Monday, June 1, 2009

Pressing me out, won't make me Care!

OK it has been a minute, but baby girl has been BUSY! Anyways I wanted to write the last night but my ass was tired. So I partook in my favorite nightly activity....SLEEP!

Soo yesterday, I call myself multi-tasking. But to give credit...I was on it! Like ALL weekend actually. Usually I be like fck it! I'm GOOD! But not lately. Since I've been working a lot, I got to force myself to make time for those who really care about me. Men an women alike, because my girls act like my man at times.

Fast forward, Saturday I work. I thought it was going to be there till five or six, but they let me go at one. Soo bet that!!! Its Saturday an HOT, an I decide to get my nails done. Phone is on Bllllaaaaassssst! Went to a cookout, ate KOBE's, then sleep, cuz I refuse to be out late. I'm tired dammit! Sunday comes, an I'm being woken up by this phone of mine. Get ya ass Up! pool party time... Fun as hell, an we were deep. Everyone decides to do this after party, an I decide to wash my hair. I got the stankeye, cuz everyone thought "oh hell no your not coming back." Umm wrong! My ass was back by 10:30, seriously gangsta. Cuz ol' Fav, would of sent a text like sorry girls...lls

But here's where the issue began. One crew wanted to hit a bar by UMD. I said kool, but after I hit up this house party wit the first crew. They said ok bet!... Ten minutes pass, an I'm getting texts like where you at. Umm clearly where I said I was gonna be for at least 30 mins to an hr. Do you understand I started receiving texts every five mins!!! Wtf? So I'm like fck it, let me make moves before they spazz. Ohhh too late! Now I get texts like dats fck'd up I knew you wasn't gonna come. Oh, but I was on my way...NEVER MIND! Is this place that dry for my presence to affect the mood. Must I be in attendance...Like NOW! Cuz if you want to be mad, I will give you a reason. I'm only one person, an I love my friends but damn. You bitching will NOT make me care. Especially if I'm happy, you will not blow my joy. Than after the house party. I grabbed a bite off that late night, an came home.


Diti said...

you cant please everybody, so just please yourself!

Anonymous said...

lol you was washing your hair so who took you to kobe and what did you