Monday, November 2, 2009

Sex Double Dutch!

Are there RULES to sex?
Or simple
Sex Etiquette
that's more like common knowledge?

Sex is a great tool used between two parties. It relieves stress, tension, joy, pain, love etc... Yet at the very same time, it can get quite messy. Only when doing what maybe presumed as doing too much. Too much of anything can be bad. A gluttony, as you may say. The more isn't always the merrier. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of sexual double dutch. Intricate they maybe, both have quite different variables. Your most likely to bruise yourself in one, while harming countless in another.

Lets skip the basic, "You Cheat! You Get Caught" gig. No one really cares about that really. If I cheat or step out, it's because I wanted too. An odds is, you did too! You were curious, you were horny, but whatever they case maybe you weren't "Lonely". I'm talking about the situations more detrimental. I always thought a Stupid, Ignorant Man was a Dangerous Man. An more than lately, I'm proven right time an time again. Whoever said mommas baby, papas maybe is a mutha fck'n lie! Nothing's worse than having a baby by a RANDOM!

I don't know about you, but it's hard to believe that "I wore a Condom" excuse. I'm a woman with many women friends an associates. Hundreds of women upon women, an not ONE single woman got pregnant while using some form of protection. Even the pull out method works! Even though I do not, by all means advise. I'm just saying! You pretty much had a planned pregnancy. Cause when you have sex w/o a condom or a pill and you leave "IN"... Umm it sounds planned to me. It's even worse when your as reckless to not stop. It's even more embarrassing for women, and disgusting. I'm sorry to say. But you should never be in a situation that you don't know who your child's father is. An if shit happens, then at least it should be a toss up of one or the other. Not three, through a line of people.

It seems lately, I've seen a rash of unexpected baby fathers. I know a man who had a one night stand. Had a baby, and flat out moved out of the state. A girl who didn't tell the father till WELL after the baby was born. A guy who got two women pregnant at the exact same time, and pretty much denied one child an claimed the other. I guess grandma, can only handle one shock at a time. It's just that sexual double dutch is irresponsible. Soo many people judge a woman for her sexual partners when its just as nasty for a man.

There are plenty men that have a lot of sex, and don't get tested. Can you talk about passing the Chlamydia please. A dick might as well be a gun to some. A man's in jail awaiting execution right now. For having 10 girlfriends, that he all gave AIDS to. Sadly they all loved him, thinking they were the only one. An blindly, he didn't know because he never got tested.
Just be smart, and more responsible.

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