Saturday, September 5, 2009

In My Heart!

When my hair is disheveled, erratic, a mess
An my eyes are closed tight an defeated
My lips perched up an wounded as such
In my heart, it is you that I'm needing

When my highs are a low
Cause the mood isn't right
An sleep is a word, that pierces my night
It is you that I seek, when I'm speaking

When my phone joules out
In a monstrous estate
Every text is a suitor awaiting his fate
Your name sends me jolts when I see it

When I'm to far gone
That my voice can't ring out
Meek and confused, broken weary of doubt
It is you by my side, never fleeting

Time is a capsule of meticulous events
Love is a portal that goes the distance
So be wise on your trials
Set the view.....

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