Saturday, August 29, 2009

OFF THAT! Now Edition

If you just got hip to boat shoes this summer.... 
your bout a decade LATE! ~Off That

We aren't on Boat shoe Crocks but I was damn sure surprised to see em'

Bad girls crotch-less ~We Off That

Bad Girls All ACCESS ~We On That

Rooftop parties! ~We OFF That

Rooftop POOL parties! We ON That!!! FTW

Over PACKED Crowded Clubs
LOVE Nightclub ~We OFF That

Lotus & Shadowroom 
Lounges for the Grown & Chill ...We ON That!

R. Kelly on trial for Sexing an Peeing on Babies! We Off That!

Chris Brown doing trials in 09' for beating Rhianna like she's his Child
~We ON that!

Myspace for Networking ~We OFF That

Follow ME! @FAVIOLA_Inc ~We ON That

JayZ Interview on Bill Maher 8/28/09

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yeezy why you Soo FLY?

I Heart Everything Kanye!

Bitch Made Men! {New FRIDAY Weekly Series}

I was talking to one of my girls yesterday about the foolishness she going through with her dude. An it's hard to say he isn't a good man or a man ain't right now-a-days. Cause, most of them are just dumb! Now I love men, especially black men but, y'all are full of more shit then a little bit. So now, I've created a new venue for you ladies to share your stories.


Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE a Man MAN! Respect you, hold you down, 100% REAL an thorough bread. But when I see a man an I see the "Bitch IN Him"......Whoa! It's a sad SAD day! Like Jay-Z expressed, men should carry such emotions or actions... "That's a FEMALE trait!"

Every man wants a "Rider" but can he Hold her DOWN?

Men have mastered manipulation to the third degree. Why would you want a broken woman? Who's weak, passive and believes and puts up with everything you say an do. I want an equal! Someone who keeps me on my toes at all times, that undoubtedly has my back. Loyalty is what everyone strives for in a mate, besides beauty and passion. Yet it's soo hard to come by. The loyalty in your actions, and your heart gets tested daily. It all falls down to "How You Gonna ACT?" The things you do will expose you.

In most cases, a man is QUICK to write a women off it he sees some shadiness. If you act like this off of something basic, what won't you do? Or could you handle something major? Will she be there for me? So why do you think your different in regards to women? We see you for what your worth an put out. Just because I don't call you out every time, doesn't mean I don't see where your hearts at. Women bite their tongue soo much, as to soothe a mans pride. Fuck Pride! A man's pride is his downfall! I can respect an go to bat for you when NO ONE else will, but NOT when I see the Bitch in YOU!

If I ask you to do something an you sit and think of a way to get over w/o directly doing what I asked. Based off assumptions and catering to someone else's emotion and perception instead of mine.... it isn't loyal. That's some Bitch-ness! It's actually deceptive, an manipulative when you feed the bullshit down my throat. Fair is fair an wrong is wrong! Men will "LOUD
Talk" you an get aggressive to shut you up an make you doubt yourself. Just becaus
e your loud and short tempered, doesn't mean your right or I'm going to be scared to confront that. I'm a get in your mix! Especially when you can't man up an a
dmit it an correct it.

Go to Oz an get a Heart!.....

{Contact me @ to share your stories}

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Backdoor Bytches!

Women who keep there eyes CLOSED your likely to get 

It's funny how shady women can act for some DICK! I'm a say it like that, because that's how it is. You will help someone else do dirt, or something you wouldn't like being done to you in a heart beat. Just to benefit you or your friends. But cry an cause a scene if someone did that shit to YOU! Lmao We'll Karma's a Bitch, an you KNOW this. I guess this is why so many women are soo catty an on guard about everything. A women would smile in your face an get someone to Fuck your man, if she isn't already. Just to be down. Smh We use to call them "Brandy Bitches!"

An the ironic part about it is, it's the quite sweet girls who feed this madness more often then some. It's the "Good Girl" with the insecure friend that would leach onto and screw anything, to fall in "Love" next week. The good girl that say hi an speak so nice just to keep asking you questions about your ex. Who, how and why y'all don't talk, instead of genuinely getting to know you. Of course her boyfriend maybe the reason you even intermingle to begin with. An as soon as your on a "Break" she has her girl making her move, before ya mans penis is even dry. Hoping that "Breaks" can last forever, yet becoming pissed knowing they never do.

The sad thing is that most women tell on themselves so often. When your use to some one's smiles and hug hellos, an now they keep their distance...BINGO! What you feel guilty for? When she can't look you in your eyes.... what's really good? They're so happy that they have their man, that it don't matter what other female you help a man shit on. But my question is, how do YOU figure your man isn't doing the SAME thing. Hope you don't get mad about that! Kind of a hypocritical way to react, do you think?

Rush limbaugh discussing on JayZ

Monday, August 17, 2009

If HE say's He didn't Fuck Her But She says He DID!

Is a Man's WORD..... Worthless?

If HE says He didn't Fuck her but she says he DID, who do you believe? Most people say the Woman! It ain't right.... but it's LIFE! Men lie on their Dicks EVERYDAY! Whether he cheated an will deny it to till the grave. Or if he has to "Show Face" to his boys about a girl he can't get! Either way it's common knowledge that guys lie about sex. Women occasionally lie about sex but it's usually regarding numbers. No woman is prone to saying "Yea I fucked/fucking him" if she didn't. Where they do that at???

I've seen a few cases regarding this very matter. I know someone who was dating this guy for over a year, an they separated for a month. Now what happens during a couples split is null an void. But what continues during the reconciliation, determines if He should get CUT! A woman short after emails his girl explaining her relationship with him. Stating how it's now over but, how escalated  an played out. He denied most scenarios she so vividly explained. She even went as far to describe his penis and explicit sexual positions they had. An all he did was swear to GOD an change his number.

A Devil with a Smile will always be Acquitted for a Trial! ~Me

Who do you believe? I'm sure there's a hundred reasons to believe whomever, but she has a hell of a case. Unless this women is a psychopath, which could very well be the case. This isn't an everyday occurrence. A women won't just up an say "Hell Yes I Sucked his Dick" if she didn't. So even if he was telling the truth, there's 3/4 chances that he wasn't. An with that ratio being soo ass poor, women tend to come to their own conclusions. Her truth, his lie and what probably "REALLY" happened. Which would pretty much boil down to, how much she loves him and is willing to deal with. It has nothing to do with what he says. Women forgive but most never forget. Smh!

A lot of my male friends preach their cases. My boi E said "She could just be lying out of hate, so girls can leave ol boy alone." Someone else said "What's her purpose? She's just bitter cause she couldn't get him, an saying that would ruin his situation." ...Ehh they may have a point or it maybe excuses from bullshitters! 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You can't change a MAN, Change your Plan!

I was just thinking about this recently, though it occurs CONSTANTLY!

Why do
always want to change a man, or try to win them over?

I always hear women say "I can train him", "He'll learn", "He'll come around"...... NO he WON'T! Haha... Don't hold ya breath! But what I can't understand, is why you want that man if you have to change him an do all that? Or better yet, why are you changing yourself? I see so many women jump through hoops, for what? Some ninja, who doesn't care either way and discards you like a piece of meat? Constantly I see guys, with no purpose, no interests, other than to get what he wants in the time that he can. There's 100's of good looking women. An on top of that, beauty variations.





*The ok whirl pool


Men aren't that fortunate. They're either Fine, Cute or Ugly! Straight up! An they have the nerve to have YOU running around trying to compete an feel insecure. Smh Did I miss something? If he don't want you or is what you need then "Fuck Him"! lls

Fuck Him giiiiiirrrrl Fuck HIM! ~Brian Newton

Why don't you just look for the one you just connect with. I'm sure the asshole isn't the only one that turns you on. That will most likely have you crying an cutting your hair off next week! Or why are you focusing on changing HIM? Oh on the contrary boo, your 100% GOOD! You are perfectly fine the way you are. Your just NOT what I want and or is willing to deal with. Don't change, by all means do you. Why go out ya way to switch up ya style, language, and mannerisms? I can just go find that Man all together, without that process.

True, some people are willing to change for the ones they want. But at what cost? You should never lose yourself or make someone unhappy in becoming what YOU want. Cause in that case, you need to open your eyes an realize you DON'T want them. Nor would you like someone putting you through that, always making you feel inadequate.

Just know, while your probably jumping through hoops, he's probably not even stunting you. So wrap it up! You should never want someone, that you have to convince to believe in you. Lust is temporary, love is unconditional. You would appreciate someone that would go to bat for you anyway! ......But than again, what do I know? I'm just saying! lol

You Think YOU Know Me!.... You have No Idea!

I have a hundred things to write about an don't know where to begin. Topics have become so jumbled in my head, that I'm forced to resort back to basics. An what's more familiar to me other than myself???

Let's start off with the CONS! lls I always say the worst things about me upfront so no one's surprised. I do the utter complete opposite of everything you do. I want you to dislike me an keep me at a distance. My friends won't leave me the hell alone. An my male friends as well as all men alike, somehow fall in love.

I'm blunt an very vocal, about my emotions and thoughts. Some men can only handle a timid weak chick. I don't sugar coat anything, an I'm a bit of an ass. I HATE the word No! I have an extremely extensive memory. It's bad for men, because I remember EVERYTHING..... I'm talking, vivid scenarios down to actual accounts verbatim! When I'm mad, I shut down an completely tune you out. Silence, is my therapeutic forte'.

PROS! I'm a huge kid... I can laugh at myself, anytime. I'm definitely a people person, who's far from insecure. I'll bend over backwards for family an friends! Above all, I'm loyal!!! I'm also ridiculously Passionate an affectionate, with the one I choose! I love babies an the concept of family. Being faithful is not a job its expected! I'm spontaneous, an open to new things... Quite worldly......I want to see it all, with a smile. I'm a tomboy in heels, as my friends would say. I'm far from passive. If there's an issue, I'll address it.

I have no tolerance for ignorance an inconsideration. Knowledge is futile, and I love someone who's always trying to expand.