Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is Character at an all time low in 2011?

Looks like I'll have to retire from my brake, to get back to y'all. I know. How rude of me.
A friend of mine prompt this post, through a series of tweets today.

"Do you think people change? Honestly, do you?"

"I dont believe people change, I just think people reveal who they really are."

What do you think? I believe that people can change. It's called growth. Development. You can become a better you, if you choose. Or maybe I have a faith in others, that need not exist. I guess, I'm an optimist. In regards to human nature. Anything else, is slightly depressing. I would than, have to be willing to admit some people are hopeless. That some character cores, are just that dark. Especially when coming from a man. (Not saying that his tweets were in no direct regards to other men) I would figure they're more aware of the bullshit levels. So if they lack hope.. sheeesh!

If people just "reveal who they are" ..who are you really? A liar. Un-loyal. A cheater. Immature. Spiteful. Selfish. Without an inkling of hope, to be better? Is that what it is in 2011? Yikes! Y'all must want me to be celibate. Or quit black men. (I kid.. I kid.. lol) I just choose to believe in the spirit of people. Maybe more than they do themselves. A person can mess up. Hell.. be a walking series, of let downs. But there's always a way up. There has to be. Unless they just quit on themselves. Growth can be minimal, or continuously elusive. I rather that, than the belief it doesn't even factor in.

To think that your conscience, stops you from being an awful person. Is to admit that there's a lot of awful people. I don't think I'm ready to admit, that there's a lot of fucked up individuals in this world. Than there isn't.

"We tend to have reasons not to do something, because we dont want to become who we are supposed to be." -@Twotonedc

Who are you supposed to be? A fucked up person?!?! Are you that person? When it's easier for you to lack character, heart, consideration. It's easier to be manipulative, shady and selfish. Proud of that "I don't give a damn" attitude. That's who you are? Are people really proud to be that person? I can't believe that. That would be soo depressing. Fucking scary, even. Walls would be built, too tall to climb. Kill yourself trying. I refuse to give up on the spirit of people. I rather take that statement, an think the opposite. Maybe people purposely mess up, in order to dodge being great. Because once you're there, you have something to lose. Leaving you now vulnerable. It's easier to cop out an run, than stand tall and feel. Put yourself on the line. You're probably a great man or person, if you'd allow yourself to be.

But hey.. if I'm wrong..? Than it'll be a hell of a lot easier, to filter through people. Forget three strikes. Mess up once?! It's a WRAP! Deuces. You are who you are, and you can't be trusted.

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