Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Multiple orgasims for MEN!

Sex Tips For Men: Learn and enjoy!
Just press play while its loading....who says you don't learn something new EVERYDAY!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Blake's Goodbye!!!

Proclaimed to be the #1 Draft pick
Blake Griffin is "IT!!!!"

Playing Forward at 251lbs, this boy is a PROBLEM!
His stats include 08-09: PPG- 22.7 APG- 2.3 3P%- .375 RPG- 14.4 BPG- 1.2 SPG- 1.1
Not to mention this 20 yr old is only a Sophomore, averaging 25pts a game this season.

"It's not like growing up I had in my mind I was training him to become the greatest college player in America" ~Taylor

Taylor Griffin is a Senior at Oklahoma along side his baby, brother holding down the court. Playing against MSU is what made me notice Blake. I of course wanted him to lose, since I use to be a Bear. Though I was somewhat embarrassed by Ameer Ali's attempt at a flagrant foul. That could of broke the lil boys neck, an was quite unnecessary.

But Blake's talent is undeniable!!!! While losing to North Carolina last night, Blake still managed to pull out 23 pts an 16 rebounds. It's looking like a goodbye to College as he graduates to the big league....but we'll see!

Fat Babies

Are the freakin Cutest.........lls

Look at those cheeks....

You know the tire company was inspired lol

They say pets reflect their owners lmao

Only one person shared my love for the fat babies an he knows who he is!......

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The rain makes me wanna.....

Waking up to birds chirping in the distance
I can't help but feel like something is missing
It rained all week, an into the weekend
While I just wanted some kisses, above anything
I just wanted to spoon, hug or sumptin
With no intention of being out
I was just down for some loving
Quality time or what you may call it
I was fine until the rain started
So I locked it down, an resorted to silence
Didn't feel like mingling, or entertaining no nonsense
Didn't want no dates, be courted, an no missions
Had to put the team on pause!
Yea, that was my decision
I just wanted to feel at home, instead of searching for what.... it isn't.

It isn't love, an I don't care.
I don't even miss you, when you not there.
I can go some days, when we don't speak.
The sound of ya voice don't make me weak.
Don't piss me off, cuz your smile can't save you.
Odds is, I will dismiss an replace you.
I don't know why, I just don't care.
Oh an can keep your paws, out of my hair.
Cuz if we just met...
When did the transition get missing
It takes some time, so uncloud your vision
Take a breath...Breathe...Relax....Hold
I don't have the time for someone to mold
Weeeeeeell...maybe I do! lls
Who's to say that I won't?
But if you assume
Just start with a DON'T!


Click the Soundtrack of the weekend:
Keri Hilson- Knock You Down
New Edition- Can You Stand The Rain
SWV- Rain

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lady Gaga- "Love Game"

I love lady Gaga! An I'm proud she's busting out these video's. They can't call her underground no more!!! lmao

Banned Family Guy

This soo funny! lol But leave Entourage Alone....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dallas cop denies access to Death bed!!!

When I was at work yesterday an saw this, I became furious!!! Its a shame how people who are supposed to serve us, harm us an not care. In the whole time that officer stopped, harassed an wrote that ticket....his mother in-law DIED!!! Th e officer is now currently undergoing investigation an, leave with pay till further notice. Most presume he'll be fired, as they held a press conference expressing their deepest apologies. Thank god for the video tape!!!

4 in the morning!

Ok so I just got in an Im blasting Keri Hilson. Its 4 sumptin in the morning on a Thursday night. Im beyond done an stumbled in the house since I haven't had no hard liquor in 09. I saw my boy Odi tonight among that, far an an few in between. sleepy as hell! Shadowroom wasn't the best by far but it was cool celebrating my peoples birthday! I got that good food in me after an my heads ringing but I'm straight. I tried to write a tipsy blog but can't focus. This pillow is looking mighty sexy. lmao I tried to see if my folks was up on #TAD (Twitter After Dark) but they faked out early tonight. An that's all I got for ya lol.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kanye's ex...Brooke! Keri's double?

At first I thought Keri Hilson an Kanye looked cute together, but now I think he misses his girl! lmao It takes me back to that ol puffy video "I need a girl" ft. Usher, where the girl looked like J-lo.... But I can't be mad at the woman who inspired 808 Heartbreak! I love that album!!! lol

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sex Sex SEX! Whose gotta have it MORE?

Men or Women, who has the bigger Appetite?

I know men in most cases get blamed for a lot. Not to say they don't deserve it most of the time, but we gotta be real people. When it comes to sex, who's gotta have it more??? Now women always been viewed as virginal and proper. Men have been known to be, promiscuous and leaders at infidelity. But this ain't the 40's people, and the stats are starting to line up. For the amount of men that ain't shit, you'll find the women turning tricks. Now for the most part, you'll hear someone say, we all like sex but women have more self control. An I know its sad to say, but I do so agree.

In most cases, men get blamed for what most people don't understand. Noooo! I won't be making excuses for a rolling ass ninja (i.e. whore) but, you may forget some things. When men hit puberty an their balls drop, the slightest things turn them on. They will get hard with the blow of the wind, an that's when they peak sexually. A man's sexual peaks are, from the mid-teens to the mid twenty's. But, they're YOUNG!!! So a lot of they're actions end up being reckless, detrimental and unapologetic. They DON'T care! They're excited and just throw caution to the wind, for every monetary bliss. I know your like soo, it's no excuse but that's life. You do a lot of dumb shyt when your young, period. An at the end of the day, its actions being carried out by a young minded individual. So what do you expect?

Now women on the other hand, think they slick. Men don't even catch on, an it's hilarious. We go through the exact same thing, an act the exact same way, about ten yrs. later after guys peak. The difference isssssss **Drum roll** we're a lot older, wiser and mature by then. So we react a lot better, and are able to control the situation. Not saying that's always the case, cuz men or women are both reckless at times. It's just that at this point, women develop a sexual independence. If ya man can't keep up, then you'll get a younger man who's still peaking. Those women are typically called "Cougars" like Demi Moore. An instead of finding any and everyone to scratch that itch, like a young boy. WE HAVE TOYS!!!! Think about it. We have hundreds of sexual toys, to fulfill our needs instead of running out an acting on them. Dildos, Bullets, Rabbits, Pu**y pumps, we have them all. An if I get ONE more evite to a toy party (lol) this year alone, an its only march........MARCH! lol

I say women want it just as much as men. Shyt! We may even want it more at times, an that's why all these older men are popping blue pills. It's human nature, plus it feels pretty damn good when done right. So you shouldn't be embarrassed, but don't be a hotass. Cuz when you do, you'll surely receive the consequences! Whether it be a sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy, or ruining your relationship. It's all on YOU!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The WrOng Ni**a can Ruin a Baaaad Bytch!......

So yesterday I was observing a few things that made me say.....Wow! that's wild. So I was catching up with my girls and they was giving me the updates on everyone. Breakups an so forth and how they are now. Then I go on FB (Facebook) an bust out laughing at all these status's. The dudes were HILARIOUS, cuz they go hard. Like "F#ck that B@tch and I'm a do me." While some girl is like "I'm devastated, excuse last nights language on my status" lmao But what breaks my heart, is when someone changes for the worst. Its like a piece of their soul died an left them in the break up.

"Once a good girls goin bad, shes gone forever..
And mourn forever
Shit I gotta live with the fact I did you wrong forever" ~JayZ

Like a beautiful girl with soo much promise who got with the wrong dude, who just brought her down. Rarely had anything nice to say, and spoke to her like a child. Broke her down, till she eventually became insecure. Did soo much deceitful, hurtful things till she lost faith in people. For every compliment she received, he would in turn complain and insult. An the crazy thing is, that the women would never leave till it was too late. An the person she once were, no longer existed.

How does that happen? You know men always say "If your mean to her, you can have her." Ain't that a fcked up mentality??? You would hurt an mentally abuse someone purposely? An women feed into it, cuz they don't understand. Its like "What did I do?" syndrome. Maybe it's me, so if I do this an that, he will change. I've seen the Baaaaddddest Girls/Women, be reduced to some insecure, evil, revengeful mess! An its like WOW!!! What happened? When did you become like this?....

I just want to smile!!! I don't want to worry about the man in my life. I would hope he has my best interest at heart an shows respect in my absence. No one can respect your relationship if YOU don't! I want a MAN that can hold me down. So if I reach for the stars an fall, I would land in his arms an we'll still be in the clouds!!! You just want to be with someone who makes you want to be a better person.

"For this position the requirement is inspirement!" ~ Kanye

Chris Grand Producer Extraordinaire


He is a producer that resides in New York. His team is.....
"Get Wet Entertainment."
One of the most well-known promotion groups in New York. Get familiar with them.

TRUST you wont regret it!

This is the Mixtape for the SxSW music festival created by producer Chris Grand and DJ Monumental of the GWC...

Chris Grand x DJ Monumental presents...The Fruits of Labor (G.O.O.D Music).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keri Hilson at Club 24 3/20/09

Keri Hilson will be in DC Friday Night, at club 24. The newest, sexiest spot in town. Along with hosting, she will be PERFORMING a song or two. Attire is Grown an Sexxy all day. 18 to party an of course 21 to drink. Ladies get there Early cuz then men will be OUT looking goooood for their girl!!! lmao

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For the Love of Favi or Whatever makes you Happy!

Mono says "For the LOVE of Favi"

Lou says "Whatever makes you Happy"....

OK world! So lately its been CRAAAAAAZY! As far as the dating scene in P.G/DC. Its pretty much just me going to work an going out. I just officially became a real free agent, an some teams are offering some good ass contracts. My boys Lou lou an Mono are my day an nights. Lou is my go to guy who breaks down ALL the bullshit. He tell me to ditch that nigga in a heartbeat, or get to know him. An he always ends it with, "Whatever makes you HAPPY." lol

Mono is a new infiltrator to my circle. He loves the Fav, but I offered him the homie card. Now understand that, everyone doesn't get offered that. Odds are, if its not gonna happen for us, I'll chuck up the deuce an its just hugs when we see each other. But I saw that he possessed an realness about him, with an hint of asshole-ness that was much needed. lmao An he always says "Fav your P.G/DC's most wanted"....."Its for the LOVE of Favi out here." lmao

Of course, in reference to the suitors at hand. All different an quite amusing, I end up tripping over my thoughts. Its hard deciphering bullshit while digesting sincerity's. That's why I have my boys, cuz they will pull ya card. Lou will tell me if I'm over analyzing or if I should tell someone to KR (Kick Rocks) = Get lost. An Mono just laughs while trying to pull out his bullshit radar. His bullshit patrol is ON POINT an he always give me the male view. But that's largely in part to the bullshit he's fed countless others. lmao

I've come across soo many types of people. From the....

Go Getter- Refuses to hear NO, he will have you in his life
Partly owns something an has his hand in a lot

Shy Guy-
Not sure how to approach you

Wants you to be his #1 fan

Cool Guy-
Swagger rigggghht!

Shadow watcher- The guy who's been admiring from a far waiting for that guy to fck up!
The Comedian- If he can make you laugh, he can make you do anything
Card Shower-
No cards an No games....will you have this ring

Lipstick Lesbian-
Soo pretty that she's Bold! She don't care an will go smack at you!!!

Mr. Back-Pocket-
That guy is making sure he has ALL his shit right for you so when he does.... its A Wrap!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gold for Bread.... Literally


A new form of genocide, don't you think? How can this poverty stricken country have the audacity to make people survive by ridiculous means.? Except for jewelry you probably own, who has gold bricks? During the last depression most Americans did till the government ordered that they all be turned in. Now picture if the bank said "Sorry your dollars are worthless". How could you eat and live? That's like putting a bullet to your head without actually doing it. A slow death!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture Perfect 2

Today's a chill day an I'm feelin special! I got this poem about a two weeks ago, an its hot shyt. Feelin loved an soo I'm a just showcase a poem. I'm happy to be your muse dear friend....

Ok so I'm chillin, tryna find something to write about when I come across a picture of the SAME girl on my friends list LMAO…

Picture Perfect Part 2

You’re still “picture-perfect”, but this picture’s more than perfect babe…
…And it fits you like a picture fits its perfect frame.
You got the perfect frame; official like “The Whistle-Mane”
But this camera phone picture HERRE, is your claim to fame;

It’s safe to say this close-up here really claims your lane…
…And you STILL got that “calendar-girl swag”
You don’t gotta model months- this “EVERYDAY-GIRL”s BAAD!... Haha

Yeah you like that! You stimulate MY SWAGGG-
Looking at this picture- Why you looking at me like that???....
“mmm mmm…deep breath…sigh- DAGGG”…(gat-damn)
Ok-Ok… I’m back…my baad!…(my bad) :D

I can be silent for a bar, you’d still know what I mean…
I’ll just be silent one whole bar, and show you what I mean…ha
Was at a lost for words, lots of words- you know what I mean- AYE lls

I’m “wowed” by this girl; she’s a Martian, a creature-
She’s ‘out of this world’; Picture perfect: Mona Lisa…
Touching the screen like I’m blind tryna see ya;
But-just-can’t-put my finger on your best feature…

…Is it your eyes; is it your hair; is it your lips?
Or I-just-can’t-put my fingers on your best feature (by the pic) lol
Head shot; you’re no amateur at this-
Web Cam flicks; looking like professional pics….

….Blow a kiss; yess, “model for me baby”…
Damn it looks like you got professional LLLips-
WAIT!!! (Nothing’s wrong with that- don’t take that the wrong way!) lls
You really got me on this, confessional shit.

What can I say about your eyes and your skin tone? Hmm..
…You look like- you deserve your own ring-tone;
“Brown-Eyed Girl”? “Brown Skin”? Which one?
How about “Picture Perfect”; Part 1 or this one?- AYE! lls

Picture Perfect!...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Steak an BJ Day

Happy Men's Valentines Day Everyone!!!! Don't hurt anyone........I won't be participating till I'm married probably but be SAFE! LMAO

Instructions: Filet, Ribeye, Sirloin...whatever he likes!!!
Your Sexiest lingerie
Relentless appetite to spoil your mate!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Title an No Strings Attached

Soo so so Good morning people! This topic was provoked by an SC honey of mine Mia. An a male friend of mine who was just baffled by it all. She basically asked if it was a good or bad thing, to be in a situation with "NO STRINGS ATTACHED." I said No! lol

I hate it when I see girls try an be tough an act like they don't care, when they do. Stick to what you do, an if he's not wit it, you don't really want him. I know it's kinda the text book answer. But hey....its the truth. Now what I don't like, are the guys that are frauds! We know that women care an have emotions....yada yada yada. But some men straight up an LIE! A lot of women don't know what they've gotten into, until two months later. After time an emotions have been invested and established. Like who the hell is going to volunteer for the bullshit? An I'm a be the first to tell ya, I don't give damn what a nigga tell you. You come ask me and I will tell you the truth! lmao

I see soo many people wrapped up in unnecessary foolishness. Claim they don't like drama but they are showing there ass out here. I know you may want someone, but if they let
you know its JUST SEX do you really want em? Are you able to handle that? Do you understand that there will be nothing more??? Cuz you'll be mad as fuck later when that shit is just now processing. A lot of people are blindsided by their wants, that they're not realistic. I'm not about to sign up an let some dude beat the pink out of my p#### for fun. Just because!!! I don't know about you, but I'm not emotionless. I love me, an odds is you would, and have, if you fucked wit me. All that, is just to messy, an a real fine line that people try to walk.

Being an a relationship with "NO TITLE" is like the eye of a storm. Kinda like Beyonce' and Jay, when everyone knows y'all "ARE" but you just don't say it or stamp it. You do everything together, go everywhere together and talk about everything. But the "BUT" is your NOT official. Soo all the technicalities are very soo much present. I can date other people but I love you. You sleep in my bed almost every night, but if I get drunk with my boys an have sex with a random girl. I'm technically single, cause I'm not ready to commit. Its a toxic situation that you'll end up fighting yourself with.

Heart v.s Mind

P.s don't get me wrong, there are some women out here that go harder than some of these men. They know what they want..take it an keep it moving. Just don't light that flame, if you can't handle the fire.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beats by Dr.DRE

Released January 6th 2008
Besides the unique design, that makes you gravitate towards them, there known as the BEST around.

Prices range from $299.95- $349.95
Provides exceptionally crisp audio, with warm mids and thumping bass.
Cannot be used without batteries.

Seems like lately, EVERY artist somehow features them in their videos.

Keri Hilson :Turning me on
Charles Hamilton :Brooklyn Girls
Lady Gaga : Eh Eh
There's a hell of alot more, you just gotta pay attention next time you see one.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Don Ghotti Mixtape2

This DEFINITELY a nice summer selection. An YES! Ladies you can blast this as well. Be sure to play this to the very end to hear my shout out! lls you know I love it.

**Ladies Only** Get your I Heart DG Pin by simply Downloading my Mixtape & sending MSG!

The Adventures of Don Ghotti & Don Pitts - Official Mixtape Vol. 2 **Playlisting**

1) The Clearport - Intro
2) The Mama and the Papas FT. Tupac/ California Dreaming
3) Jamili Brown/ Blown
4) No Gimmicks FT. T Pain/ Everybody Else
5) Zshatwa/ Fresh
6) The Plague/ She Ain't Got No Clothes On
7)The Plague/ MoreLike a Anthem
8) The Bar B Q - Phone Call
9) Otis Lee/ Don't
10) Prema Lanay/ Heartbreaker
11) Colin Monroe FT. Young Buck/ I'm Fine
12) Prema Lanay/ Loving a Junkie
13) Bishop City feat. QT Jazz & DG/ Ice Creams and Polos
14) Nycole Kave/ Mack Girl
15) T!Katz/ 3AM
16) iKandy/Communication
17) Champ B/ Put Your Glasses Up
18) iKandy/Crush
19) Prema Lanay/2:45
20) Zuri Deveraux/ Mile High Club (Accapella)

Bonus Material:
Marky/GUCCI Sweats
V.A.D.O/ Letter To Big

Friday, March 6, 2009

Shoes on DEMAND!

Kanye's Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 09'
in stores June

Nike SB March 2009 Sneaker Released on Tuesday 3/3/09
Lewis Leathers For Comme des Garcons SHIRT/Spring 09'

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bye Bye T.O!!!

Terrell Owens has Officially been released from the
Dallas "COWBOYS"

I personally don't know why! He's improved his attitude an everything that makes him great! He seemed to compliment Tony Romo perfectly. He had a 3yr. 27 million deal, so he got $$$ coming! He'll be missed....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Check out: Successful

Download Mixtape

I remember when this album came out, I had "Replacement Girl" on replay! He came out with the video for it too, but it ain't pick up.

Drake - Replacement Girl feat. Trey Songz

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Housewives of ATL Sneak Peek!

Chill Moody

Whose motto is....
"Why try to fit in when your a stand out?"

99- Ill Do You Right featuring dub - Yung Chill

"Don't take it as me being cocky or full of myself because bess believe, I am far from either. Just take it as real rap frum a real niggah" ~Chill Moody

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kanye' Quotes from Storytellers!

"Super Hero Music!" -Kanye' West
{Just a few words dat caught my eye}

"Real People Grow....an I wanna Sing My Growth!"

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain....I'm CHILLIN!"

"I apologize for acting like Bitch at awards shows!....It's an award show."

"Yet again I apologize for my ungracious-ness"

"I learned people in Chicago were wrong, an I've been an Asshole all along! ...Alot of things you learn are wrong so don't be asshole too long."

"It's nothing better than, someone you know an love! Even if, you know you can't love them no more!.....So they take precedence over anybody you dating or going out with."

"Does this hurtful comment have a receit?"

"50 look at me now, sitting on the ground with my Pink shirt on, does this look gay to you?"

"I'm a dart board...I can take it!"