Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skinny? Angry? Why soo Obsessed?

There's a lot of women who are dying to be slim. Slim women dying to be bones. An unless a man is gay, why would he be attracted to a 12yr old BOY?!?! Where this obsession come from. I find it difficult to blame t.v unless, your watching something different from me. Television is at the forefront of "Thick is Sexy". Even with cartoons! All the beautiful women, have "Curves". Betty Boop was the icon, of the cartoon temptress. Marilyn Monroe is thee' Epitome, of the feminine mystique. Von Deta Tease, Britney "Corn-fed" Spears, Beyonce etc... Are all the ideals of sexy. So why do some women want to be skins and bones.

I'm a slim women myself, with NO desire to diet or lose any type of weight. I love my body, and I'm comfortable with ME! Now if eating that rocky road can add five more pounds to my tush, I'd be perfect. An not no-one, could tell me nothing! *smirk* I thought it was just obvious to pretty much assume...

*Pretty Face
*Nice Breast
*Flat Stomach
*Phat Butt
*Nice Legs
Equals Goddess!
No matter it being 125lbs - 175lbs as long as your well proportioned!

Nothing disgusts me more, then catty insecure women checking for the next one. Go get you some business, that's not my own. Everyone is NOT the same, so stop trying to be. I love, Love, LOVE it when I see a bigger women, CONFIDENT in their skin. Men are attracted to a woman's state of mind! If your wack, it won't matter how you look soaking wet. If your pretty then, YOUR PRETTY! If you love yourself, someone will compete with you, to love YOU! Cause no-one should love you more than yourself. Please don't blame it on the weight. You constantly doubting yourself, is what makes him doubt you. A "GUT & Being Sloppy" is unattractive period. An overweight people, aren't the only ones with them. Have you ever seen a skinny girl with "Back fat"??? Everyone has flaws!

I'm not insecure about mines. I love seeing confident, out going women, with a positive state of mind. When women are constantly nagging about other women. It's because, they're unhappy with themselves! If you could relate, you wouldn't hate! When what I do effects your mood... an I don't even know you??? Check yourself! An go seek help!


Lieu Fatale said...

Well written & truly spoken. The state of mind is the issue that people don't wanna deal with ad ESPECIALLY women. It's a crying shame.

Anonymous said...


Girl do I need to get a hold of you... I didn't know how and I am not on twitter, and I know you scan your comments so I was hoping this might get through to you. I have a situation and I know that you write a lot of no nonsense commentary on relationships. I have one for ya if you don't mind hearing me out... Alicia... get at me