Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness


March Madness has come to an end. Which for me means, two plays and three concerts w/ my love. The 20th anniversary of Illmatic, was as nice way to finish the series. Nas is so handsome. My dude knew track for track. We had the best time.

I also saw two movies I was dying to see Sunday.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower
The Grand Budapest Hotel
I was geeked. "The Perks.." was everything I expected and more. I was completely thrown by the ending. In a good way. Not that being completely enamored with Emma Watson, helped any. I loved the fragility of everything. The yearn to feel "infinite".
The Grand Budapest Hotel was flat out awesome. I had visual orgasms. Beautiful homes and architecture, overfloweth. (Yea it's not a word) A ridiculous ensemble of who's who and did I forget Bill Murray? Oh, yea. I would suggest you see it at the landmark E st. Cinema, where you can enjoy a Makers mark w/ your popcorn.
All an all, we had an awesome weekend.  

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