Monday, February 1, 2010

Why date Peter Pan when I can have a Man?

It seems like, women in the DMV are over and done with it. They'll invest in a man, but if your stuck in lala land... NEXT! What's shocking is the fact, these men are pissed. Highly distraught and upset. It's kinda of sad and cute. Somewhat laughable, actually. You had the nerve, to waste a perfectly good woman's time. For however many years, playing around. Painfully making it clear that, it was about you and your needs.

No responsibility, path or set focus in regards to your woman. The mere thought, tensing and frightening your every being. Instead, you'd rather partake in Every DMV event. As if, you were paid to attend. Being joined at the hip with your friends. Somehow, forming the "Babysitters club" amongst men. Which ironically enough, is like channeling the lost boys of Peter Pan. Running around recklessly, battling restraint. You pushed her away! Who doesn't know how to hold on to the person they love??? If she acted that way, would you stay? Would she be Out of control? Ungrateful? Thee' worst? Would you then man whore for ten years, explaining how she ruined it for others?

I just don't understand how one can ultimately ruin their situation, and feel like their owed anything. If you made it perfectly clear you weren't ready for marriage, cheated and gagged at the thought of kids. What is it your concern, as to whom and when she marry? You don't want a women to force or change you. So why be pissed, when she trades for someone new. You didn't want to be that dude. An regardless of how you "REALLY" felt, that's what you presented an made evident. Oops! My apologies. You wanted her to wait six more years, until you felt like it. No! that's not how it works.

When you live for self, you end up with and by yourself. Understand you are selfish. An yes, they're are men who will tell you and understand what and who they are. For those in denial... go play somewhere. An be less destructive, with someone else. I can respect a man, who is just happy that another supplies all that they couldn't. It shows growth, understanding, and maturity. When the person you loved, just wants you to be happy. In spite of themselves. That "If I Can't Have You, No One Can" mentality is elementary.


Anonymous said...

So if I understand you correctly you saying a man not being able to settle down makes him a peter pan. If that is the case George Clooney and Bill Maher are peter pans. Those are two very successful men. How would you classify them? What is the definition of a man? The answer to that question is relative, there is no universal answer.

In the case your describing; maybe the guy saw her as a girlfried but she was lacking something he felt he needed in a wife; maybe he isn't religious and doesn't believe in marriage; or maybe she's not his "defintion" of a woman. No one person is forced to stay in a relationship, if your girlfried/boyfriend is not giving what you need then LEAVE! it's simple.

Faviola said...

Your talking about two men who DON'T believe in marriage. That's NOT the men I addressed. I clearly said there are men who state what they want. Those I commend. But don't waste a girls time who wants what you don't. An when she leave you, and move on. Your pissed. Umm NO! That's what you won't do. Make someone wait some odd years, on a hoop dream. That's childish, selfish and wrong. Bill Maher is up front and blunt. If your a hoe like super head an is down for whatever, than he'll rock wit you. He's not gonna feed you dreams till your fed up. That's a Man! ...but thanx for reading!

Anonymous said...

Once again I say, "No one person is forced to stay in a relationship, if your girlfried/boyfriend is not giving what you need then LEAVE! it's simple."

If you've taken the time to get to know your girlfried/boyfried then your STUPID! for believing the hoop dream when they have been revealing themselves to you the whole time. Alot people need to wake up stop living in a fantasy world, you life is not romantic comedy. Sometimes shit doesn't work out.

Faviola said...

Look Stan! Don't sass me because you fail to READ an Process! I clearly wrote about WOMEN who LEAVE and why. Who Move on an... their ex dude is pissed at that fact. So your point serves no purpose. Your reiterating the very point I stated and clearly went over. lol