Thursday, June 10, 2010

She don't Love you, She Love the Perception

Nowadays, love is just a concept of emotions manufactured by Hallmark! People don't know what the hell they're doing. An sadly enough, women settle. I have seen soo many unhappy women "make it work" just to get by. The men they want, are probably promiscuous, stubborn, emotionless bachelors. So they give up, and move on. Settle down with man, who provides the yellow brick road.

But at what cost. You've latched onto the rebound. They've made you their world. Your the best thing they've ever had, yet your still sad. You didn't want them. You wanted more, but the money throws a fog in your face. You can't see through the haze, until it's too late. An that's why so many women, are cheating with no discretion. He buys you anything you want, an makes sure your his world. Yet in your head, your that other mans girl.

You should never use someones heart, as a comfort zone. Being scared of love, is the fastest way to hurt everyone else while "Protecting" yourself. You end up treating everyone, the way you couldn't fathom being treated. An the older you get, the messier it becomes. Needing a compassionate companion, and or "Friend" is one thing. But enlisting in a half hearted relationship is another. Just because he's SAFE! So you mentally, if not physically cheat, with the one who gives you chills.

The only women who disgust me more, are the ones who solely do it for money. They have a good man who goes above and beyond, but ehhh... it's not enough. They always want that other dude, who oozes that perception of Money, Status and ohhh MONEY! It'll be the quietest, well dressed, proper woman, sending messages for him to come through. Hoping there's a connection, that would give her room to leave her situation. I don't respect those women. Your just a well dressed trick.

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