Monday, April 28, 2014

Don't Deny Thy Husband

I don't know if Tori Spelling's wedding scandal has come across your screen ..but it's laughable.
Cheating in unacceptable on all fronts. I understand, but be honest with yourself. Some women push men into cheating. Being that they're too weak to leave. Sex, once every two weeks? REALLY? ..and neither one of you are 50? Someone's full of complete shit here.

We choose our mates. This isn't the olden ages where we're forced into marriage, or sold. You chose him. Now you don't want to touch him. Sparing 45 minutes is too much. These are the same people that will stick to diets they hate. Same people that will FIND TIME for the gym. But got forbid you could spare a little time to please your spouse? That's the inconvenience? Sex feels good for both parties, mind you. People dedicated all this time to other things constantly. Just for to appear the way they want. But asking to do something you should want to do for someone you love?

I don't feel sorry for you. You're full of shit and you know it. If you're too busy for fulfill your spouse? better be too busy for everything. I mean it. Better not do a squat or count your calories. You're selfish. Sex isn't a four long hours. You can buss it out and get it out the way. You just chose not to. Which is fine. Just don't be mad when someone else chosen to fulfill them.

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