Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Homewrecker or Jump-off and Proud?

Last night I tuned in to my friend Kevin's U-stream, for

Luciano's Way
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The Topic was "Home-wrecker's" which was insightful, to say the least. His co-host Travonne, had some very valid points. No outsider can wreck YOUR home. Someone is only allotted, the things you let them. Wherein I say, "No one respects a situation, more than the parties in it". If you come off as solely focused and committed to your partner. Then that's how, you an your relationship would be perceived. Situations are only laughed at by those who make it a joke. Bragging that you love her don't mean shyt, if your talking to every pretty face on "The Low". Because then, you'll be mad when your low becomes quite obvious and someone tells.

Now "What was even more hilarious, were the women who showed no discretion for their whore-ish ways. Proud to be the side jump off. Wheretheydothatat?" apparently here. "Its not my fault he stepped out." Your absolutely right, if you didn't know his situation. If you did on the other hand, your just a jump off hoe. He is no better! Yet, that's how he looks at you, because that's how you present yourself. He bust's it wide open, because that's your purpose. Then he'll eventually discard you, an let some idiot save you.

I just don't like men/women who cry foul, an do the same trifling stuff. You need my sympathy when your man cheats and ups an leave you. Yet, instead of focusing on yourself, and getting your things together. Your out there throwing your pussy around like a hand shake. Go sit your ass down! An it's the same with men. Stop complaining about your girl not trusting you. Especially, when you don't deserve to be trusted. Your dumbass, need to go get your life right. Just one complete and utter Mess! Why are you mad at someone telling your girl all the shady shyt you do? WHO put you in that situation?... YOU!

It's fair to say, Do onto others as you would like others to do onto you! We ALL learn that in kindergarten, and nothings changed. Grow up!

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I_die4fashion said...

I just wanna say that it really bothers me how some women are content and think it's ok to sleep around with men in serious relationships. When did we loose our self worth to accept being second best or should I say last on the list? And when you're feelings are hurt you blame a man for it?

You lames are so desperate that you are willing to belittle yourselves for a human being making it very challenging for respectable women to settle and trust these unfaithful men. If I could get anything without effort why would I commit?

If you had any sense you would invest your energy on self-worth rather than stroking the ego of someone who cares nothing for you...that is all!!!