Friday, April 16, 2010

What's in your Trick Bag!

What's too much too fast?
Do you know when to show your sexual wild cards?

A lot of women are revved up to please the new boo, and show him all what she can do. Food and sex are often the things they try to master. Cook the best meals while supplying the best sex. The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While the best way to keep him attached to your heart is, through his little head. Blame the media, blame the standards, and blame whomever. But there is a "TURN-OFF" button. I myself thought that giving your all sexually, was a good thing. Yet it's been brought to my attention that most women do it in a sloppy manner. There is a sexual tempo that most dudes abide by.

If your just an after hours smut, than by all means carry on. This doesn't apply to you! But after conversing with a handful of gentlemen last night. It's been brought to my attention that women aren't selective as they should be. In regards to, their trick bag. Men love and seek to enjoy sex to the fullest... BUT!!!! Take your time, before you scare them away. Sometimes they may want to feel as if it maybe y'all "FIRST" time trying such position. If you go on a first date and cap if off by swallowing the park...! Trust and believe your gonna get a blank stare. You don't know him. Lets be honest. So the question arises, "Does she do this with everyone?" If so, then she's just about to be at the top of my sex call list. I'm not taking her and her day-care of a mouth serious.

The same thing applies for back door access. If your just shoving it in without the "TALK" like it's standard?!?! You may get your feelings hurt. That's not the ABC's of sex. More like the X,Y area. Be selective and learn your tempo.