Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sex & the DMV! You wanna "HOOK-UP?"

Sex on the platter! 
What would you do to climb the latter?

There is a lot of Sexual Tension in the DMV area! Maybe the area is too damn attractive, because everyone wants everyone! People rarely care about breakups anymore. "Oh its over? ...Good look!" Unless by some god awful chance, you were the rare few in love. **Tear shed** Otherwise, it's whose got NEXT! An the whole area knows one another, might I add. You don't even have to step on the scene, to be "Outchea." If your Internet social loop is poppin, then so are you. 

My friend Puuh asked me a question.... 
"Why isn't the urban culture inclined to 
"Casually Hook-up" 
like other cultures?" 

I couldn't understand how a black male in D.C. could seriously ask such a question. Being that blacks males are the reason women are prone to be more reserved an particular about their selections. He went on to saying "From conversations I've had with co-workers, white ppl routinely go out to bars and sleep with ppl and it's socially acceptable but black females are the ones called bitches and hoes." But I asked... by who? Black Men! Everyday you go on "Facebook" you can survey men status's an see what they say. I've seen one that read "Women should come with a carfax" ...."It took one bottle of rose to beat? where they do that at?" "She maybe bad but she let me one night her, damn I was feeling shortie but now I can't wife her." So eventually,
 this shit processes!

Easy access equals poor quality! Why would I jump up to have sex with you now, before I even know you? So you can go to work an text your boys from the office, about how crazy it was. So when now anyone ask you, you can jokingly discard me like a piece of communal ass. Umm, don't think so! You can only go by what you've been taught or seen countless times. An its been proven that black men don't respect women who "Hook-up". Don't be mad at us .....y'all made it that way! White women don't care about being sexualy impulsive, because white men don't. 

Black male convo: BM1- "Ayo, did you beat younging? BM2- "Yessir, shawty was GOING!" BM1- Word?! I ain't know she was rolling, what it looking like? BM2- (explaining physicals and the sexual.)
White male convo: WM1- "Y'all where plastered. Where did you go? WM2- "We hooked up!" Wm1- "NICE!" WM2- "Yea, so what you tryna do tonight?"

Who would you feel more comfortable being casual with? I'm just saying... Why would you want me to jump out there an rush something, to turn around an get disrespected?

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Pooh said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa Fav. I think you jumped the gun on my question. The point I was trying to simply convey was that white ppl sleep around way more than black people do but aren't looked down for it. Now I got my examplr from reading "I hope they serve beer in hell" Which is based on a white dudes real life and the book tells stories of him getting drunk and sleeping with chicks. In the book my man tells you he's slept with over 100 chicks and has had maybe every STD known to man but through his website chicks still go out on dates even though they know what type of dude he is. Now you say black dudes brag on their d*ck but seriously how many white dudes do you hang around to assume they don't do the same? I'll give you that SOME black men call women bitches and hoes, but I'll also say that SOME white dudes refer to white women as sluts, cunts and whores.