Friday, June 19, 2009

Ensue! & Vision {Poem}

...::By: Yours truly::...

Held it all within
much of many to hold inside
Never spoke a word
Took a lot! A pride demised

Of what is hard to figure
A love soo compromised
I held you to a standard
That you only matched with lies

I entrusted my heart and all
To ensure that you were good
Never to want or be in need
Held you down... I stood!

Dismissed every call an note
Ignored those haters cries
Every word, a validation
To what I'd soon realize

Never thought in a million
I'd loose...
Respect an Faith in you
A lesson learned in time my friend
Deception you did ensue!

...::By: Yours truly::...

A prideful person may make it harder to stumble
but they will soon still tumble there after

The fact of the matter is that they may have a plan
But no drafts to engulf the chapters

When you climb a mountain an reach the top
You know the path you followed

Cause though you revel in joy now
The path was rough an hallow

You don't discard the ropes, an ditch the path
That helped you too achieve

If you don't learn from the variable ways
Then the cycle repeats indeed

If your afraid to live your life
Then whats the point in living

Care and be kind to those you Love
An re-evaluate your Vision

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