Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ain't Nuffin Like a GOOD DUDE!

There has to be something said about a

I love men... But I cherish and adore a good dude. There's just NOTHING like them. It's beyond me sometimes. I use to say "Athletes, Celebrities all and all don't matter. I'd take a dude with a "Bear Card" (MSU Campus Id) anytime!" I don't want no part time man, or relationship based on money. If your a hard working, loyal dude, I'm a rock with you. An that's soo sincere.

When a man is down, there's is nothing like a good woman that holds him up. That's lifts his spirit and his heart. Who believes in him when at times he don't. But when you give all your heart and energy to lifting him up, where is he to replenish your heart and spirit? Some men take, take, take... An they don't know how to treat a women, nor do they care to learn. A mans pride, is a delicate thing. But when as a man do you learn to be supportive? An humble yourself to build and encourage your women. We're not your home boys! I don't need you to talk to me like my boss. I rather you not talk at all. Watch your tone and be attentive.

I know some good men that just want to see you smile. An you can tell them your day, an actually feel like they're listening and care. They may crack jokes, suggest new ways of handling a situation. Or you can just go to them, and forget about the trivial things. Being genuine is never a task.


Anonymous said...

yea it sounds like you have a good man

Faviola said...

Umm I don't have a good man... {SINGLE} I just know an I'm loved by some :~)

Anonymous said...

I must say, I agree with what you say. But sometimes, the good dudes get abused too...And all the woman does is take take take and not appreciate all the things her man would do...Just to see her smile. Lol they say Chivalry is dead...Not yet. I'm still alive.
King SWAG!