Monday, January 3, 2011

New year New Men

#1. "Fellas in 2011 fellas stop doggin women and women stop calling every man a liar and a cheater and women stop trying to talk to niggas who's taken let's practice being committed my grandparents been married for 50th years I'm tryin to do that"
#2. "ONLY resolution is to be a better Father!"
Yesterday I saw a lot of statuses by men, that just made me proud. So many people wish for wealth an self, everyday. Yet they're not good people, or the best they could be. People will use an manipulate others, for the mere sake of being bored. Every thing's all fun and games with our generation, but look who's paying for our bad habits. We are, along w/ everything we touch!

The reason why it's hard to find loving, honest, successful, young black relationships. The reasons why your four yr old acts like they're fourteen. The reason grown adults are going back an fourth degrading one another over the internet. All of these things my parents wasn't having. My mother would say women don't act like that. My father would say "You are a child, this doesn't concern you" I played. I was allowed to be a kid. That term "This is grown folks business" doesn't exist anymore.

I think all men know how to love. Yet for some reason, they choose not to. They rather use people and hurt others. If every thing's about you, what exactly are you contributing. Is that your character? If you had no money, would your heart be full. Would the folks around you want to stay? Are you a good person? Anybodies "situation" can change in an instance. You can be rich and well off tomorrow. But if you fell off, who would catch you amidst the sorrow? You can't buy love or genuine loyalty.

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