Friday, August 30, 2013

This post was written in 2010..... Left in the drafts

Sometimes I wanna scream
soo frustrated with life it seems
I don't understand or grasps
your concept of things

I'm just a girl in a world
with not much to believe in
it's hard to put faith in love
So deceiving

What should I fold
or decide to believe in
If I can't trust what I'm told
Or believe what I'm seeing

Everything you do
Is done for a reason
Far be it that it's seen
by my eyes for some reason

People do what's done particularly for a reason,
Far be it that I see
(it held purpose within a season)
It must be for a reason

I know I dare not judge
but somethings I don't respect.
So I just step right aside
before your emotions are subject