Monday, February 8, 2010

How Good Is Your Sex.... Judgment?

Most people often say that, men think with their little head. Well with women I guess it's fair to say, there hearts live in their lap.

No matter how tough you seem...
Sex complicates things!

The same guys that make it seem like "It is what it is" are the same guys playing house, entertaining the kids. "You ain't got to lie Craig" Let's not forget the women who say "It's just sex". Yet somehow along the way, forget to let it process. End up coming back to the guy like "See what had happened was.. I woke up one morning in love, so how you gonna act?" He's about to act a damn fool and RUN, because you blew his morning. That's exactly, how he's about to act. You and your emotions, are so rude and intrusive. Where do you get off falling, for the "Cuddy Buddy"?

But that's just the tip of the horny iceberg. Sex, can make you stay, when you know you should LEAVE! She gets on your damn nerves, but that ass is soo phat. Her lips are soo soft, and you can't picture her saying someone elses name. You can't trust him, stand him, and question if you love him. But when he hits the back of your walls... All that he's done, have been somehow erased. You forgive and forget, till the next time you have sex. It is unhealthy. An you don't give a damn about what anybody says. You may complain, Complain and COMPLAIN. But you will stay in that situation your in, until your ready. Period!

You can be sexed into submission. It can make you weak, and endure the very things you refused. A persons sexual trance, can influence. It can fck your mind up, among other things. No desire should ever consume you, and cloud your judgment. If you fall for someone you didn't expect, than fine. Be honest and address that. If it's not mutual. Leave and let be. Don't harbor no feelings, because you threw the wrench in it. Don't stay in a situation, if sex is thee' only reason. His little d@ck and smile, can't save him every time. Is he/she worth the stress? ---> On to the NEXT!


MHarper said...

lol i luv much to comment on...I'll jst say this, yet another reason to stop using sex a solution...u can't just fck your problems away people & and now that fav says it that makes it official lol

Anonymous said...

"His little d@ck and smile" Correction that would be his BIG!d@ck and smile or she wouldn't have been taking not shit to start with LMAOOOOOO!

Lici said...

First let me say love love LOVE your blog. I swear you are like my long lost sorority sister/twin or something!!! I completely agree with you having gone through this EXACT situation, and now that it is all said and done with I'm thinking NEVER-A-EFFIN-GAIN that d@ck is some powerful stuff but never again. Sad though that it took me going through it for a year to realise that. Where was this post a year ago?!?! Anywho KUDOS