Monday, November 2, 2009

Ate it Like Candy!

Pinned down against my will
All preconceived notions will soon be reviled
Jilts and shutters eluding the thrill
An uncanny performance will mentally kill

Sipping the nectar
While slighting your eyes
Me tossing and turning
While you ravage my things

As I seek refuge
Try to grasps on to hold
A tongue soo disarming
Is now taking control

Navigating the map
To an unfounded treasure
Casting a spell
To reveal more endeavors

Mind then collapse
Soul then implodes
Voice rings out panting
Meek, weak, no control

Soft an subtle
Overlapping his route
The journey won't be over
Until I tap out

Ate it like a Pro
Ate it with ease
Never knew til that moment
He ate it like Candy!

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