Sunday, January 2, 2011

Like is NOT Love!

New year folks! I've missed y'all, so let get it...

It's cold out in the heart of winter. And I've noticed one thing, it's cuffing season! Everyone wants someone to keep them warm. But how can you look, when your not even sure yourself. Here's a fact in life. If you settle early, you'll settle later. Why are you walking on egg shells, if you don't even know this person? If they're going to like you, shouldn't you be yourself? I'll let you know from the beginning, I'm a brat but I'm honest. Sarcastic but loyal. Blunt, yet the biggest baby you'll meet. I'm not for everyone. You may need a basic breed. Yet that also goes for most people. They just realize it, five months in.

If we must play the "Blame Game" it's both of your faults. It's ok to act like this as kids, but uhhh.. grow up. People's main excuse is "Oh but I like him/her". Keyword is "LIKE" here people. You can like just about anyone. I really don't think you understand that. Like is not LOVE. You just like that person like I like chocolate. And not even so because, (lets be honest) I'll shut down time for Hershey. I promise you, that all the flaws you see in the beginning, will be the reasons why you leave them. Usually works that way. Yet, you rather have someone than be alone. Wouldn't you rather be happy?

Everyone has a love language. You have to know what you need because, it'll take you farther than you believe. If you don't know what makes you happy. Can't quite expect someone else too. If you can't TELL them. Expect no growth. Unless, we've embarked on the latest tests on telepathy. I've realized in life, people will distort facts to make them happy. When they clearly know better. But do you want to be happy for a moment or life? If it's not going the way you want it, let it go. Understand the moment for what it was, and nothing more. That person may genuinely like you but, so may the next. That maybe the perfect situation for you.

If I tell you five times, that I don't like something an you do it again?! You just clearly disregarded what I said or didn't give a F**k. It is that simple. Don't make excuses for someone else.

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