Wednesday, February 10, 2010

High Insecurity Rate! ...KNOW Your Mate!

I love him... Love him Not! I Trust her... Trust her NOT!
How the hell did I get in this spot?
Is the question, most often asked.

I signed up for love, but not all this mess. Where are you going? How do you know him? Who is she? What did she mean by that? That's not what I heard. Well you know what? Fck It! If you already KNOW before you ask, I might as well patronize your ass. When you keep accusing someone of something they never do, they'll probably leave you. But, if they trusted you all the while you made them the fool. By all means don't complain, you tool! You get what you put out. Communication and honesty, can never steer you wrong.

If you had a good mate, who supported, understood, and went the mile for you. Then turned around a got someone or yourself pregnant, by some clubber. I don't want to hear shit from you. Things don't just happen. EVER! You allowed it or made it happen. So if there's inappropriate text messages and pictures in your phone, its your fault! You put your self in that situation, over their house. You made those decisions, for whatever reason. So own up, to how you'll be perceived. Trust is delicate, an quite hard to obtain. And a shady, deceitful, manipulative character, is even harder to clean straight.

But at the end of the day, you should know your mate. It's not like you just up an started dating, him/her. I could care less about your assumptions, if I didn't ask. Unless you got facts and or evidence. An if it's not that serious, why are you in my business? You should spend enough time with your mate, to understand their daily ins and out. Everyone is different. Why are you letting outside people, influence your situation? If it's something your upset with, then that's understandable. If it's an issue, your friend can't quite digest? Who cares? Who's in the relationship? It is displacing your mental peace. The very thing, no one needs. If he makes you happy, than be HAPPY! All the time spent on "Who's this an what ifs" is nerve wrecking. If you can't trust them, leave them. An if you know them, love them and let them be. Too many cooks in any relationship, can spoil the broth.

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