Monday, April 7, 2014

Little Joys

So it's Monday, on this second week in April. My smile's flourishing.

It's been a long weekend full of my favorites. I decided to hit up my favorite park Saturday morning. It's becoming more popular amongst the locals. The old me would find some annoyance in that but it's a bit sweet. Sharing what you love w/ those who love it, is love. After, I decided to see my godson an bestie. My godson's so well mannered and handsome. He's ADORABLE.

In the process, I ended up being finagled into going to Baltimore. Had to go see my boo Christina. Come to find out, someone lives right across from the Oriole's stadium. Soo much fun will be had this summer. Ridiculous. In the middle of our vices we decide to watch Grey's Anatomy. The first three episodes of the first three season's. Which I've never seen. Complete best idea EVER. So many epic moments caught in all three episodes. Which in turn became the foundation of the series and where it is today. It was everything. Some nights-in with your girls, can be better than any night out.

Sunday, was a race around the city. I just wanted a mimosa. He wanted a half smoke. The struggle began. We hit up three spots before the compromise.

I also sought out the original recording of  "Can't Help Falling in Love"  Which oddly enough was by Elvis Presley. I was honestly shocked. Wouldn't of pegged him for it. So as of  April 4th, 2014 I have Elvis in the rotation. I want the vinyl. I got plans for it.

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