Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear Faviola

Dear Faviola,

It's officially 2011 babe, I LOVE YOU! You just turned 26 and you're in a great place. 2010 was something else! Haiti was a mess, and your friends got you through it. You boarded more planes than a little bit. Who knew Los Angeles would be your second home? You're definitely not the same woman who entered that year, as who left it. A little less greener, and a lot more serious about your wants. Realizing your love for someone never left you complacent. You've never backed down from what you've believed in.

That year was the year of no tolerance. If someone didn't bring joy into your world, you cut them off. Dead weight will create a dead mind-state and, that goes for negative energy as well. Learning what folks to keep at a distance was a blessing. You never was into trends or ignorance. Some of the bullshit people perpetuated was not entertaining nor cute. An I adore you for remaining you. The basic b*tch is taken!

Love was and will continue to be enlightening! The person you give your heart to can tend to disappoint you at times. How you deal with it, can factor in so many things. I'm proud that you never let emotions get the worst of you. You told him how you felt, instead of every social network. Cause at the end of the day, he's all that who matters. Don't ever change that about you.

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