Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Soo Serious?

It's crazy, how quickly situations can flip. Here to today, "scram" tomorrow. It's weird watching people I once respected, become memories. It's more often so, indirect. Energy is everything. The whole air about someone, can effect their money. Without them even knowing it. Yet since "they don't care" ..indirectly "It don't matter".

Even if I have new ideas and trades, why would I want to work with you? If you resonate spiteful/immaturity? I rather blend with someone else. An harmonious environment is everything. Especially, with referrals. No one will recommend someone they don't care for. There's way too many people that can do what you do, with the least amount of lip.

Especially, unhappy people. Those who take pride in being obnoxious and petty. Your blessings get blocked too. There are no trophies for who can be "The Worst". You're losing. You've lost. Spending your day calculating your emotions, based on another? Is a wash. If you've never confronted the person at hand? You're annoyed with yourself. Distraught with yourself. Just out-right engaged with yourself. I've seen adults carry grudges with peers they've never had the courage to address.

How can you hold someone accountable for your thoughts and lack of emotional security? People create ideas of anger, everyday. They build off assumption, and start running. Before you know it, you're now held accountable for a slew of things you're un-bothered by. What's wrong with that? Everything. If you haven't held a conversations with someone within the last month? You should be at ease. You have no current circulation to form any matter in their life. Why would you assume elsewise? Unless you feel guilty about something. Which in that case, would be a personal problem.

Learn your demons. Especially, those you displace.

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