Monday, March 15, 2010

Tiwtter/BBM Etiquette 101

Everyone seems to know the Rules of "Facebook" but what about Twitter and BBM? People get lost in themselves and do the most annoying things. So let's address them!

#1. STOP CHANGING YOUR NAME.. to random dumb people and things! I should never stare at my phone, like who the hell is this. Over and Over Again... WTF!

#2. STOP MASS TEXT/BROADCASTING GOD... isn't that in vain or something? It has to be for that random nonsense you stamp him with. People just throw his name around for ANYTHING these days. STOP!!!

#3. EMO CRAZED AND IN DENIAL? Men try to come off calm and collect but are a total Mess! Just OWN IT and get it over with. Crying about women and fake friends... its ok to be human. *Extending a HUG*

#4. Your MAIN PIC NEEDS TO BE YOU! can you say *Swindle Alert* Don't be mad when people are disappointed by you. Cause lets be honest, your disappointed with yourself. Can we see your freaking FACE?!?! ...really...Really ...REALLY!

#5. YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET! Don't be mad at about what people know about you when you WROTE it. If your a dude that don't want to be perceived as hoe, stop talking about your conquest.

#6. NO FORCE FOLLOWS! People will follow who they want. STOP harassing me to follow you. It's JUST Twitter! Friendships in REAL LIFE are what matters... right?!?! Smh Don't get beside yourself on the Internet.

#7. BANDWAGON DREAMS AREN'T WHAT THEY SEEM! Just because "it" or "they" seem cool doesn't mean it or they are. Do you live to fit in and be down w/ trends? Have your own views! They aren't frowned upon.

#8. WHEN YOU TRY HARD.. YOU DIE HARD! We see you Captain EXTRA! Chill the hell out... your presence is Annoying!

#9. KNOW WHEN TO END YOUR BBM CONVO! Everything doesn't Need a response! Get over it... If you saw that they read it, trust that they KNOW!!!!! Geeeeeeeze!

#10. BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP ON THE NET! That's if you hope to maintain it in REAL Life! Is flirting and sending secret messages to randoms on the net, worth losing or hurting the love in your life?

#11. EVERYONE HAS A BAD DAY! But if everyday is the worst day of your life... Get the fck OFF the net and go see a psychiatrist! No one wants to see that sh#t, EVERY DAMN DAY!

#12. IF YOU CAN'T SAY IT IN PERSON, DON'T SAY IT ONLINE! Some dudes have soo much courage and swag on the net, but are mouses in Life. Ladies act gangsta, but take it back ON Site. Cease with the facades please, before you get that ass in deep!

#13. @ PEOPLE DIRECTLY!!!!! Why the fck do I see your whole conversation through the last four tweets??? Do you not know how to use twitter, w/o pissing me off w/ your b.s?

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NightFall914 said...

5, 10, 12 = Most Officially to me