Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morning Sex! Is it the Best?

Hey Luvs! I've been busy, but I'm back in action. What do you think about
"Morning Sex"
Is it Yay or Nay?!?!

Some people love it, an others beg to differ. Some people will argue that there's nothing like a restful sleep, an being woken up to some attention. But the only attention I need, is you not squishing me an stealing the covers. I love hugs, spooning, kisses in the morning but the extras, is a bit much at times. Negro I'm sleep an your morning breath is bothering me. I love you but turn your head >>>>that way!

Some girls would say, they love letting it marinate an then getting to business as soon as they wake. But I guess it depends.... An no I'm definitely not saying I don't like morning affection or don't participate. I just prefer it at night an throughout the day but mainly at night. When your all tired an sleepy, an just put each other to bed. Awww gotta love it! But Men wake up with it on their minds like it was the plot of their dream. It probably was... An it is a great way to start your day, only if it was good. Cuz it can be a great way to ruin it too. lmao Cause I would look at you like "You woke me up for this....THIS!?!"

Lastly, you can have sex anytime but "Good Sleep" is hard to find!


Trill said...

morning sex is great only if there is breakfast or more sleep afterward! i havent had morning sex in a while.So for now Lucky Charms will do!

WYGBA said...

Morning Wood is one of the best things EVER. Just rollover and POW! I love it.