Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Save Her! Don't Inherit her behavior

I love good friends! You can learn from them, and grow with them. Just don't let them ruin you. Some people go through things, so you don't have too. But that doesn't necessarily mean you'll HAVE to. We're so on edge for what could happen, that we don't give way for what would happen. We tend to hold our loved ones so close that we too, tend to carry their burdens. They say, God won't give you more than you can handle. That doesn't mean, aid ALL your friends in shambles.

So many women have friends in tough situations that, they too are on defense. Every situation is as different as the parties in it. I can say to myself.. "I can learn! Be a realist, an not let naivety consume me". Cause lets be honest. Ain't nothing worse, than a dumb bish who swears it won't happen to "her". While it's literally panning out to be. *cues LAUGH* Though as hard as we try, we can't shield our lives from bitterness.

"Oh, Well! Tell her fall back. Caught up in some moe sh*t, tell her call back. Tell her get a man that ain't cheating on her ass, with a girl that I know.
Yea! Tell her all that.." -Drake

Just because you may know some shady people, doesn't mean you'll inherit their shady lives. I miss the days when I was green. Filled with fairytale dreams. Why even build walls that shouldn't exist? Especially, when you didn't go through it.

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