Sunday, November 1, 2009

Up~Grade YOUR Panty Game!

I know it's a "Recession" but by all means your bedroom shouldn't be Depressing! I'd be sad to sleep with some of you cheap chicks.

For SHAME! tisk tisk tisk

Stop abusing the Victoria Secret "PINK" Collection 5/$25
Cause now we have to Officially be "OFFTHAT" It's nice to sprinkle it in your collection from time to time, NOT Everyday ladies. That seriously can't be the Best of your BEST! Is it really? Some of the patterns looks like my socks honestly. I just don't understand that with soo many departments in Victoria secret, why so many women love to remain BASIC!

No dude should ever be at awe by my panties because you cheap chicks slack off. No man should ever feel as though the "PINK" collection is the core foundation of such a legacy. Please get it together!

Girls wear "PINK"
WOMEN have "Variety"

Very Sexy
Sexy Little Things

Angels by Victoria Secret


Glamour by Victoria

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