Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't rely on your Man as your source of FUN!

Along with dating, there's the everyday problems. Some are battles that are chosen. Others are battles that determine your mindset. The best partners, are the ones that are best friends. Great communication, appreciation and consideration for another. But...

Who's the epic center of your FUN?

It happens to the best of us, especially women time after time. You have a life and set of friends out of that man. Yet it's as if they didn't exists, while with him. Women start blowing off girl time for "BOO-Time" daily. That isolation, forces them to combine their friends an their man into one. All the things she did with her girlfriends, are now shoved into "Boo-Time". Don't DEMAND his time, to do everything YOU want to do! It's not fair ladies.

An for the Bossy Men... It's a controlling mans, wet dream! They'll nurture that 100%. "Baby, that girlfriend of yours goes out too much... Why do you wanna go there? No... I got something better.... etc." To the point everything you do needs to be approved.

But once you've entered a relationship so co-dependent, it's hard to rebuild. Everything "New" must be done by the two of you. Women who give up their friends, make their men the top source of their fun. An that's no fun! He wouldn't like it if she took someone else.Yet he fights every suggestion of the things she's trying to do. Break and compromise. Everything never starts out that way. Something triggered it in motion. Both parties are to blame.

Women will tend to feel left out and lonely. When their man has consumed himself with overlapping priorities. When someone makes you their best friend, it usually requires your best foot. Yet people somehow, end up making their partners feel like their hobby. I'll squeeze "US" in, when I can. A woman's mindset is to preserve. I value him, so let me focus on him. Why go to the club all the time an have men in my face for three hrs? When I can be with him, watch a movie an have sex in those three hrs.

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