Monday, April 26, 2010

Born Free

.::WARNING::. Materials slightly graphic

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Thin Line Between Ungrateful

Is your mate ungrateful,
Are you just not what you use to be?

Nowadays, more so to say the least that seems to be the problem. The issues vary. Though they walk a fine line. But how can you tell? Most often, the ones in the relationship fail to tell one another. How is your situation going to get better, if you lack communication. Copping an attitude doesn't tell someone they're unappreciative. It just tells them your moody and temperamental.

Most women don't have an issue with demanding how they should be treated. Men on the other hand... its hard to call. A man will tell you his limits, and let you find your way. They don't whine! If they're unhappy, they'll act out. Sometimes the biggest resolution is compromise. Yes, you want this, but he can't provide it at the moment. My initial thought is, get yourself. But if your that spoiled, it's not even an option. How about you build him up an do something for him. Instead of making him feel any lesser of a man. If they love you and try their best to keep you happy, you should be happy.

Material possessions, should never way soo heavy on your joy. Both parties need to learn to be consistent. Still chase her and make her feel desired. Ladies, don't get beside yourself. If you was this bitchie and self absorbed when he met you, you'd probably be single now. So many women complain about what men don't do. But could you be him for a month. Work hard, buy him $800 sneakers, go out weekly an front the tab Every time and pay all the bills. Then with what little money left, you can then take care of you. Think about it. But, they do it because they love you and choose to.

Lastly, I was told that love is a constant evolving growing force. It's continuously shifting and expanding with time. So bottom line..... Never get comfortable.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

V V Brown

English recording artist

V V Brown
is my new melodic love....

Latest single: Shark In The Water

Friday, April 16, 2010

What's in your Trick Bag!

What's too much too fast?
Do you know when to show your sexual wild cards?

A lot of women are revved up to please the new boo, and show him all what she can do. Food and sex are often the things they try to master. Cook the best meals while supplying the best sex. The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While the best way to keep him attached to your heart is, through his little head. Blame the media, blame the standards, and blame whomever. But there is a "TURN-OFF" button. I myself thought that giving your all sexually, was a good thing. Yet it's been brought to my attention that most women do it in a sloppy manner. There is a sexual tempo that most dudes abide by.

If your just an after hours smut, than by all means carry on. This doesn't apply to you! But after conversing with a handful of gentlemen last night. It's been brought to my attention that women aren't selective as they should be. In regards to, their trick bag. Men love and seek to enjoy sex to the fullest... BUT!!!! Take your time, before you scare them away. Sometimes they may want to feel as if it maybe y'all "FIRST" time trying such position. If you go on a first date and cap if off by swallowing the park...! Trust and believe your gonna get a blank stare. You don't know him. Lets be honest. So the question arises, "Does she do this with everyone?" If so, then she's just about to be at the top of my sex call list. I'm not taking her and her day-care of a mouth serious.

The same thing applies for back door access. If your just shoving it in without the "TALK" like it's standard?!?! You may get your feelings hurt. That's not the ABC's of sex. More like the X,Y area. Be selective and learn your tempo.


Possibly the DMV's Summer's Anthem?!?!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To BE or Not to BE the Bigger Person?

I don't know why this just came to my mind, but I found myself laughing in bed. Everyone says you have to be the bigger person, but why? Let's be honest. Some actions aren't warranted forgiveness. It's not that I hate you. I just don't care about you enough to appease your state of mind. There's a reason, to why I love the comedic genius Larry David. He's a realist! Some people are moronic assholes, who get-over daily. They aren't genuine, sincere or even goodhearted. Yet, they seek appraisal, love and compassion. The very things they lack.

I'm a God fearing person, an we all know about forgiveness... BUT! Don't get your feelings hurt. Some people's hearts need to be handled with mittens, while others need to be dropped. If you've wrong someone, and genuinely regret it just apologize. You know what you did. You know why they're mad. Cut the confusion. Some people don't give a damn about you or your feelings when they're consumed in themselves. ME, MY, I! You were irrelevant at that point in time. Then as their actions backfire an go south, they seek refuge and redemption. An it's not politically correct to hold a grudge, but you want to say F-U!

Like men who don't like each other and proceed to shake hands and back-stab one another. Is it the male need for popularity, or the need of being accepted? I rather be a Bitch and a Woman then! For the mere fact.. if I don't care for YOU... we are not speaking! I don't care if your next to me. I can't stand fraudulent facades. We have one life. An realizing the absence of others in "YOURS" ..will make it better! It will leave you happier and less stressed. Ones happiness, should never be compromised. Because sadly enough, most people wouldn't feel sorry if their intent wasn't exposed. Some people can have a bad moment, when they get out of character. But recalling bad judgment over and over? Reflects you just have "BAD" character. It is what it is.

You should forgive some people, but not everyone. You don't need to be buddies. It's not wishing any illness or ill intent, but being true to you. That person is not important enough to stress over or acknowledge. People always equate ignoring with being upset. When in all actuality, you just don't care. They're just that insignificant to you, and it's ok. We're adults! So accountable, is what you'll be held.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wale Pretty Girls Remix

Pretty Girls Remix ft. Chris Brown & Fabulous ::DOWNLOAD::