Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bitch Made Men #2 "Labor Day Edition"

I call this story a Yikes! You may get older but
NEVER leaves!

This Story was sent in to me to share with you all!
Here's Lady A's story in HER words.....

"I've known about this guy since junior year of high school, 5 years
ago. We shared mutual friends, but we didn't actually meet until this
summer because he hangs out with my coworkers. After we met, he joined
me and my coworkers to an Amusement park. That night I cooked for them
& we had some drinks. That night things got physical, but no sex. A
couple days later he wanted to take me to dinner. He called me that
afternoon & I was out to lunch with a coworker. He flipped out & said
I was in the wrong for going to lunch when we were supposed to go to
dinner. I'm sorry... I'm used to eating more than one meal in a day...
That shouldve been my warning sign. Afterwards it got be too much too
soon, he would want to sleep over every night & he wasn't even my man.
I told him we need to just be friends & he agreed. I guess there's a
difference between saying it & doing it, because I took him to a
friends party the next night. This is when u finally saw the signs. He
made a scene when I ignored something he said & demanded we leave.
Then in th ca he wanted to rub on my leg like everything was cool.
Then he said he needed to spend the night, so I put him on the couch.
That night solidified the end of us "talking." Then why did I get a
phone call the next day that he was conveniently outside my building,
expecting me to invite him up. Um.. No. Then I got a phone call saying
that he was still in love with his ex and never shouldve talked to me
in the first place, we could be friends, but secretly because she
didn't want us to speak. I'm thinking, What?? Why are u on my phone
then? Then he asks why I was mad the night of my friends party. I
simply replied, "You did not act like a man that night." that mustve
hit some sort of nerve because he started cussing yelling blah blah
blah, then went on Twitter talking ish about me and my friend. Saying
i wasnt cute & maybe I would have a man If I sucked dick. Had to block
him & delete his number. After my girl (our mutual friend) tells him he
was immature, he calls to appologize. I accept it, the end..

So I thought. No this boy doesn't seem to understand that forgive doesn't equal forget. Nigga- I
never forgot u were crazy. So why when I invited a mutual friend to
steak night @ my house, did he call wanting to go? Why when he came to
my job did he ask of he could be sat at one of my tables & when I said
no he was talking ish? And why did he he think it would be okay to go
to karaoke night with me & my coworkers and flip out when I said no?
No crazy, stay over -----> there."

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