Sunday, November 1, 2009

100 BLACK MEN of Hope!

Friday November 6th 2009

So many people complain about our young Black Men an the things they lack. Yet in the DMV we have a specific caliber developing at an alarming rate, that's quite extraordinaire. Formed upon improving the everyday hypocrisy of "If you knew better do better" Kevin Hallums, initiated a challenge. Once was just an everyday venting session on "Twitter" vastly spread, to what we hope would become an annual event. One Hundred young Black Men joining to make a change at Hope Community Charter School. A little idea which snowballed into something miraculous.

For more information contact

Food being donated by Food Island Flavors of Laurel Maryland.

Donating 20 Signed Autographed Shirts

Kevin Durrant
Donating Autographed Basketball

Darren Harper
Donating Skateboard Decks

"We are not limiting volunteers due to their race nor gender, but our goal is to attain 100 African-American males in order to demonstrate that positive, Black role-models do exist for this predominantly African-American school."

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