Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inside the Dj Booth w/ QUICKSILVA

Got FEVER?!?!

Inside the DJ Booth | Quicksilva | Part 1 from elitedc on Vimeo.

I'm feeling this interview, as a friend and person w/ respect for the craft. He's doing his thing right now DMV ...Pay Attention! This is the first, of many more to come...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Christina Aguilera -Impossible

I use to love this song! Still do, but I felt like I was the only one. Not to many people had Christina Aguilera's album. Yet as you may know, Alicia Keys produced this song.

Friday, June 11, 2010

CHEAP Black Women is a Sad Epidemic!

I've done a survey among servers in the DMV. The one thing that is consistent is, the well earned stereotype of Black Women.

CHEAP, Needy and RUDE!!!

I don't care if it's offensive, because it's TRUE! I've seen it, over and over. Been somewhat, mortified at times. It's gross to see how some women act, and wonder why people stereotype them. I wouldn't want to serve your ignorant cheap ass either. It shows, how much you lack. It's sad! At a certain age, ones expected to conduct themselves in a certain manner that ceases to exists nowadays.

If you have NO money, why dine out? Why go to someones job, get smart with them, run them around and not pay them? A restaurant is NOT YOUR HOUSE! You can sit where you want. You can have and drink what you like, at your house. If you have to ask "How much is soda?" ..go to Popeye's. If you have to get separate checks w/ your friends, ALL the time. Invest in new ones. How do you not know what you ordered? Is the tax too expensive? All these acts are annoying and tacky! It's embarrassing! WHY? An it's Usually Black Women 17-35yrs of age.

A restaurant is NOT a comedy show. Why are you laughing SO loud? Borderline screaming. It's all about you huh? No one else can eat or talk, and actually enjoy their conversation. An by all means, I'm not advising people to eat in silence. But.. I've heard bytches SQUEAL! Literally groups of girls, scream in laughter. That made EVERYONE, in the restaurant, be like WTF? ...Really?!?!

An I don't know what it is about women and other women, but STOP! Why do you instantly have an attitude with women servers, more so than men? Is there a chromosome, that makes you nicer to dick? I know multiple servers at restaurants, that request men customers because of this. Every five seconds you NEED something else. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY TABLE THAT SERVER HAS!!! An the more your indecisive, the more issues they'll be. You should Never leave less than $5 at any restaurant for ANY tip! If you've spent $100 dollars on food, why are you tipping $6. Have you never been out to eat, without a man paying your way or something? It's baffling!

Or the women who nit pick at EVERY single, little thing and ask for a manager. I cringe, when I see that happen. Obnoxious!

Fight Night: Nicki vs. Kim

Dj Young Cee PRESENTS: FIGHT NIGHT <-Download

Thursday, June 10, 2010

She don't Love you, She Love the Perception

Nowadays, love is just a concept of emotions manufactured by Hallmark! People don't know what the hell they're doing. An sadly enough, women settle. I have seen soo many unhappy women "make it work" just to get by. The men they want, are probably promiscuous, stubborn, emotionless bachelors. So they give up, and move on. Settle down with man, who provides the yellow brick road.

But at what cost. You've latched onto the rebound. They've made you their world. Your the best thing they've ever had, yet your still sad. You didn't want them. You wanted more, but the money throws a fog in your face. You can't see through the haze, until it's too late. An that's why so many women, are cheating with no discretion. He buys you anything you want, an makes sure your his world. Yet in your head, your that other mans girl.

You should never use someones heart, as a comfort zone. Being scared of love, is the fastest way to hurt everyone else while "Protecting" yourself. You end up treating everyone, the way you couldn't fathom being treated. An the older you get, the messier it becomes. Needing a compassionate companion, and or "Friend" is one thing. But enlisting in a half hearted relationship is another. Just because he's SAFE! So you mentally, if not physically cheat, with the one who gives you chills.

The only women who disgust me more, are the ones who solely do it for money. They have a good man who goes above and beyond, but ehhh... it's not enough. They always want that other dude, who oozes that perception of Money, Status and ohhh MONEY! It'll be the quietest, well dressed, proper woman, sending messages for him to come through. Hoping there's a connection, that would give her room to leave her situation. I don't respect those women. Your just a well dressed trick.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Caliber of Man are You?

Are you a Gentlemen or a Jerk?!

Everyday, I see and meet men of a different kind. An I silently grade them. We ALL do it! Your manners, etiquette and language all play a part. Your age puts you in a certain bracket. How each individual excels, solely depends on self growth.

For instance, how one may engage while dinning out. Openly discussing money is tacky. You either have it or you don't. There should be no surprises once the meals have been eaten. Over the table exchange of money is crass. Loud, abrasive, arrogant demeanor's are a sign of insecurity and immaturity. Why are you rude to the waiter? <-Unnecessary! Borderline unacceptable. A man with poor dinning etiquette, shows me he's not accustomed to fine dinning. What I consider fast food.. he considers top notch.

A man's stride, speaks volumes. If he makes sure he's always between you an the road, (while walking) he's a gentleman. Little acts of chivalry, his mother has embed. Along with holding the door an so forth. Never, rudely off setting one another. A man should never walk AHEAD of a women. We're Together! Where are you going? Gentlemen, walk beside their counterparts! There's no pets or children to drag along here. We're adults!

Tones mean everything. Don't base your voice at me. Did my father join this discussion in place of you? In what instance, do you feel barking at a woman will get you respected. You can get your message across in any calm tone. Especially while we're out. Only children throw tantrums. You KNOW better! If you feel the need to belittle, manipulate, degrade any woman to be heard... you need to be ALONE! Go seek guidance within yourself, before you seek anything in another.

But it's also fair to say that, men act accordingly in some cases. How can a man treat you like a woman, when you don't know what is required of a man. You allow men to treat you like anything. Displacing your self worth, instills a standard. Spoken or not.

There are another set of standards that apply in relationships... but I'll leave that for tomorrow!

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