Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Facebook Stalking!

FB Stalking! 
Have you been a Victim?

It makes no damn sense America how ignorant people can act in cyber space! You can use it as a marketing tool to promote your business, reunite with old acquaintances or date. But know the venue in which you choose to explore your portals. It's fine, if you want to use a social network to meet people, but it's how you go about things. Being overly aggressive in life won't get you what you want in most cases. So what makes you think becoming an Internet bully will?

Myspace~ For marketing, Mingling & Hookups (Primarily Universally based)
Twitter~ Marketing, Networking, Socializing  
E-Harmony~ Love (Adults)
Facebook~ Keeping in touch, Socializing, Networking (Primarily University based)

People join social networks for their own personal motives. But with that in mind, do your research. I'm not going to join E-Harmony looking to promote my site. I'm most likely going to join E-Harmony looking for a husband. So I don't know why people get on sites, 
harassing others. If I get on facebook an meet some new people than so be it. That happens daily, but don't get outside yourself. Nothing nor anyone is ever that serious!

All it takes is one note, one poke, an one hi to be seen. If your acknowledged, is another story. But most times out of ten, your message was received. It often has nothing to do with you, when you don't hear replies. Some people may have more than enough on their plate. Why would you want to be on any ones waiting list regardless? Some people just sign in to check things and don't have time to sit an chat. Some people just aren't in the mood. Others may just want to talk to a person in particular an NOT you! In regards to Facebook Chat that is.

I've literally have had more than one guy see me online, an kept writing me until I gave them the conversation they wanted. A hi was never enough! "Oh so your not going to talk"...."I SEE your still on" ...."Hi, hello, heeeeeeeeey."I mean DAMN, leave me alone. I don't care who you are, that's annoying. It's CLEAR, I don't want to talk to YOU! Yesterday I had someone who kept writing me, an they said "damn where you going tonight? Bitch I know you see me!" OK! STALKER! Your a grown ass man now harassing me! DELETE DELETE DELETE! An I had to delete another psycho today! Smh lmao It's really not that serious ladies and gentleman. You win more bee's with honey anyway. 

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