Friday, March 5, 2010

You can get her, but can you keep her?

OK luvs! After my Miami trip, I've been loafing. But I'll get back on the saddle, to avoid any further sass. There's a lot of topics that will be discussed, but today I have one question.

You can get her, but can you keep her?

I'm not sure if people fully grasp the concept, of a real relationship. Grasping, dissecting and letting it settle is the hard part. Once it's processed... quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread. But lets be real. No one's going to heaven, if they're still tricking in hell. Your smile, may of gotten her attention but you deceitful reputation was well earned. An now it is on to the next. At what age do you desire more for yourself, when pursuing others? When do you yearn for substance or the willingness to put someone before you? Some people mean well, but are poor at executing their intentions. Like anything else it takes work. No one is perfect.

A lot of men get in a situation and think its a job. A person is not a job, chore and or hobby. There are no breaks, time outs or hiatus. Someone endures all that, that is you. Your pains, faults, highs and lows. Some men, can hear a women talk for hours and not listen. You can be in a relationship, and feel completely alone. Some men are so nonchalant, that its collapses the very thing they built. Wake up! It's your situation. When a women suggests something for you to do... the term "I don't want to" is another nail on your coffin. All those games, places an things shes done for the sake of you. Just to see you smile and feel as if your companion was willing to go the mile with YOU.. is shot! It's not about you. An can you do it without complaining?

Say she wants to go to the theater, and non of her friends share her passion for the arts. A lot of men would say "Hell No, take someone else". Why should she? Your partner is your friend above anything. Some dudes push you into another man, because he's lazy. And is too arrogant to catch wind, of whats happening. If she comes to you, why push her away. When those lines of communication end, so does your relationship. If you never want to do what she wants. Leaving her to always compromise on the behalf of you. She'll eventually resent you. Women get tired of talking when they feel unheard. Yes you love me but you don't listen. I must not matter that much. Actions are sincerely louder. You can say I love you till your blue. But if your constantly messing up, it don't matter. Your love isn't valid.

If she always has to call someone else, when she wants to do something or go somewhere she wants.... Or seek refuge in others for a smile. What is your purpose? There are a million of dudes, offering sex without the headache. A lot of women do a lot of things without complaining, just to see him smile. That right there, can make her day. Men don't get an award for saying "I Love You" or finally "Committing". Step outside yourself an step your love up.

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