montell Jordan......... Sweet Love- 112

Beautiful You Are- IMX................... Raindrops- R.Kelly

When You Kiss Me- Shania Twain... Can't Get Enough- Willie Max

Pussycat Dolls- Bottle Pop!

I don't know if I approve of that Mike Tyson tattoo or paint on her face!

He's Just Not That Into YOU!

Excluding a ridiculously great ensemble of a cast, this movie is the TRUTH! Comedy, Intrigue an well written Satire is hard to come by nowadays. Kudos! The movie dissects male insensitivity at its BEST! You know sometimes you think someones really not an asshole, an that there maybe something more to him. There ISN'T! He's just happy with the way he is. lmao Sorry... It makes women stop making excuses for LOSERS.......quite refreshing.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cookie Monters 99 Problems!

WARNING: This is Hilarious an NOT for Children! lol

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lady Gaga- "Eh Eh"

I Love this song, an previously posted about it awhile back so enjoy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I REFUSE to watch "Brandy's" Brother!

Flavor Flav= Dried up Crack head
Real Chance of Love= One brother w/ a perm and Weave
(Yes! he admitted it was a Weave)
Another brother w/ a scary case of ADD and Anger Management.
+ Ray J =
Three Generations of COONS from the African American Culture.... Congrats!

Enough is ENOUGH! If your sooo over the COONS & SLUTS say I ......I! Slick talk an pussy popping, in bikini's on a Monday night. How original VH1! Our generation is sadly sexually deprived, and revel in IGNORANT SHIT!

Adios Girls Next Door! Hello KENDRA!

OK! So as you know, Kendra Wilkinson is no longer a girlfriend of Hugh Hefner's. She's currently Hank Baskett's fiance', due to wed late spring at the Playboy mansion. Recently revealing secrets from the mansion, might have canceled expected wedding dates. Though Hef was hurt at first, Kendra promptly stopped by, bearing apologies and explanations. Hefner, who now has three "New" girlfriends, said all was well an forgiven. Kendra, is now in starts of her own reality show, on the "E!" network. She was always my favorite of the "Girls Next Door" an I wish her much success!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What the F@&%? Arab $$$$?

Why would you even make a video talking about "Arab Money?" Knowing you don't got no money! Your company couldn't even fund the illusion of it! WTF??? Looks cheap as hell....Lmao!

Erykah Badu is in Labor!

If I just told you, I just woke up an Erykah Badu just told me she was in labor, would you believe me?
Well it don't matter, cuz she did, an she is! By late tonight, you'll catch wind of this. Right now her contractions are about 3 minutes apart an she's just breathing. So CONGRATS Mamma, your Beautiful!!! This will be her third child by an up coming Rapper "Jay Electronica." They're having a baby GIRL!